When Better is Worse

One Halloween, when the beings of the horror dimension find themselves bored, a classic creep shows up to tell the tale of when the universe was nearly destroyed and how the brutal abilities of the Legend saved it.


1. When Better is Worse


(Authors note. Please be aware that this sorry does NOT reflect any beliefs of mine and is created purely out of good fun. This story is brutal and involves the idea of a world where evil is above good. If for whatever reason at all you choose to be a sorry sack of salt and let any part of this offends you and you choose to be a whiny toddler in the comments, I with laugh at you mercilessly and mock you with my friends. You have been warned)



It was an eerie October evening, which was nothing unusual, and those in the horror dimension were both excited and irritated. As you may guess, the horror dimension it the universe in which every murderer, creature, anomaly, etc. all exist and can come and go from and to their corresponding origin universe, and the normal people that live there have what may be the most difficult time surviving than any other world. Although Halloween was nearing, some of the beings were less than happy about it. Over time the season became more cheerful than it was scary, and many people would assume whatever thing that was trying to kill them was really just a friends prank. The lack of fear would take the fun out of it all. So rather than going out to try to attack anyone, they would rather stay in, or some would go out to the beings' own towns to talk of stories of past Halloweens.

    On this particular evening, a story came up at the tavern in Slashton (so creative) that involved someone of great influence in this world. Someone, however, that Herobrine had never heard of.

    “Back in the old days, Halloween was the best! Nothing like going out and scaring the mess out of people!” Jeff, a well known creepypasta declared. “A good shake of the windows or doors would cause a person to crap themselves!”

    “Now it's not all that bad. So what if it's no fun?” said Herobrine, an anomaly of the Minecraft world.

    “How the hell would you know? You've gone soft! Hanging out with Ashley has made you so much of a pansy as she is!” exclaimed Slender, another creepypasta and master of his own game.

    “I am not a pansy! As if you have any right to talk anyways, you're just a dead meme to people these days! You don't even try anymore. I try, but it's not easy to demolish even a city block without that pesky Legend on me,” Herobrine snapped back.

    “It would be nice if she wasn't so much a pansy herself now,” sneered Dracula, who had been sitting quietly to himself for some time.

    “Well, well. If it ain't the blood-sucker original. What's an old timer like yourself doing out here?” Jeff turned around.

    “Obviously terrorizing village folk is long in the past for me, though there was a time that screams were more deathly than ever. When not one thing here would have even thought of the powerful Legend, Dragorina, of being a pansy. In fact we looked to her as a leader for a time,” he reminisced, taking a sip from his drink.

    “Dragorina? Not a pansy? A leader of a world of murder? Ha! That’s a good one old man!” Herobrine laughed.

    Everyone chuckled. Dracula frowned, unamused.

    “Hold up a minute you ain't kidding,” Sonic.exe, a creepypasta of the Sonic universe, interjected. “That can't be possible though. Dragorina isn't allowed to kill by Legend law. Not to mention fights for good.”

    “You are incorrect. Dragorina fights for the balance of the universe. Our universe balance requires more evil than good. And it need not kill, its skills in torture were beyond measure. Her powers would allow it to tear people apart but keep them alive just enough for them to feel every once of pain. It could even torment people to the point of self destruction, killing themselves out of insanity.”

    “There is no way we're talking about the same overpowered, one-of-a-kind-of-its-species, guardian of the multiverse. Dragorina refuses to even kill a bug in the house,” Herobrine said, amused with the seemingly false claims.

    “What are you trying to get at, old man?” Jeff pried.

    “Long ago, back when I was only a young bat, things had started to turn grim in this world, and not grim like we like it either. Good had started significantly growing in the world, overtaking the amount of evil. If something didn't change for the evil soon, this universe would collapse. It was one horrible sunny day I looked out from my cave and saw her-“

    “Is this going to be some long-end drawn out story?” Sonic.exe interrupted.

    Suddenly, weapons flew from all directions, impaling Sonic.exe’s head. 

    “Shutting up,” he whispered.

    “Now were was I…?

    It was a bright sunny day, quite terrible weather, when I looked out from the window of my tower, a portal opened up in the sky. I watch in awe as a being came through the portal. She had skin like charcoal, her eyes glowed a faint red under her crimson black witch hat, stained to a sort of deep burgundy. She wore a tight cloak that matched the hat, and an eerie black aura flared like fire at the bottom. She floated just outside the portal long enough for it to close the teleported down to the castle entrance. I ran out of my room and down the tower stairs. I had to know what this magnificent being was and why it was here. I raced to my mother who was already at the door speaking to the lady. 

