The Wars (BTS Vs GOT7 Vs EXO) (ON HOLD)

Jackson Wang from GOT7.
Park Jimin from BTS.
Kai from EXO.

A pretty and wealthy girl, Erika, who is born in America and raised in LA. She got adopted by a wealthy family when she was little, but she's the only one accepted by adaptation who's a girl in this wealthy family.

She met her bias from boybands, EXO, Got7 and BTS when she arrived in LA to Korea.

She got to choose to be "His" girl, but she did.

The question is..! Who is it?

Read Erika's adventure journey.

(The amazing cover and banner maker: Zireee {and Trbl.})


9. Chapter 7





I want to see Erika as soon as possible, and one problem is Sehun, so he always comes with me to follow me wherever I go!

But I have a solution to the problem, and it is telling lying story.

I want to go home without Sehun because he's my housemate and Sehun wants me to cook for him, so I go shopping to get ingredients.

He's too lazy to do it!

So I do mind to cook for him because it makes me take my mind or someone off, but it's so cool!

Of course, I wear a cup, just in case, so nobody wasn't noticing me.

I walked toward the shop and was about to enter the store, but someone was crying in the distance.

I was confused and whirled around to see nobody was crying or there.

It sounds like a girl who was crying or not; it was probably a little boy who might be bellowing.

I step in the shop when I turn around to snap it out, but someone else was talking to a crying person, and I groan.

Do I have to do it?

Do I have a choice?

"Aigoo, alright, I'm coming!" I shout.

I walk to listen to the sound of the crying person and found that's Erika with BTS Jungkook and Taeyoung who carry her both arms.


I can see them to starting sing in front of the fountain, and Erika was crying, she sits on the fountain step.

Why did she look so upset?!

Did they make Erika sad?

"Save me because I can't get a grip on myself, I can't..!" That sounds Jungkook to sing.

Wait, I recognise this song!

That's a NEW song that I heard by their Army fans' tweets, and they'll post it later in May.

"Listen to my heartbeats, it calls you whenever it wants to..!" That sounds Taeyoung to starts to sings.

I can't believe that they can do it in front of everyone and-

I realise that they sing for a reason until now and I stand here.

Oh, they sing to makes her happy and they did terrible in making her happy because she's already upset over I don't know her reason!

I want to know what's going on?

Why is she crying?

"Oh, oh! Save me, me, me..!" Taeyoung and Jungkook sing together in unison.

Suddenly, Erika stops to crying and look up at them, listen to their singing voice.

She starts to smile right after they finished to sing and they sit down next to her, wrap their hands on Erika's shoulder.

"...Save me!" Taeyoung sang his high voice and became fade down.

They smile at each other, and I was dropping my jaw to know they're a good singer.

But how did we beat them in this competition?

Also, I can't come close to Erika.

 Sehun and I did make a pact, never to know her and never to talk to Erika every time we see her!

I don't know what did it called, but all I know is GOT7, BTS, Boyfriend and we, EXO, are going to be competing against each team for the series soon.

I saw someone stand next to me in the corner of my right eye, and I heard that he sigh out of anger.

"Hello, Jong-in..!" That sounds a man.

Wait a minute!

I know this voice, don't I?

 When he says my names, I was surprised to hear his voice and turn my head to see this man to look up at the sky as well.

That was THE only and one, Park Jimin!

"Why are you here?" He says with his harsh tone when he looks on his phone.

Should I say something back to him?

I don't understand the competition isn't starting, but I know we shouldn't befriend with each other.

"I'm going shopping for my roommate, Sehun, Jimin," I stat.

I want to go away from them, and BTS teams want me to leave her alone, especially for Jimin.

His attitude is rude and Jimin's temper, as well, haven't patience!

I look away from his face to see a smiley face of Erika; I put both of my hands in my pockets.

But he's right, why am I here?

Remember, Jong-in; we made a pact!

"Don't worry about this, Jimin. I'm not here to fight you guys. Anyway, what about you?" I ask.

"None of your business..!" He looks away from his phone to see my face quickly.

It reminds me of someone throw the bottle to aim at Jimin's face.

I start to chuckle a little, and I look down on the ground.

"What's so funny?" Jimin questioned.

