At Midnight the moon glows A novel

Anne Mary Westwood, a seventeen year old girl from Las Vegas, Nevada, is visited by an Imp who offers her immortality. When she declines the offer, it warns her that on her eighteenth birthday she'd be its wife...which leads to further complications.


2. Midnight-Epilogue


Prince Thorn had a red hat on his head.

He wore grey chainmail, and grey boots on his feet.

Suddenly he saw the Imp.

"It's time to leave,".

"Mary is to be my wife when she turns eighteen".

"She won't marry you. Imp; she'll marry me​". And, as the rain became heavier, the Prince blew a grey whistle. And, as more soldiers arrived on horses down the grey road path, the Imp gave up. Then it flew away in defeat...and didn't see Mary again.

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