Silver Bright — The Witch of Despair

This story and its original idea belongs to Mistopia. All rights reserved. October 27 2017. ©


1. One

When the people in the nearest villages of FalconMay become desperate in any situation, they will always turn to Silver Bright- The witch of beginnings. One autumn evening, a young man named Breton kneeled before Silver Bright and was begging for her to cure his daughters illness. "Oh please miss Bright! Please give me the cure for my desperation! If you don’t my daughters will die from the sickness haunting my village!" "Why? Why should I? What makes you different from the other people in your village that have come begging to me?" Silver Bright asked the pleading man. "And don’t say you’ll be my slave. I’ve already gotten four offers." Silver Bright added. "I- I have a cucamoon!" The man said as Silver Bright's eyes lit up with the color green. She said to the man, "Those are very rare, and valuable. May I ask, how you came across one?" The man inhaled sharply and responded, "My family owns a secret farm in the dark woods. We have a whole field full of cucamoons!" Silver raised her eyebrows in shock. "Hmm... alright. I have made up my mind." Silver said pleased. The man looked up at Silver Bright amazed. "R-Really!?" "Yes. I will help you with your daughters-" The man let out a sigh of relief. “On one condition." Silver said a single moment after, and the smile of relief on the mans face was wiped away. "Which is?"  "You will bring me at least one cucamoon each and every month. If you do this, I will help your children. But if you cease to do this, I will march down to your village myself and place a curse on your soul, and you may never come to me for help again. Am I clear?" Silver asked with a stern and steady voice. "Crystal clear ma'am." "Good." Silver said as she turned to a box beside her, and pulled from it a golden dragon scale. "Break this down to powder and mix it with anything edible. Then feed it to your girls  should see the healing process begin to kick in sighing the next few hours to days." "Thank you! You won’t be disappointed, I promise!" The man graced Silver as if she where a god, and then said "You won’t be disappointed" one last time before leaving Silvers hut. "I'de better not be." Silver said, raising her chin, in a motion of power.

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