The Dark A novel

Melanie Harrow is an assassin in New York. When an unknown man is found dead, she puts herself in grave danger as she struggles to survive.


1. The Dark-The Assassin-Part One


​New York, 2022.

​Melanie Harrow gazed out of the bitterly cold New York window. She looked at the dead body of the woman who'd had died from poisoning; she was eagerly awaiting her to die. The assassination became something of a mistake; something that couldn't be tolerated in the city that never sleeps. She adjusted her blue corset with her hands; she was sure everything was fine...for now. Suddenly the wailing sirens of the corrupt New York Police Department filled her with dread; the sirens were blaring too loudly for her to see sense. Despite the interruptions to her life, Melanie knew what Roy Jacks, the Mayor, was doing in City Hall. He was thinking, (but not acting), on the news that his mistress was dead. She remembered her parents were dead during the 2018 New York riots that claimed a lot of lives. Melanie stared at the homeless man holding up a tattered sign that read: ​The Dark is coming. Be prepared for The End of the World​. She didn't know what it meant. She had contracts to fulfil. And, for her, doing her duty was all that matter what was getting in her way of the job. Suddenly she saw the man was bleeding; she didn't see the knife wounds in his left-side of his chest. Melanie shivered. She didn't want to think that the death was her fault; she was eager to assassinate someone who was on her contract. Homeless people who died under mysterious circumstances was bad news for her. She was about to leave when she saw three New York Police Department cars zooming towards her. And she raised her hands up in the air...and she was arrested on murder charges.


New York Chief of Police Daniel Morrow, Jr., fifty, stared at Melanie.

"You have one thing to do for us before you're in jail. And that is to assassinate the right people. Not the homeless". She glanced at him.

"What is The Dark?", she asked the Chief.

"I don't know", he answered her.

And she knew that she was in the clear, as she left him alone to contemplate his own future.


Melanie stared at the city lights.

She looked at Ellis Island. The ferries were transporting a lot of visitors and immigrants to New York to live there...or to work there. She knew that relief was etched on her tired face. She knew, deep down, that there was something unusual happening in New York. Whatever was The Dark she knew that it was trouble. She checked the contract. The name was: ​Barry Marlow. She checked his E-file. Age: 35. Status: Single. Crime: Murder. Conclusion: Presumed missing. Or dead. Melanie saw several people at the docks. Suddenly she saw him wandering around the Island in a daze. Before she could aim her .38 Smith & Wesson gun in her right hand, she saw a dark figure hovering above him. "No! No!", Barry Marlow yelled. Then, as he saw the sharp blade of the knife come downward towards his chest, he died in a pool of fresh blood. Melanie shook her head. The contract was over now.

She had failed.




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