    “Oh my, and who might this be?” she asked, leering over my mother. I hid behind my mother's dress.

    My mother smiled. “This would be my little Dracula. A little trouble maker he is. Say "hello", Drac,” she said, turning her gaze in my direction. I covered my face.“He's not usually this shy.”

    “Probably the weather. Speaking of, that's what I'm here for.”

    “The weather?”

    “No, I'm afraid it's quite more serious than that.” 

    “Oh my, why don't you come in? Can I get you anything?”

    “Not necessarily.”

    My mother brought the lady to the sitting room and sat down. 

    “Drac, why don't you go play in your room?” 

    I ran out of the room, but only for a moment. I snuck back in and hid behind the tapestry on the wall.

    “What's seems to be a problem?” she asked her.

    “This world is collapsing, Mariana. There is too much good.”

    “Too much good! That can't be possible.”

    “I'm afraid so. The Salem trails paranoia has made witch numbers decrease dramatically. Since the discovery of the werewolves' weakness to silver, they figured they are better off chasing their own tails at home. Priests are ‘revolutionizing' the production of holy water. There's too much life and not enough death.” 

    “My...I don't know what to say-“

    “I have an idea though. It's not the work I usually do, but my job is to keep the worlds balanced. I can only do so much but I have done some research to find ways to increase the amount of horrible deaths in this world.”

    “But how? You said the problem was people were finding ways to defeat us monsters.”

    “But what if there was more than just typical monsters? There is another realm that exists in all worlds, it's usually only referred to religiously, it is called Hell.”

    “Hell? The world of evil itself?”

    “Yes, Hell. Cultists have been working on finding ways to summon creatures called "demons" from the realm to bring mass destruction to the towns. However, I have discovered that because of the way this universe is, it is possible for these demons to come here at their own will.”

    “So, why don't they?”

    “They don't even know this world exists. This world is a reflection of every monster made up by the imagination of something from another world. When a new horror story is made often so is a new world or that being is the form in an existing one. Each and every one of those beings has a connection between their world and this one in which they can just switch in and out of freely. The problem is, none of these newly created beings automatically have the knowledge of this world, and that is where I come in.”

    “What do you mean?” 

    “We must teach them. Demons, spirits, beings from space...we much teach them of this world and show them how to use their abilities to their fullest so balance can be restored to this world! That is what I need you for.”


    “Yes, my travel through the worlds is very different than how you would do it. So I'm gathering as many of the monsters here as I can, in order to help me. Teach them the ways of this world. Help them learn balance of which this world requires.”

    “Of course. You have my support. I will inform others at dusk.”



   Jeff scoffed. “Okay, so Dragorina, looking like some weirdo witch thing, just shows up from no where and tells your mom that the world is in danger and you need to summon demons. Big deal. That doesn't make her the most terrifying thing that ever came here.”

    “I haven't gotten to the part about the war yet,” Dracula snapped.

    “A war? What kind of war could possibly have happened? No person in their right mind would dare to face us!” Herobrine mocked.

 Dracula sighed.“You, maybe, but back then monsters were not as strong. In those days when people created the stories in which we come from, the end was generally good because the humans in the story would find some not too difficult way that could rid of us for good. Unlike you, we were given weaknesses. You could just stab me with a pencil and I'm down. It takes like, some crazy five hour ritual with impossible-to-get-items or something to get rid of you.”

   Slenderman looked over at Dracula. “Like you should be talking. The person just has to find a few pieces of paper and they are safe from me. I don't even know why I've tried, it's literally impossible to get at all close!”


    “As I was saying..

    A week had passed and the world had become even more distorted. Even with the demons, it wasn't long 'till it was found and a holy item could protect someone from the evil deeds of any demon. Things were not going as planned. What was even more infuriating is that the demons were being killed at alarming rates as well. Our dimensional traveling guest was in frustration. One evening I was listening to a meeting from behind the curtain again.

    “This can't be right! I planned everything accordingly! Humans should not have the ability to destroy the demons as they are either!” she exclaimed.

    “Face it. This world is going to fall apart. You tried,” the Wendigo remarked.

    “No! No.This only means I have been brought to use my final resort. I never thought I'd be brought to this, THE CRIMSON DRAINER SHALL FIGHT! I DECLARE WAR UPON THE HUMANS!” she screamed out at the top of her lungs.

