The Wars (BTS Vs GOT7 Vs EXO) (ON HOLD)

Jackson Wang from GOT7.
Park Jimin from BTS.
Kai from EXO.

A pretty and wealthy girl, Erika, who is born in America and raised in LA. She got adopted by a wealthy family when she was little, but she's the only one accepted by adaptation who's a girl in this wealthy family.

She met her bias from boybands, EXO, Got7 and BTS when she arrived in LA to Korea.

She got to choose to be "His" girl, but she did.

The question is..! Who is it?

Read Erika's adventure journey.

(The amazing cover and banner maker: Zireee {and Trbl.})


6. Chapter 4



Erika POV

I can't believe that meeting BTS is real, a dream come true and they want to go to a coffee tomorrow but I instead to pay them!

They don't want me to pay it off because of my parents, they are right here behind me, and I'm a girl, but they're protecting me!

With that, Park Jimin says something to my father and rudely turns around to see my father when I saw him staring at me for a long time.

We all stand in the front of the gate, and I wave at them as I give them an adorable smile.

"So, what time do you want us to be here by tomorrow?" Jimin asks.

I don't understand what Jimin says but I can see his rude attitude and his body language, so I want to know about Jimin even he's my bias! 

With this, Dad was about to say something to him, and he looks confused to look at him, but my parents' watch stops them by a beep sound.

"Oh, we have to go back to work!" Dad and Mum say in unison.

Dad was about to leave me alone with my favourite band, and I was about to walk to them as I want to ask something to them, so Mum already went, but Dad stops at the door, started me.

"Well, it's up to Elika!" He turns around to see us with his smiley face and continue with his lovely smile flip into anger expression, "Jinson, you're in the charge with my three children!"

With that, I look up at the top of the stairs, and Jinson was at the top of the staircase as he was on his phone.

He always put me in the charge but to be fair, I kind of like it and I feel like I'm a boss!

"And if I ever found out that you put Eilka in the charge, then I will take your phone away from you!" Dad continues to make my brother feel irritable and I was shocked to look away from Jinson to see Dad.

How did he know that his older son put me in charge of our twin brothers?

It wasn't me to tell our parents on Jinson's back, if it wasn't me, then who is it?

Don't tell me that our twins tell them..!

With that, I look down on the ground and smile at it as I saw the boys who still stand in the front of a gate.

Oh, yeah, I was supposed to tell them what time do we want to meet up.

With that, I run toward where they all stand there, and I give them a wildly smile.

"How about... How do I say it in Korean? Half past two in the afternoon?" I ask.

There is a silent moment, but they expect Jimin was giving me a welcome and they were about to introduce themselves to me, but I stop them.

"Stop! I know who you are! Let's see! You're Jungkook!" I point at the cutest but younger boy, and he looks shocked with his happy face.

"RM, but do you want me to call you Nam-Joon, don't you?" I ask as I point at the English lover.

"Look, call me whatever you want, and it's fine to meet here at half-past two in the afternoon!" Nam-Joon says.

"Um... No! I can't help her to do whatever the boss says!" Jimin shouts as he pouts and whines.

Nam-Joon and Jimin were arguing each other in Koren as they disagree with the timing.

I was embarrassed by their argument, but I didn't care about this, and I need some friend!

"Jiminie..." I look away from Nam-Joon to see him as I call my bias' one of the nicknames and he looks shocked to see me with his confused face, but I continue with my three fingers up in the air and smile at him, "How about three o'clock in the afternoon, okay?"

I feel red on my cheek while Jimin still glares at me and look down on the ground while I frown as he always gives me a glaring look.

Okay, I realised what I have done with him but I'm so dumb, and we all had a bad timing! I'm sorry, Jimin that I snapped.

"I think I need to go inside... See you tomorrow at three o'clock!" I say as I turn around to see Jinson watch us and I was about to go inside the house, but one of them grabs my arm.

"Hey! Erika, I'm fine with half past two..." That was Jimin shouts, and then he says with his soft tone.

"Alright!" I nod.

I didn't understand that what he says to me but I don't care!

I didn't look at him because I already was crying and Jimin sounds shocked when he saw this.

I pull my arm away from his grip, and I look down on the ground as I start to run away from him toward my room.

I want to know them, especially Jimin, so I guess he wasn't friendly when he meets new people like me.

So what?

I was excited that I get to meet my favourite Kpop boy band, but I get my arm grip by Jimin.

I was such a dumb fangirl!