"Oh, I saw it on TV's new, and you were in the water." I stat.

Jimin starts walking toward where Erika stands there when he scoffs.

I look up at the back, and he looks away from my face to see the frown face of Erika.

Oh, yeah!

I forget that Erika's father is their temporary boss of bighit entertainment.

Their regular boss's stuck in Hong Kong.

The company asks him to come over to help the bands because they knew each other!

"I want to say that I'm sorry, Erika, okay?" That was Jimin speaks perfect English.

I want to go back to the shop and forget about how I met them.

I smile a little, and then they are about to walk together, but Erika stops to spot at me.

I was surprised to see her face, and I walk away with my hand on my cap.

"Hey..! Wait! STOP!!!" That was Erika calls out to me.

I stop to walk away to nearly there to get the shop, and I turn around to see Erika stand further away opposite of where I stand here.

I was about to open my mouth to say something to her, but I shut my mouth, and she starts to walk toward where I stand here.

"Jong-in? Is that you?" Erika questioned while I look away from her curious look to see the alleyway road and I put my hand on my cup to hide my face.

I want to say 'yes, it's me' and we might be having a remarkable friendship, but I can't say it to our enemies/competitors' friend.

I guess it's only a way to fool her and I can change my normal voice into different deep voice.

With that, I clear my throat in secretly, and I heard that she got a step by step slowly as she can walk over me.

"Who, me? Jong-in? No!" I pause with my deep voice and turn into my typical mistaken sound when I say next line as I continue; "Listen, little girl? I have to go!"

I was about to turn around to walk away from her, but she grasps my hand.

She has to pull it away from my face to see me.

Don't worry; I was stronger than her.

"I can tell, that's you, Jong-in." Erika teases me.

"No!" I nearly scream when I pull my hand to see her face and put my hand on her shoulder to meet her.

"No, Erika! It's not me, Jong-in!" I continue to hold her shoulder.

I realise what I wasn't thinking of doing this, but it's Erika, and she shouldn't do it by following me.

From on now, I stay away from her every movement, and if she comes to me, then I'll be in trouble!

I don't want to make trouble with her.

With that, I lose my grip hands away from her shoulder, and we were staring at each other as she looks scared.

"I'm sorry, Erika! I don't want to get involved in becoming your friends. You should've known that my band is a competitor to your two team friends, but you should go back to them before they saw you talk to me. Go!" I explain and shout 'Go' when Erika flinches with a small shriek to show me that she's afraid of me.

I shouldn't have said it to her, and I regret it, but it's worth to stay away from her.

Why isn't she moving?

 That was Park Jimin who break the silent moment and start to call out of her name to Erika.

I begin to walk away from where she stands there and go back to the store to get some food.

I already paid for them and went back to Sehun's and my house.

When I got into the house, I found that Sehun plays PS4 with Min-Seok and Min-Seok stands up to see me.

"Where have you been?" He asks.

I can't tell him about Erika!

I say nothing, but we were staring at each other, and he sighs out of anger.

"Were you see- you know- whatever her name is-" Sehun interrupted Min-Seok's talking.

"You went to the store for me to get food and cook it now because I'm so hungry!"

He gives me a wink to ask me to play along when I shot him a death glare and go back to look at Min-Seok.

"Um, oh, yeah, I went to get food!" I lied and show him a bag of food.

The watch interrupted me to hear the sound as I was about to ask him to stay here.

"Oh, my watch, I better to go!" Min-Seok walks toward the door and stops himself to stand in the front of the door, he continues, "Oh, yeah, I was telling you that..! Tomorrow, Kyung-soo and I'll be teaching Erika's classroom and I'll be seeing her by every day until her graduation. Can you imagine that?"

I was surprised to hear that he still want to teach the children, but it wasn't him, and I guess that he wants to see who Beven Erika is!

With that, he starts to walk away from us, and I was subdued as my body begins to numb.

Sorry, Erika!

I made a pact with these guys!




Sorry about the banner that I make but Ziree and neova aren't here!

So I have to get one, but it looks terrible. :/

Thank you for reading this book.

Next chapter will be longer because of some Blackpink, some Astro, some of EXO, they will be in this story!

I will tell you in the next chapter..!



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