The seven deadly sins

Harriet was born on Earth, but she grew up in Alynthia. Raised by Bayard, one of the seven deadly sins. 'But the sins aren't human!' - no, and cats don't have antlers, but yet Harriet had one as a kid named Penny. Growing up in a magical land and then going to Earth on the weekends is pretty cool.
Well, until you get kicked out because of war, and the only thing that can save your home is seven people who supposedly died years ago.
Finding them is gonna be a hoot.


3. First chapter - part two

“When I get back, I want absolutely nothing out of place, okay?” I nodded again. Rasar sighed; “Are you sure you’re up for this?”. I sighed.

“Yes, I am. I’ll even open the door for you,” I offered before concentrating on the door and nodding my head to the side. Rasar smiled; “I guess you’re as capable as any. Remember, you have every right to cut people off, and if anything happens close early.” I nodded.

“Get going, okay? And bring back some nettle if you can,” I reminded him as he walked out the door. His big body was covered in warm clothes, fitting the cold weather in London.

As soon as he was out the door I went behind the bar and looked through the cash register. 2, 4, 7 and eight. Eight hundred pounds. Hopefully enough.

The door opened and I quickly put the money in my pocket. I looked up and nodded to Melvin, a regular.

“I’ll have a beer,” he mentioned and sat down by the bar. I got a glass and filled it with beer from the tap before placing it in front of him. He looked at me like I was trying to serve him poison.

“I know, but from now on beer is from this world. Sorry Melvin,” I said with a calm voice. An unsatisfied mumble what was I got as answer, but enough.

An hour later the bar was full - well, as full as The Hungry Horse ever was, meaning about three people without Melvin was placed around a table with a deck of cards between them.

The door opened and the not-so-stranger-anymore came in. He nodded at me before sitting down at a table in the back.

I filled Melvins glass again and shook my head as he reached for his pocket.

“This one’s on me. I’m gonna take a little break, you just stay put,’ I ordered before pouring a whisky crusher and opening a cider for myself. I carried both things down to the table the not-so-stranger-anymore had chosen to sit by. As soon as I placed the whisky crusher in front of him he took a rather large sip before laughing to himself.

“He, bargirl, guess you did have more Alynthian ingredients then,” he stated in a rusty voice.

“There’s not much left. You know that. I lost my first home when they closed the gate. This is more than a place to hang out for some of these people, for some it’s a home. Without new Alynthian products we’re going to lose at least half our income, and it’ll have to shut down,” I tried, hoping I would eventually hit his soft side. He smiled before drinking the last of his drink in one big mouthful. He looked at the empty glass and back to me.

“You’ll get more when you start talking.” He shot me an evil glare before sighing.

“I don’t care about all that. I just want the money.” His voice was both low and demanding.

“Tell me about what you brought by yesterday,” I demanded and leaned back. The not-so-stranger-anymore shrugged; “I sold it.” My eyes widened.

“YOU SOL-you sold it?” I lowered my voice when I realised how loud I’d gotten. He shrugged again.

“To who? Who could possibly be interested in purchasing a several thousand years old magical object capable of doing the impossi… Okay, just tell me who bought it at least,” I asked with a sigh before taking a sip of the sweet drink in front of me.

Not-so-stranger-anymore raised his hand and gestured to show me he wanted the money.

“After,” I repeated. Not-so-stranger-anymore sighed; “At least give me something to loosen my throat up.” I went up to get another drink for not-so-stranger-anymore and got at the same time a change to fill Melvins glass another time. I looked at the little stock we had. Three bottles of Alynthian whisky. If I knew Rasar right, he was saving them. They became worth more and more every day we were separated from Alynthia, and were possibly some of the last bottles on earth.

I made a decision and grabbed the bottle with the least in it and brought it with me. I placed it hard on the table to get not-so-stranger-anymores attention before sitting down. He reached for it but I took it out his range.

“Tell me. Who did you sell it to?”. He looked at me, considering, and then at the bottle.

“Didn’t get the fellas name. Short guy, brown hair I think, sorta curly but not too curly, brown eyes,” he explained and took the bottle out of my hand to pour himself another glass.

“See, now this, this is whisky,” he said with a satisfied sigh.

“Where did you even find him? How do you ask someone if they want to buy something like that?” I asked, seriously curious. Did he just walk up to random people on the street and ask if they wanted it?

“We were playing cards, I ran out of money, said I had something even better. I threw that instead and won, then he asked to buy it. I was going to say no, but he offered me a nice amount I couldn’t decline. More than I could get here for sure.” He mumbled the last part.

“Fine, whatever, tell me about the sins.” I ordered and handed him some of the money. He looked at it like what I had given him was an old pair of socks, but nodded and stopped it in his pocket.

“Wrath. He’s dead.”

  Instead of being a normal person I've decided to split the chapters in several parts. That way I'll be able to upload more often and you won't have to wait so long for new chapters. Part three of this chapter will most likely be up soon too, so don't go to far away:)  
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