The House of Danger A novel

Anson Graham doesn't believe in vampires. When he spends money on a house in London, England that he inherited from his dead mother, he finds that it's supernatural hold on the old, rotting, place causes him to deal with the undead before he dies.


2. Inside the Danger House


Elissa flicked on the bright light. "Well, that's alright", she said. Anson looked at the blackness of the Danger House; Elissa saw three light brown chairs. Written in bold letters were the letters: ​The Vampire...​, the rest of the letters were erased by age and time. "I reckon that the chairs are from 1900", she said. Anson nodded. He heard the creaking of the chairs, as if the undead was yelling at the dark tombs that was buried in the underground dungeons; he saw the black doors open by themselves. Anson didn't scream. He wasn't a believer in the paranormal, supernatural, or occult. He had heard about Harry Price. And the Borley Rectory hauntings as a child. But Price didn't investigate vampires. But only ghosts...and his day in the late nineteen twenties, and early nineteen thirties. In short, he was a man of honour. He was about to say something when he saw several dark figures carrying black coffins across the grey pathway towards the cemetery that was full of the dead.

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