Manhattan Crime A novel

When a rich socialite Roberta Harrison is found dead in her Lower Manhattan apartment, Detective Frank Markham is on the case. As he investigates the crime, his own personal life gets in the way of solving it.


2. The Middle of the Night


Richard Lane shook his head.

He yawned.

He brushed his teeth. Then he went to bed in the middle of the night, and knew that death would happen sooner rather than later in Manhattan.


Cara Madison Zachariah Westwood, or Cara Westwood, to her friends, was asleep in bed when she heard it the sound of broken glass. She opened her brown eyes, then flicked on the lamp in her bedroom. She grabbed onto a knife that was on top of a black bureau; she always thought that her self-defence classes would be her saviour one day if a psychopath decided to kill her. She wore a black gown. She opened the door. Suddenly she saw a tall man in the dim hallway.

"​I'm coming for you Cara​".

She screamed with terror. She then aimed her knife at his back. The killer screamed, then fell next to her feet. When she knew that he didn't move, she stared at the blood on her knife. Cara dropped the weapon near her feet. She ran to her bedroom. Then she called 9-1-1, and asked for the police.


By ten-thirty five PM, I was awoken by my I-phone.

"What is it! I'm asleep".

"It's me, Detective James. Cara Westwood, the B-movie actress, was attacked ten minutes' ago. The killer knew her name".

"I heard that she was being stalked by Rand Blaine, the director", he said.

"Yes, but she got a restraining order against him back in 2005", Detective James said.

"Twelve years' ago".

"Let's go to her apartment", I said.

And I pressed the END CALL button. I grabbed my I-phone, and keys. Then I opened the front door of my apartment...and locked it. Then I saw Detective James watching me in a New York Police car. "Get in!", she said. And, as I got inside the passenger-side door, my partner drove to 1356 State Road, where Cara Westwood was awaiting us.


Cara gazed at us.

"Rand was jealous of me. I did three movies with him in the last decade or so. All of them were hits. I am directing a movie this summer called ​The Shattered Woman​, a thriller with Megan Thompson, who is making her acting debut". I wrote everything down on my white coloured pad.

"If Rand is in Manhattan, we'll get him", Detective Jones said. She glanced at the pale looking window. She was eager to believe in the idea that crime did pay. She then saw a black 2000 van outside. "Someone's here", I said. And we grabbed our .38 Smith & Wesson guns...and waited for Rand to arrive.

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