The seven deadly sins

Harriet was born on Earth, but she grew up in Alynthia. Raised by Bayard, one of the seven deadly sins. 'But the sins aren't human!' - no, and cats don't have antlers, but yet Harriet had one as a kid named Penny. Growing up in a magical land and then going to Earth on the weekends is pretty cool.
Well, until you get kicked out because of war, and the only thing that can save your home is seven people who supposedly died years ago.
Finding them is gonna be a hoot.


4. First chapter - part three

I looked at him, careful not to show any emotion.

“Yeah? And how do you know it was him?” Not-so-stranger-anymore looked at me, clearly considering.

“I knew him.” I didn't recognise him, not even a little. If he really knew Bayard, wouldn't I have seen him? Then again, Bayard did have a lot of business I didn't know about.

“You knew him? That’s funny, since most people seem to think he actually died in The Last Battle.” I tried to read his face. Whether he was just good at hiding his emotions or genuinely didn’t care I didn’t know, but something wasn’t as it should be.

Not-so-stranger-anymore snorted; “Ridiculous. You can’t get rid of them just like that. Even if you manage to kill them, they still wouldn’t be gone. The sins aren’t human, they just take form of humans. You’ve heard of them, of course you have, and you’ve also heard what they’re capable of. Do you think that’s something a human could do?” The whisky seemed to be hitting him, and I saw my chance of getting more information than I could pay for.

“How did he die?”

Bayard couldn’t be dead, I knew he couldn’t be, he was Bayard! He didn’t exactly age and he would never get killed. He’s way too strong for that, he couldn’t just be… Gone.

“Another battle. The Heavenly Virtues seems to be getting stronger,” not-so-stranger-anymore said with a little burp.

“The who?”

“The seven heavenly virtues. They’re gathering an army, planning a war. I believe they call it the holy war,” not-so-stranger-anymore said with a disbelieving sound before taking a large sip of his drink. I should probably take it away from him soon.

“A holy war. Pathetic. There’s no thing such as a holy war,” he said with a sullen look.

“Right. Holy war that’s not holy, got it, but where did you get the stone?” Not-so-stranger-anymore looked confused at me. I sighed.

“You know that thing you showed me last night? Sort of look like a round, flat.. Well, stone, black, with like a circly pattern inside, red emerging from it. The pattern, not the stone,” I added. In his state he might not had caught that. Alynthian alcohol usually is quite a bit stronger than what can be found on earth, but I figured he was used to it.

“Yes! I sold it to a fella. Nice guy,” he mentioned before letting go of a small burp. I rolled my eyes; “How lovely! Do you know where I can find him?” Not-so-stranger-anymore yawned so loud several heads turned to us, and I decided it was time for bed.

“Why don’t I get you a room?” I offered before taking his drink away from him and going up to the counter. I bended down under the bar and looked at the keys available. All in all there were four rooms at The Hungry Horse, two of which taken; one by Rasar and one by me. That left two open, and as always I grabbed key number 2. My room was number five. Apparently there’d been six rooms once, but what happened to number 1 and 3 I wasn’t actually sure. They couldn’t just have disappeared, but where the two rooms should be there was… nothing.

Which left the upper floor at The Hungry Horse with only four rooms; 2, 4, 5 and six. My room was the only one on that side of the hallway.

I grabbed the key with the complex ‘1’ written on it and went back to the table.

“C’mon, it’s upstairs.” I guided not-so-stranger-anymore up the stairs by leading the way.

The Hungry Horse wasn’t exactly known for being neither a nice place or new, and both the downstairs and upstairs was proof. Whatever needed fixing downstairs got fixed - maybe not in the traditional or optimal way, but fixed it got. The stairs and upstairs was usually the same, but it came in second.

Therefore going up the stairs could be a challenge. An entire step was missing, and you had to be careful when walking up or down the stairs in the dark. Forgetting and suddenly having one leg in the room beneath the stairs wasn’t as fun as it sounded. And that’s considering how boring it sounded.

Besides that it was just very narrow and a handrail would probably do wonders for the customers who was struggling with walking.

“Ind here, sir,” I ordered and unlocked the door with the ‘1’ matching the one on the key on. Without a word not-so-stranger-anymore entered the room and looked around. I nodded; “So, I’m just gonna leave the key with you here.” I nodded again before placing the key on a dresser. Not-so-stranger-anymore fake coughed and looked at me with both eyebrows raised.

“What?” He sighed and gestured for the money he supposedly needed. I looked annoyed at him before grabbing the money in my pocket. I counted out 500 and placed them on the dresser next to the key.

“That should cover it,” I informed him, and received a rather unimpressed look as response. I rolled my eyes before counting up another 200 which I placed next to the rest.

“Just so you know, this price is practically a crime, but I’m sure you know about crimes. I have 100 quid left, I’ll give them to you if you answer one last question,” I explained to him. He looked at me.

“Where do I find the purchaser of it?” His attention didn’t leave me even for a second in the two minutes it took for him to decide whether to answer or not.

“You don’t have to, I already told him how to find you.” My eyes widened; “You what?”. He shrugged, clearly not a care in the world; “He offered cash. I like cash. Which, speaking off, just leave the money by the other money.” He smiled, clearly satisfied with his answer.

“I’m not paying you! You didn’t tell me anything!” I complained in a high pitched voice.

“Did I answer or not? I thought so,” he mumbled before sitting down on the bed. I sent him my angriest look possible.

“Well, you better get down there. I’m not sure what he wanted from you, but I’m rather certain you’d prefer being ready for whatever he comes for.”

Third and (probably) last part of the first chapter. As you might've noticed I changed the cover yet again, doesn't mean it's not ugly though - obviouslyxD Anyways, enjoy! 
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