    Everyone gasped. The Crimson Drainer. So that was what she was. At least that is what I thought she truly was at the time.

    “Can you even do that?!” My mother asked in surprise.

    “I am required to protect the multiverse and its worlds at any cost. Even if it means I am forced to break the Legend law of life and death,” the Crimson Drainer echoed.

    It was at that moment that I had an idea. An idea that if I could go out and terrorize the town's people myself, then I could be seen as the hero of the universe. I crept out of the castle and flew through the dark woods to the closest town. I crept into a dark alley and waited to pounce. A shadow approached and so, I jumped out. 

    “BLLLLLAAAAaaaaa-“ I went silent as I stared up at the tall figure, who had not even flinched. 

   It spoke with a soft voice. “My, is this what they have come to? Sending the young ones to fight, too afraid to come out themselves?"

    I turned to flee, but the person grabbed me by the collar and lifted me up.

    “I don't believe you shall be going anywhere. I have a job for you. You are just the bait I need to lure out those pests so I can finally finish them off. I will finally be the new god.”

    They took me down to the church. I felt weak, and not just because I was a child. The church's holy power suppressed me.

    A man looked on in terror. “David! Why do you bring that beast here!?”

    “This small one is our chance to bring out those fiends and end them for good.”

    “You can't possibly think that is a good idea!”

    “Oh no. I know it is. They have no chance. Come.”

    They took me back outside and shouted throughout the town. 

   The person lifted me to the air like a trophy. “Come out, my followers! Prepare thyselves as we are to fight the beasts that have left you in fear for many centuries!”

    The people came out with their weapons and cheered. They marched through the dark woods all the way to the castle gates.


    My mother peered out and, even though impossible, she appeared as if she had a heart attack. The Crimson Drainer then came out followed by the others.

    “You have some nerve to come here and threaten us!” she growled menacingly.

    The person laughed. “It is you who is the fool! You should be cowering in fear!” The person threw me forward, I braced myself to hit the bridge. Luckily, I was caught just before hitting the splintered wood. I looked up to see long tendrils of dark magic extended from the Crimson Drainers back, which had caught me inches above a large piece of the wood that was sticking upward. 

    “I don't believe you know what you are up against, humans.”

She placed on my feet beside my mother, who fell to her knees to hug me, crying.

    “Oh, I wouldn't be so sure about that. For you see, I am no human!” The person threw off the silk cloak that had been draped over them. A set of massive, glowing, white wings spread out from its back.

   The Crimson Drainer stood motionless in shock. “An angel! They should not exist in this world!”

    The angel displayed its majestic wings while keeping a grin on its face. “Well, I do. I found this world in the ruins it was in. The people needed me and the universe brought me here! Here, I am praised. Here, I am strong. Here I am a GOD! I will not stop until I have every part of this world protected under my wing.”

   The Crimson Drainer sneered, and then proceeded to warn the angel of the consequences. “Fool, you cannot do that! This world needs evil to exist. If you rid this world of evil, then this universe and all its alternate worlds will collapse forever! It will take both the evil beings and the humans with it!”

    “Well until that day comes, at least we’ll be rid of you!” The angel leaped forward wielding a great sword of light. All the monsters drew back, except The Crimson Drainer. She stood her ground as the blade fell on her. A loud metal clash echoed for miles around.

    “Wha-!” The angel pulled back the sword. Again the Crimson Drainer had not flinched. The angel slung the sword about attacking her, but nothing changed.

    “I warn you only once more, angel. I do not fear you, for my power is above yours, for I am no beast. As I am the protector of the multiverse, a Legend.” She only spoke loud enough that those close, such as the angel, my mother, and I could hear her.

    The angel struck again and again, denying. “I am a god in this world. A god does not fall! And even so a Legend cannot kill!”

    “False.” With one quick movement one of the dark tendrils wrapped around the sword, stopping it mid-air. “The existence of a universe and its counterparts are above the Legend law. It only states that we are not to kill, not that we are incapable.” She ripped the sword from the angel, and she did so with so much force that its arms were torn away with it. Black colored blood poured out from its shoulders as he cried out in agony.

    “Please! Show mercy!” it screamed in agony. But she had run out of any mercy to spare. Hundreds, it seemed, of the dark magic tendrils flowed out from the Crimson Drainer, coiling around the angel to assure no escape. They pulled tighter and tighter, until the angel could no longer make a sound except for a small whimper. She pulled it forth so that the angel was only a few inches from her face.