I walk toward the bed and laying down on the bed.

"Good night..." I talk to myself while I was staring at the ceiling roof and I smile at it as I close my eyes.

Next morning, I woke up because there's no curtain on the window, I pick my phone up, and I saw the time as it says '9.00 am' so I sit up.

Wait, what?!

I saw a missing call from Jackson last night!


Things went well between Jackson and me.


I get his number that's from my handkerchief!

I got to unpack everything out of the boxes, and I have my room as they promise me to get me a room, not because I have to share with the twin brothers, but I miss this old room.

With that, I look around at the empty shelves, and I look at the new wardrobe as I sigh out of sadness.

"I guess it was me to clean this room and no one helps me, I think?!" I ask myself.

I walk toward my clothes suitcase while I stand up from the bed and my long brown night dress was on my stomach which is now showing underwear, I put my skirt down on my knee.

I open the suitcase while I put this on my bed and I pick my favourite fashion which is the ripped jeans with a pink dress, and little heels that make me feel like I'm mature.

Then I was about to go to the door, but I stop myself to hear someone talk to other else and I can't help it but eavesdrop everything.

"...them to spend time with her? ...our little girl..! Why?" That sounds Mum.

Who's 'Them'?

I can't understand what they are saying because they only speak in Koren, but I can pick some out of their conversation, and someday I want to learn some Koren language.

So I want to go to the bathroom.

I open the door and walk past them before I stand here, I did say something to them.

"Good morning, Mum, Dad!"

With that, they were walking apart than together, and they let me walk through them as I went to the bathroom.

After I take a shower in 30 minutes, I get out of the bathroom to go back to my room, and I start to hum a song that belongs to K-drama TV 'Dream High' as it called 'A Goose's Dream'.

I should be careful with the twins and my towel because they tense me.

I hold on my sheet tight, but I was shocked to see the room when I enter the bedroom and Mum stands alone in the empty boxes.

I just arrived in my room about 30 minutes earlier, and I didn't dream it or something, but it is real.

"Ta-ta! What do you think of this room?" She asks.

"Oh, wow! Mum, please, tell me you shouldn't do it by yourself?" I look around to see blank boxes and suitcase as well.

I look back at her face, and she seems dangerous to see me as she looks down on the floor.

"I know this is hard for me to have a conversation with this, but I'll be your mother, and I never got a daughter. I'm happy to see you in your room!" Mum pauses as she walks toward the door of my bedroom and she was about to go outside of my bedroom, but she stops herself.

"Oh, Jackson and his bands are in the living room!" Mum says.

Oh, that's why he wants to call me this morning!

"Okay, I'll be down when I have done with this! Thanks, Mum!" I thank her.

She's gone!

Okay, I can't make them waiting for me too long!

While I was getting ready to put my clothes on my body, I was thinking about going to coffee together with GOT7 and BTS!

They will be friendly for each other, and they would do it for me but should I do it?

Wish me luck!

Because I had done for getting ready and I put the lipstick, a few makeups on my eyes area.





Jackson POV

Why did Erika call back and what did she do while I was trying to call her but all I did is voicemail?

I was wondering if she didn't like me and met another man, but it seems impossible to compare another man and me.

With that, I sat on the sofa with my bandmates while I was thinking hard, and then I heard the footstep on the stairs, I start to stand up.

We were talking about this music video while we were waiting for her and then we went to silence when we heard the footstep.

"Shush, she's here!" I accidentally say in English.


Why did I forget our pact?

When she's around me, I would be blabbing something in English and they, expect Mark, would be confused while Mark would understand what I say.

With that, I look at their confused face while I put my hands on my waist and I put the nervous look on my face.

Everyone in this band didn't look at me.

Meanwhile, they did look at the wall in my way, and they seem shocked when seeing someone or something else so beautiful.

Why did my bandmates look this way?

"Jackson, good morning!" That was Erika greets with her hair loose from her ponytail that I saw her last time.

"Hi, good morning!" I say while I smile nervously and I took a glance on her clothes.

Erika looks so beautiful without or with a glass, and I'm glad that she's my friend, but I haven't got a girlfriend, so introduce, and the impression is more important than having a girl.

I bit my lip while I tried to give her a friendly smile and we were staring for a while, but someone interrupted us.

"Uh... Jackson, we're here. Hi, you must be Erika, I'm..." Erika cuts Mark out.

