The Dark A novel

Melanie Harrow is an assassin in New York. When an unknown man is found dead, she puts herself in grave danger as she struggles to survive.


3. Epilogue


Melanie unpacked her luggage.

As she did so, she grabbed her key and closed the door. When she placed it in her left pocket of wallet, she walked to the Dining Room. She headed to the table 53. She then sat down on a black chair. Then, by 6:07 PM, she perused the menu. A female waitress served her. "What do you like tonight, Miss?", she asked her. "I'd like the New York steak with chips and salad. And a glass of champagne, please", she answered. Once the waitress wrote down the order with her golden pen in her right hand, she attended to other couples in the spacious room. Then she relaxed for the next hour as she savoured the meal thinking about the Dark artefact.

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