Forgive me

Jenny is in love with a guy and maybe he likes her too. But a little problem: It´s one of her twin brother´s best friends.


4. I forgive you

On their birthday

After school, Luke and I drive home to get the house ready for the party. Ten minutes before the guest arrive, Luke looks at me. What with you and Calum? he asks. Haven´t talked to him yet, I admit. You know he comes to the party. Yeah, I know. Do you think it´s okay? It has to be, I say, and then the doorbell rings.

I stand and talk with some guest and realize that I smile. I haven´t met Calum yet. I have seen him twice, but both times, I hurried away. ´Silence!´ someone yells. Everyone stops talking and look at the yelling person. It´s Calum. I have something to say, he says when he finally has our attention.  First, I want to tell you about one of my mistakes. I´ll warn you, so you don´t do the say. There is this girl. I really like her, but I think I have fucked it up between us. I wrote a song to her, but didn´t wanted her to see it yet. She almost discovered it, so I took the notebook right out of her hand. He looks at me. Jenny, sorry. I hope you can forgive me. Now I want to sing the song to you. He takes his guitar and starts.

The song is about that he loves a girl and thinks she don´t feel the same. It is to me. He said the song is to me. He´s in love with me. I can´t hold back a smile. He likes me. When he´s done with the song, there is a moment of silence. I walk over to him. Everyone stares at us. I forgive you. I say with a smile. Seriously? He looks like he doesn´t trust me. Yes. I smile and touch his hand. Then he also smiles. He gives the guitar to Luke. Now I take his hand. And then we kiss. I don´t know who kissed who. We just kiss. The others just look and don´t know what to do. Some yell and others just look at the floor. I look at him. Shall we? I ask. He nods. Okay Luke, I say and smirk.  Stop it. You make me scared, he says, and I laugh. Relax dude, Calum laughs. We just want to sing a song for you. We look at each other and begin.



As we sing, I look at Jenny. She looks at Luke and smiles. I´m so happy she could forgive me. And when she likes me too, it can´t be better. Now I can enjoy the party.



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