Opisetes Attract

"As someone said 'people fall love in mysterious ways! '" Pointed Alex

"Did you just quote Ed Sheeran, Fane "I snort

"Shut up, lita," Alex blushed

He calls her Lita and she call him Fane.

Rachel is a quiet unnoticeable girl.- brown hair, brown eyes, big thick black frames, and SUPER smart.-Super strong if someone messes with her though

Alex is a loud popular boy- black hair, hazel eyes, contacts, and has descent grades. A athletic guy if someone is a bully.

Opposites right? Yes but what if they find out each other deepest darkest secrets! But as people say opposites attract


I hear the late bell and rush to my class. I'm currently-5 min.s late. I finally find my. Class and enter it.

"Hi welcome to my class your but it's okay you can sit next to Alex, raise your hand Alex," A smiling boy raises his hand and I walk to him.

"Hi I'm Alex," He put his hand out to shake it." Hi I'm Rachel" I shake his hand.

"Alrighty class we are going to do a group project your partner is to your left-" Alex looks at me and smiles. I smile back, his smile makes my stomach all warm and fuzzy for some reason."- and the perfect is just knowing each other. It is due Wednesday-" it is Monday"- and-" the bell rang"- hope you have a wonderful day!"

Everyone leaves except me and Alex, "hey there lita" "hi it's Rach btw," "I know but lita suites you better" "okay

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