Manhattan Crime A novel

When a rich socialite Roberta Harrison is found dead in her Lower Manhattan apartment, Detective Frank Markham is on the case. As he investigates the crime, his own personal life gets in the way of solving it.


3. Hollywood Crimes


Rand opened the front door.

He had a smug look on his face.

"Cara...It's time to-", he said.

I aimed my gun at his head.

"Freeze! New York police. I'm Detective Frank Markham. You're under arrest for break and entering. And for attempted murder". Rand put his hands up. He gazed at him. Detective Jones placed silver coloured handcuffs around his hands. "You have the right to silence. You have the right to a lawyer. If you don't have money for one, a lawyer will be found for you for free. Do you understand your rights?", she asked him.

"Yes, but I didn't...", he was about to say before he broke down...and knew that he would be in jail for a long time. He shook his head at Cara, then he was forced out of the apartment, as eleven o'clock PM tolled.


Sharon Deane Keene couldn't sleep.

She remembered Greg Hilt, her ex-husband, was in gaol for murder. She didn't want to think she was going to be assaulted again; she was already sick and tired of seeing hospitals. Or telling Chase Orr, his parole officer, that he was unpredictable when he was off his medications. Sharon, who was a writer, yawned. She flicked on the light; she saw the blue curtains in her bedroom. She couldn't sleep. Suddenly she heard the sound of wind blowing near her window; she saw the branches tapping on the glass. Sharon, who was twenty-five, had long, blonde hair, blue eyes, and petite. Because she was scared. By Midnight, as the darkness consumed her, she saw the lamps illuminate 1277 Miles Road, Lower Manhattan. Sharon focused on the window. Before she could do anything, the lounge room glass shattered. ​He's here, he'll kill me like he owns me​, she thought to herself. Seconds later, she turned on the lamp light. Nearby was a baseball bat. She grabbed it, and opened the bedroom door. She wore a red nightgown. "Who's there! I have a weapon with me". A medium-sized male shadow was armed with a sharp knife in his right hand. Sharon knew that Greg was older...and taller than the criminal. She then aimed the baseball bat in her left hand, and hit him across the head. "​I'll get you...​", he said. Then he fell downward on the black carpet; he was still as a statue. Then Sharon ran to her bedroom. She gripped her I-phone that was on the tan coloured drawers. Then she dialled 9-1-1, and called the New York Police Department to let them know that she'd had an intruder in her house, and she was alive.

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