The House of Danger A novel

Anson Graham doesn't believe in vampires. When he spends money on a house in London, England that he inherited from his dead mother, he finds that it's supernatural hold on the old, rotting, place causes him to deal with the undead before he dies.


1. The House of Danger


Anson knew that the price of the house was cheap. He saw Tom Harris, a London Real Estate Agent, smile at him. "It's £5,000, plus £1,000 in tax". He didn't think that the previous owner would delay the buying option. "Lord Richard Mayberry was a vampire. I don't believe in the undead rising up from black coffins...and biting people with sharp fangs", he said. Tom grinned. He wore a long, grey coat. The ten degree weather in London caused him to shiver; the late afternoon blue sky was covered in early darkness that sent a gloomy feeling in the freezing town. Anson, whose mother was American, and his father was English, strode forward towards the children's swings. He saw a little girl dressed in a black dress; he saw her gaze at him with intense hatred. "Can I help you?", Anson asked her. "No. I don't want to keep The Master waiting", she answered him. He didn't need to be told who ​The Master was; he knew it was Lord Mayberry. Tom looked around. He knew that a deal was a deal. And, in his mind, Anson was the perfect client who didn't make a fuss about houses who were haunted. Or was full of vampires. Anson, who was thirty, had grieved over his dead wife, Deanna, who died from a skiing accident in Sweden three years' ago. After her death, he moved to England to start all over again. "I'll buy it", he told Tom. He had invested his time and energy towards the house that no one wanted.


Anson watched Tom leave in his blue 2012 Mazda. As he left down the grey driveway, he walked to the back of the house. Nearby was a black ladder. He picked it up with his left hand. Suddenly he sensed someone was watching him. He saw a pale looking woman dressed in a red gown. Her face was etched in deep worry. Anson turned around, then he spoke. "Good afternoon, can I help you?", he asked her. "Yes, I was wondering whether you're the new owner of The Vampire House", she  answered. I nodded. "I'm Anson". He cast a nervous glance at her. "I'm Elissa Deane-Pryce". Anson nodded. "Are you married?". Elissa smiled. "I was ​married five years' ago to Lord Gordon Pryce. He owned a £13 million dollar Mansion in Suffolk. We had it all...for a time. Sadly he had a stroke three years' ago...and died on Christmas Day, 2014. He was forty-three. I'm thirty-three". Anson shook his head. "Would it be too inconvenient for you to accept dinner with me?". Elissa kissed him on the left cheek. And walked inside the house.


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