Through Time and Space

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  • Published: 25 Oct 2017
  • Updated: 25 Oct 2017
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We're all still a little upset about how Series 10 ended. Peter Capaldi is leaving and now...Missy's dead.

River's dead.
Amy's dead.
Rory's dead
Rose's gone.

This story is about how he gets back the ones he cares for. What if Missy had been saved and what if the Doctor had destroyed a fixed point in time to save River. As River and the Doctor both like to sometimes say.

Time can be rewritten
Where there's tears there is hope.


4. Chapter Two

Two years later…

       Missy and the Doctor flying through time and space in the TARDIS. Missy walks into the Doctor’s office and looks at photos on his desk. A picture of his wife River Song sits right where he can stare at it all the time. Missy grows furious. For years, she’s tried to get the Doctor to like her but it’s always the same. ‘You’re my oldest and closet friend but River…she was my wife.’ No matter how hard Missy tries, she’ll never make the Doctor has happy as River made him.

       The Doctor paces around his TARDIS…he stares at the date on the clock. It’s precisely two minutes before River meets the 10th doctor and dies in the library. He’s been wanting to do this since she died. He wants to save her. Missy struts in and stares at the date. She stares at the doctor, puts her hands on her hips and shakes her head. She steps in front of the door and prohibits him from leaving.

“Missy move now. I need to save my wife.” Missy kisses his forehead like he’s a child and says.

“It’s a fixed point in time. This fixed point is fixed.”

“Time can be rewritten. Let me save River.”  Missy kisses the Doctor on the lips and he pulls away. He states.

“Missy, when are you going to learn. We’re friends. Move out the way…I must go rescue my WIFE.”

Missy steps out of the way and watches as the Doctor runs away. He opens the TARDIS doors and walks into the library. He’s careful not to let his regenerated self-see him. He finds the TARDIS…and begins searching around. People in space suits enter and the Doctor can distinctly hear his past self-talking to Donna. He inches closer and makes a grab for River. Before he can do anything, Missy yanks him back into the TARDIS. She turns the machine on and they fly away.

       When the Doctor gets back to his feet he stares at Missy with a glare in his eyes and hatred in his soul. He gets up and gets ready to fight Missy but something stops him. He’s not going to hit a woman…even if once long ago she was the Master…even if once long ago they had been friends turned enemies. He puts his sonic glasses on and vanishes down to his study. He leaves Missy on the main floor alone.

       Missy puts her hands on her hips and paces. She walks from one end of the TARDIS to the other. Pacing back and forth. She suddenly stops in front of the door and slaps her forehead with her hand.

“I’ve got it…How to get River Song back without creating a Paradox. How do you prevent the library from blowing up, how do we save River and the Doctor?”



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