The seven deadly sins

Harriet was born on Earth, but she grew up in Alynthia. Raised by Bayard, one of the seven deadly sins. 'But the sins aren't human!' - no, and cats don't have antlers, but yet Harriet had one as a kid named Penny. Growing up in a magical land and then going to Earth on the weekends is pretty cool.
Well, until you get kicked out because of war, and the only thing that can save your home is seven people who supposedly died years ago.
Finding them is gonna be a hoot.


2. First chapter (again)



‘In the beginning there were seven. And I believe there still are.

They’re all out there. Lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride.

There was a war, and in that war a battle known as The Last Battle, named after the end of them.

The thing just is; that was far from the end. There won’t ever be such a thing for them.

How do I know, you ask?

That’s a fair question. Because yes, I’m human. But I guess not as much as you’d think.

I was born in 1729. My dad and mum were as human as they come I think, but I wasn’t raised with them. Actually, I was raised in Alynthia by Bayard, who was basically a dad to me.

And don’t get me wrong, it was awesome! Of course, I don’t remember much about my actual parents, but my human heritage meant a lot to both me and Bayard. After all, he did use to be human, too.

So, I grew up in Alynthia, a magical world, where I both had a cat with antlers (She was called Penny) and a gameboy. We would go to Earth in the weekends, for clothes (which Earth has always somehow been much better at than pretty much anywhere else), for books and other study material and so on.

But of course. Nothing lasts forever, does it?

When I was 15 - well, 319, but time goes differently in Alynthia, and my aging process were a bit peculiar..”

“What are you writing on, little bit?” I looked up into the kind eyes of Rasar.

“Just a little.. Story,” I explained before closing the notebook and sending him a smile.

“Another beverage?” He offered, cleaning a glass with a small towel.

“Sure.” I nodded “I'll have a Dark Mud.” Rasar placed the barely clean glass in front of me before throwing the towel over his shoulder; “how about a soda?” I shot him an annoyed look before mumbling ‘raspberry’.

“You do realise I'm over 300 right? The drinking age here is 21, and there isn't even one in Alynthia.” Rasar poured the red drink from the funny shaped bottle and into the glass; “and you do realise I promised to take care of you, right? And don't talk to loudly about that!” He corrected me. I raised an eyebrow. “Come on, everyone in here is from other worlds, you know that. I know you know that, there's no way you can't spot them apart” I pointed out while reaching over the bar for a straw.

“You can never be too careful. It's not safe to know about those places anymore, you know that.’ Rasar grabbed another glass to wipe off with his beloved towel.

“I know, but if I could find the sins, I could-””The sins are dead” Rasar interrupted. I looked at Rasars pathetic attempt at getting the glass clean; “oh give me that!”. I jumped upon the bar before sliding down on the other side and grabbing a towel.

“I don't like it when you do that. It doesn't look good for the customers,” Rasar mumbled before turning his back to me.

“I know.”


About 2000 glass later (well, 16, but who's counting?) Rasar went out the back for a short visit to the toilet, and another man entered.

“What can I get ya?” I asked the man and placed both my hands on the counter. His face and every feature was hidden by a brown hood.

“I need cash.” I looked unimpressed at him and took the toothpick out of my mouth.

“There's a bank across the street,” I informed before turning around. I sighed before turning back: “No, that's a lie, I just said that because it sounded cool, but really, you can't get anything here.” My little rant didn't seem to cause any reaction what so ever, but it was hard to see.

“I have information,” he offered. Was I not being clear?

“Yeah? Well go elsewhere with it. Whatever it is, if it's worth something it probably is otherwhere, too,” I argued; “now, can I get you anything? Otherwise get the hell out.” He let down the hood, revealing his scarred face. “Give me a whisky crusher,” he demanded before sitting down on a stool.

“Can you pay?” I asked, not willing to give him even a sip unless I was sure he even could. He sighed before pulling a few coins out a pocket and throwing them on the table. I looked at them.

“Those are riyals and marks. Won't get you far in this world,” I informed him, but found the drink anyways. I placed it on the counter before scooping the coins up and putting them in my pocket. His eyes didn't leave, not even as he took his first sip.

“You call this a whisky crusher? This is barely whisky, kid,” he mumbled before drinking the last.

“Well. It's not easy to get Alynthian ingredients at the moment, but I take it you know that?” I poured another drink in his glass and stuck out my hand. He mumbled something about what an ungrateful child I was before throwing another riyal and two marks on the table. I sighed before picking them up and cashing them into the register.

“I know what you're looking for,” he told me. “A way out of this conversation?” I suggested. He stuck his hand into his pocket and pulled out a dirty old cloth. A bloody cloth.

I looked at him. He nodded towards it, and I finally gave in for my curiosity. I pulled it up and shook it until something fell out. My breath changed from calm to rapid, superficial breaths.

“That’s… Where did you get that?” The stranger took a sip of his drink, far calmer than I’d like him to be. I heard heavy footsteps in the back, and quickly turned to the old man.

“Come back tomorrow. Whatever you want, you’ll get it, but go, go now,” I begged of him. He looked at me, considering; “Okay. Tomorrow.” He quickly swept up from the stool and walked out the door, pulling up his raggedy hood again.

“I should not have let you choose dinner last night,” Rasar stated as he returned with a burb.

“No, I guess not.” I looked at Rasar. How much did he know? And how much didn’t he tell me?

  An edited version of first chapter. Chapter two will most likely be up today or at least tomorrow, so now you. As you might have noticed some stuff has changed; there's a new cover, Harriet is now called Harriet instead of Tennaleyah, even though I think it will change again. She doesn't exactly feel like a Harriet. Anyways, thanks for reading!
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