Flowers for Her



1. Prologue

"Believe." Is what someone once told me. They told me that even if my past is checkered, I don’t have to keep my sins going. When I gazed into her eyes, I didn’t realize it would have been the last time we talked. I wish I could go back to the day we’d met. That one special day.....

It had all started my senior year of high school. I had been stuck with welcoming the new students in all four grades. I don’t know how I got stuck with welcoming the new kids, it still puzzles me to this day. But take your best guess because we’re moving on. After about several hours of showing the freshman year to their classes and opening sophomores lockers, I finally saw her. She was a transfer student from London, England. When I saw her with her curly blond hair, with streaks of dyed red drizzling down to her shoulders, I couldn’t help but stop in my tracks and stare. When she caught me staring at her, she laughed and walked up to me. "Hi." She said with a smile. Her complexion indescribable. Undeserving of mere words. "Hello?" She said again, this time to grab my attention from the clouds. "Huh? Oh! Er, right..." I said awkwardly. I stretched out my arm,  offering to shake. "My names Kiran." I presented. "Nice to meet you, Kiran! My names Okana!" Okana took my arm and we   pleasurably shook each other’s hands. "Can I help you with anything?" I asked her generously. "Um.. can you show me where locker 673 is?" I looked to my left and saw the numbers carved into the locker. '689'. "Should be over here." I said leading Okana to her locker. "Right here." I said, knocking on locker 673. "Gee! Thanks!" Okana said cheerfully. "No problem!" I responded. The annoying sound of the buzzing bell filled the air in the empty halls. "Was that the late bell?" Okana asked, as I nodded. "Oh! I’m so late! I guess I’ll see you later?" "Guess so." I reply shrugging. 

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