Grezzby Town Horrors

This story and its original idea belongs to Mistopia. October 27, 2017. All rights reserved ©

1. One



Carleah- Psst. Greg... are you awake?

[Greg is typing]

Greg- Yeah, what’s up?

Carleah- I can’t sleep.

Greg- Why not? 0_0

Carleah- Because I feel like I’m being watched....

Greg- Maybe it’s me... >=D

Carleah- Not funny....

[Greg is typing]

Carleah- ....

Carleah- Well? 

Greg- Sorry had to do something. Well what?

Carleah- Nothing.... so how’d you do on the test Miss Sin gave?

Greg- I got a c+           

Carleah- Lucky.

Greg- How’s that 'lucky'?

Carleah- Bcause I got a d-

Greg- hmm. I knew it! From day one!

Carleah- Knew what?

Greg- That Miss Sin is evillll.

Carleah— oh. Then yeah, you where right. =)

[Greg is typing]

Carleah- Be Right back....

Greg- Alright

-49 minuets later-

Greg- are you still awake?

Carleah- Yes. I still can’t sleep .

Greg- Me either. But I can’t sleep because of the ghosts.  

Carleah- huh?

Greg- You mean... you don’t see them? Or hear them? 

Carleah- No?

Greg- Never mind then. . .

Carleah- Greg... is there something you want to tell me?

Greg- What do you mean? There’s a lot of things I could tell a person... especially you...

Carleah- Emotions.. I mean about emotions.

Greg- Like... how I feel about you?

Carleah- Yeah... 😕

Greg- I guess if I had to describe how I feel about you in one or two words is....

[Greg is typing]

Carleah- Yeah?

Greg- Confidence / Crush....

Carleah- Describe crush...  

Greg- 💕💕💕 

Carleah- ...

Greg- Look I’m sorry if I came off weird about it! 

Carleah- It’s not that! I mean ... I like you too....

Greg- Define 'Like'

Carleah- 💟


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