The Dark A novel

Melanie Harrow is an assassin in New York. When an unknown man is found dead, she puts herself in grave danger as she struggles to survive.


2. The Dark-The Assassin-Part Two


Melanie shuddered.

I've failed as an assassin​, she thought to herself. She then saw a tall figure watching her. It had black eyes. "​You're alive because I let you live; you're alive because there's no contracts to set forth into motion, Melanie​". It grinned at her, as it glided in its black boots.

"Who are you?", she asked him.

"Nathaniel Quest. That's my human ​name on Earth. I am a collector of darkness", it answered her. She shook her head.

"I'm an assassin". Nathaniel Quest nodded. She didn't smile. Nathaniel Quest grinned. It looked at her for the last time. "What do you mean by a 'collector of darkness'?", Melanie said. It sighed. "I like to collect all of the dark things on Earth because they're invaluable to us. New York is the main port of call for items that I need to get". Melanie shook her head. "I ​assassinate ​people for money; you collect things". Melanie said. Nathaniel Quest laughed. "You'll live tonight, assassin. For now". And it disappeared from her life...leaving her to breath the cold New York air for the time being.


Melanie didn't know what to do.

She had a contract that ended in death. She imagined doing another job. But, for her, contract assassinations paid a lot of money. She took a long, deep, breath. Then she checked her I-phone messages. She had 14 of them. She deleted them all. Then she focused on walking away from the ports. As she did so, she saw a man staring at the ships.

"Nice night, isn't it", she said. The man turned around.

"Yes...and no. I'm after someone named Nathaniel Quest". Melanie shook her head.

"You're not from New York, are you?", she asked him.

"No, I'm a collector of dark objects. I'm Franklin Price", he answered her. He had black eyes. He was wearing a red coat, and red boots on his feet. He glanced at her.

"I'm Melanie Harrow, an assassin".

"Ah, and you failed at the job".

"No. I saw a homeless man who mentioned about The Dark".

"The Dark is a object of wealth. It's a sacred object to many who seek its power". Melanie nodded. She didn't want to believe in fate; she wanted to do a job, get away, and be in a New York Hotel afterwards without any kind of hassle from the police.

"I'll see you later", Melanie said.

And he nodded, as clouds hovered above their heads.


Nathaniel Quest stared at Franklin Price.

"You dare come here to New York?", it asked him.

"I have other business to attend to Nathaniel; I have you to deal with Melanie Harrow", he answered. He was thinking that no one else would deal with a female assassin. And now everyone was attempting to get The Dark; everyone was scheming to get all cost. And, as they walked away, the sound of thunder boomed. And the rain fell from the black sky, as New York was drenched with heavy rain.


Melanie ran towards The Shaffer Motel. She saw couples holding their hands in a romantic embrace. She didn't have time on-line dating, especially letting everyone know on Facebook that she had met a homeless man who predicted the End of the World. If The Dark artefact was here then she would get it...and get another assassination job. A tall African-American doorman smiled at her. "Bad weather, huh". Melanie nodded. She had five hundred dollars from the last job she did. Then she remembered she had her light brown luggage with her. She entered the front door, and headed through the double doors that led to the Reception Area. Then she saw a man standing. He smiled at her.

"Can I help you, Miss?", he asked her.

"Yes, I'd like a room for two nights, please. Is the Dining Room ready? I'm hungry", she answered. The man smiled at her. "Of course. I'm Michael Shaffer, the son of the owners".

"Melanie Harrow".

"Are you alone? Or with your husband?".

"Alone. I'm not married. Are you?".

"I was. My ex-wife left me for another man she met here. He had a lot more money than I had. And he was a lawyer​", he said.

"Tough break. Here's two hundred dollars for the room. And for dinner".

"Room 403 is available".

"Thank you", Melanie gave him cash.

"No credit card".

"No. I have five hundred dollars on my Master Card for buying books, and go shopping". Michael nodded. "I love to on-line shop at for clothes, and books".

"Okay, everything's fine. To the far right is the spacious Dining Room. Luis, our porter, can take your luggage to your room. And here's the key".

"Thank you. I really appreciate it", Melanie said.

And, as she walked down the red carpet towards her room, Melanie heard the sound of thunder booming in the night sky.




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