The seven deadly sins

Harriet was born on Earth, but she grew up in Alynthia. Raised by Bayard, one of the seven deadly sins. 'But the sins aren't human!' - no, and cats don't have antlers, but yet Harriet had one as a kid named Penny. Growing up in a magical land and then going to Earth on the weekends is pretty cool.
Well, until you get kicked out because of war, and the only thing that can save your home is seven people who supposedly died years ago.
Finding them is gonna be a hoot.


1. Prologue

‘Wait, you knew him? Personally?’

‘I knew all of them’ he murmured: ‘at least I thought I did. A long time ago.’

‘What were they like?’

Some twisted version of a smile split his lips, revealing yellow teeth.

‘They wanted to change the world.

So they set it on fire’

‘Were you there in the last battle? The one where they.. you know?’

‘Truth be told, I'm not sure there were such a thing as a last battle. And I don't think there ever will be for them’


Okay so a lil prologue to my new story (because I'm not writing on enough yet haha ha ha *sweating nervously*)

I have most of the story planned out but I'm not very good with the whole planning thing since I always change my mind while writing, so if you leave a comment with your opinion or whatever it might actually influence the story.

Also sorry for the cover. If you've seen my other stories you know I cannot make them for shit man haha.

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