Forgive me

Jenny is in love with a guy and maybe he likes her too. But a little problem: It´s one of her twin brother´s best friends.


1. Can I talk to you?



“Jenny, come on, we have to go now”, Luke yells from the kitchen. I go out to him and we go to his car. How is Anna? I ask and giggle. Fine thank you, he says and blushes. I laugh. Anna is his crush and I help him to get her. And you? He asks some minutes later. Do you have a crush? No, not right now, I lie. We´re twins and normally we tell each other everything. But I don´t tell him about my crush, because it´s one of his best friends, Calum. Are you sure? He asks again. I nod. I´m sure. You are blushing, he giggles, and gives me an elbow in the side. I show him my middle finger and he laughs.

My friends and I sit around the lunch table and talk. What about you and Calum? My best friend, Laura, asks me and giggles. I don´t know, I say, because it´s true. I really don´t know. Hey girls, a voice behind us says, and we jump in our chairs. It´s Calum. Can I talk to you, Jenny? He asks and looks, to my surprise, a little bit nervous.  Sure, I say, and go with him. I send Laura a help-me look, but she just giggles. We go outside and stand near a little circle of trees. He catches my eyes. These eyes, dark and warm.  I have an idea, he says. Yeah? It´s yours and Luke´s birthday soon. I thought we could write a song to him. Just you and me? I ask and hope so. It was the thought, he answers. If you want to. Yeah, it´s a good idea. Let´s do it, I smile. He also smiles. We can meet after school today, I say, and feel that the whole world can hear my heartbeat. Okay, he finally says. let’s meet here. Okay, I say. It´s a deal. A moment we just stand and smile at each other. Then we go back to our friends.



I did it. I actually did it. I asked her.  This morning the idea just popped up in my head. I never thought that I would do it or that she would say yes. But both things happened and I´m just so happy. I probably shouldn´t try to get her attention, since she is Luke´s sister, but I can´t get her out of my head.  Her smile, her voice, her hair. Her soft blond hair. Hey Calum, Luke says. What are you thinking about? I shake my head in confusion. Nothing, I say and try to remember what we were talking about. Ashton, Luke and Michael laughs loudly when they see my face. I just let them laugh.

When the bell rings after last class, I am fast to get my things. I want to see Jenny as soon as possible. Bye guys, I say over my shoulder, and walk over to the door. Where are you going? Michael yells after me. Forget it. He probably has a date with a girl, Ashton giggles and of course, I blush. Seems like you are right, Luke says, and they all giggle. I roll my eyes.

Jenny is already at our meeting point. Hey, she says, and seems a bit shy. Hey, I say, and run my fingers through my hair. Can we do it at your place? She asks. Luke is home. Yeah okay, I answer, and we walk over to my car. Just a question, she says as we sit in the car. Yes? I lift my eyebrows and look at her. Why did you choose me as your writing partner? Isn´t it a little bit dangerous? I tell him. It was two questions. I try not to look at her. You didn´t answer my question, she says, and she´s right.  I want to know you without Luke, I admit. Goddamn, I blush. And I trust you about keeping it secret, I add. I look at her. At the same time, she turns her head and look at me. We get eye contact and we both smile.      

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