It was just an ordinary night for young Angelina until a meteor crashed into the field next to her house. A small teenage boy crawled out of the large rock and she thought she was going crazy. Turns out she wasn't. Young teenager, Chandler Riggs, is an alien from a distant galaxy. Little did she know that he was here to save her galaxy from destruction........


1. Chapter 1

Angelina's P.O.V

"Come on, Angel!" Christina yelled. I finished straightening my hair,"I'm coming! I'm coming! Hold on! I'm doing my hair." I responded, putting a hair tie on my wrist. I sighed as I washed my hands and came back out into my room. Christina groaned jokingly,"You're soooo slooowwww." I scoffed,"Not as slow as Jessie."

Jessie whined,"Oh hush!" He said. Christina and I laughed and put on our jewelry,"Do you think Micheal will be there tonight??" I asked. Christina shrugged,"Dunno. He probably will. He never misses a party. Let's hope the Jocks aren't though. They ruin everything." She groaned. Jessie and I nodded. I checked my watch,"Its 5:00. Let's get going." I said, opening the door. They followed me out and we got in my car,"I hope Kyle is there because he is so HOT!! AH!!" Christina squealed. I laughed,"He has a girlfriend, honey." I smirked. Christina groaned,"Why do you always have to remind meeeee??"

I started the car,"Because you have a habit of forgetting everything." I drove to the party. We went inside and there was music and people. I sighed,"This party's bigger than i thought." They nodded. "Let's get drunk!" Christina laughed. Jessie and Christina got drunk except me.

~4 hours later~

"Man, what a party!" Jessie said as we got into the car. I sighed and drove home. I saw a few shooting stars,"Is there a meteor shower tonight???" I asked. "Dunno. Maybe. Maybe I can wish Elvis Presley was still alive." Christina said. I chuckled,"People would love that." I parked in my garage and got out. "I'm heading home. See y'all." Jessie ran off. Christina did the same. I sighed and went inside and to my bedroom. I could hear a loud rumbling in the sky. Oh shit......

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