    It was then I noticed that for the first time she actually opened her mouth. It could not have been possible to miss it if she had before, for it was like a great maw of that of a lamprey that twisted into a bloody grin. “This is the part where you die,” she whispered. And with a sudden jerk, the tendrils jabbed in every direction piercing in and out of the angels body. They burst out through his eyes and mouth and blood flooded out. A horrid screech cried out as even the very soul of the angel was torn to bits, and its cried loud enough that even the mortal humans, which had been standing at the end of the bridge frozen in fear, could hear its call of distress. But of course, they could do nothing to save their leader.

    As the blood slowed its spilling, for it was all in a pool on the ground, the tendrils loosened and dropped the corpse to the ground. What was left of it however was so contorted, that one could not possibly recognize it as once being an angel.

    “Hehehehe-“ The Crimson Drainer, with her eerie grin that stretched from ear to ear, laughed maniacally, softly at first, and then louder and louder. “HAHAHA! THEY SAY DOING THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AND EXPECTING DIFFERENT RESULTS IS THE DEFINITION OF MADNESS! LET US TEST THIS THEORY SHALL WE! HEHEHEHAHAHA!” 

    Her eyes glowed a bright red and the black tendrils grew and moved like static about her. She let out a scream like that of a banshee. The earth shook as she did and vines as black as night burst from it, trapping the horror stricken humans.

    “GO FORTH, MY GLORIUS BEASTS! AND DO WHAT YOU DO BEST! HAHAHAHA!” she roared. The monsters, pulling themselves from astonishment from what they had witnessed, charged forward. The people screamed out but there was no one that possibly could help. They were pigs in the slaughter house. The Crimson Drainer continued to laugh as she watched the massacre, she was quite satisfied with the result she had created. She had fulfilled the title she had, the life and even hope itself was drained from the eyes of every victim.

    As the last of the humans at the battle fell, a wave of energy rippled out. Trees and flowers withered. Clear skies were littered with ominous clouds. The balance of the evil and good was restored to this universe. The monsters turned back to the Crimson Drainer and walked until everyone was gathered.

    “Things are now returning to how they should be. The mere existence of the angel threw off this world, it was insane, but still had no place here. I trust you will all take care to make sure this world continues on as it should.” she said as she turned to leave, but I ran up and pulled on her mystical cloak. She looked at me and smiled. A welcoming smile this time. “I'm sorry, I have a job to do. I may be needed in another world. If another portal were to form and something like this were to happen I must be there.”

She turned away and flew up, she transformed to Dragorina, and as quickly as the Legend came, it was gone.


   Jeff snorted with laughter. “That is by far the most ridiculous story I have ever heard in my afterlife.“

    “You don't believe me? What if I told you I still have the cloak of the angel that once almost destroyed everything you know?” Dracula pulled out a white fabric laced with silver and covered in black stains. It was in fact the angel's cloak. “It's of course worse for wear, but I couldn't help but keep a souvenir.” 

    Everyone in the tavern stared in awe at the cloak in disbelief. Suddenly the doors of the tavern slammed open.

    “WHAT UP, PIXIE STICKS! GUESS WHO’S GOT ENOUGH MILKYWAYS TO FILL A GALAXY TRICK OR TREATING!” Ashley burst through, holding up a box big enough to hold four microwaves that was filled over the rim with candy. She was wearing a costume that was supposed to be a mummy, however waiting last minute to make something meant all she had time for was to wrap herself in toilet paper. “I swear Halloween is probably one of the best dang benefits of being a Legend. Seriously what else can go get dimension-exclusive candy all for free?!” She put the box on a table and turned around. Everyone just stared at her.



    “Okay, yes, my costume sucks, I know. I'm a busy person so what would you expect me to be?” Ashley turned back around and proceeded to dump the candy from the box onto the table.

    Herobrine spoke out. “The Crimson Drainer?”

    Ashley froze. “...What was that?”

    “The Crimson Drainer,” he repeated.

    The box fell to the floor and candy of all kinds scattered everywhere. Ashley turned with a look of both horror and concern. Her eyes did not move from Herobrine's.

    “Who would have thought the biggest pansy in the multiverse is was a brutal angel slayer?” Slenderman laughed.

    She glanced over at Dracula, who still had the cloak laying out on his table, and glanced back. She thought for a minute and laughed. “I haven't heard that name in centuries. I had almost forgotten about it…”

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