Manhattan Crime A novel

When a rich socialite Roberta Harrison is found dead in her Lower Manhattan apartment, Detective Frank Markham is on the case. As he investigates the crime, his own personal life gets in the way of solving it.


4. And now the morning comes-Epilogue


We arrived at the apartment of Sharon Dean Keene.

She was scared.

Detective James comforted her, as I saw the unconscious looking killer. I kicked the top-side of the knife away with my left shoe; I knew that, by 12:21 AM, the coldness of the New York weather, caused us to shiver. "I know you. Shane Martin. I thought you were in gaol for twenty years for murder". He smiled. "I got parole", he said. I shook my head; Detective James grabbed it with her right hand. "You killed your wife, Vickie in 2013; you got off lightly". He smiled at us. I handcuffed him, as I made sure that he would be inside for a long time. Sharon cried, as she was glad that she was safe.

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