"I know, you're Mark, JB, Jinyoung, BamBam, hello, Youngjae, and Yugyeom!" She greets to BamBam as he waves at her.

I want to introduce my bandmates to her, but she knows them, and it's good for our fans to know us as I want to make her feel conformable.

With that, she gives them a charming smile, and I was about to introduce her to them, but she cut me off.

"Erika, Bevan Erika..." She says as she points at herself while she looks at Jinyoung, JB, Youngjae, Bambam, and Yugyeom.

"Ah... You're beautiful!" Jinyoung compliment.

Erika looks at Mark, and me in the forth and back way while she seems like she doesn't understand what Jr was saying.

At first, I feel like something come up in my feeling when Jinyoung tells this to her but Erika's my friend, and she got here yesterday.

So, I can't fell in love with her, can I?

Well, I guess, a little.

I got say it to her before Mark says something to her.

"He says 'You're beautiful' and we agreed with him, right?!" I say in English, and then I speak Koren when I turn around to see my friends.

The mumble comes from six people who were my best friends, and they say in one time 'Yes' or 'Yes, Jackson' as I turn back to see Erika already looks down on the ground with her blush cheek.

I was shocked, and I realised that I say this to her as I feel hot in my forehead as I put my hand on it. 

"Um... We were wondering if you come with us to go to get a coffee and it'll be fun." That was Mark say something when he looks at Erika with his charming smile but when Mark was finishing his sentence, he saw me with his weird face and shove me.

"Um... That's wonderful, but my new friends ask me first."

Huh, I was wondering who these new friends are?

Why did I get jealous when it comes to girls?

Are they girls who become Erika's friends or boys?

Impossible, maybe she was saying that she made a friendship with her neighbours.

I was about to ask something to Erika when I drop my hand away from my forehead, but someone interrupted me, and that was JB, he stops Erika who was walking away from us, was saying something.

"Wait, Erika! Let us go with you because you don't know the way!"

"He says 'you have to go with us because you don't know the way' and I agree with him." That was Mark says.

She seems hesitant, and Erika caught me to stare at her for a while as I look away quickly as I can.

"Sure! Let's go!" She saw a clock as I look up at her face and turn to look at her direction.

It's half past twelve in the afternoon and why did she seem rushed? We do have plenty of time.

With that, Erika started to walk away from us, and I begin to follow her as I was worried about her new 'friend'.

I wasn't jealous, not at all.

With that, we all arrived at the coffee shop while we were in the cars and Erika's with Mark, JB, BamBam, and me in the cars.

We were talking about how she misses her American friends and the place; we also talk about why are all of us in America.

It was fun!

She thanks us while she got out of the car and she went to the coffee shop as I saw that she drops her phone.

I got out of the car while I pick Erika's phone and I follow her.

"Erika! Looking for your phone?" I found her pink dress and grabs her hand as we were at the corner.

"Erm... Jackson, go away!" She grips her phone away from my hand quickly while she saw my hand and starts to pushes me away.

What's going on?

We have a good connection!

I haven't seen her new 'Friends', but I guess she got embarrassing while I was famous!

"Erika, find your phone?" That sounds Jimin says in perfect English.

It can't be!

Why did I hear that was Jimin in the way?

No way, it can't be him!

With that, I turn around to see him in front of me, and I was shocked while Jimin looks shocked to see me as he seems angry.

"What are you doing here, Jackson Wang or Wang Ka-yee?" Jimin smiles a little.

I want to know how jealous he is and they're a friend, is that right?

I put my hand on her hand, and I saw his jealous face while I put my other hand on her shoulder.

I sigh out of relief and Erika, and I was glancing at each other.

I can see that she's beautiful and we all know that we are men.

She gives me a nervous face, and I was annoyed to see Jimin as I turn away from his face to see Erika's beautiful face.

"I think I have to go! Bye!" I give her a charming smile, and I step away from them.

"Hey, Jackon! I think I have to make her like me and I would make her to my girl." Jimin says.

Forgive me, Erika!

I saw the water bottle from the customs hand, and I grab it from this hand as I spill the water to aim at Jimin while I turn around with full speed.

I chuckle a little, and she smiles at me while I look at her face.

"Hey!" Jimin shouts.

"Bye-bye, Jiminie!" I say.

I start to run off when I drop the water bottle down on the floor and get on the cars as they look so confused while they looked at me when I was laughing out loud.

This is the war between us, Jimin, and I think you like her beside your cold face!

Erika, it's not over until I get you to be mine!

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