Ruby Rose

This is a poem that I wrote about a girl named Ruby Rose. She a girl a who is representing the color red. Her name Ruby Rose, now before I get your hopes up if you're an RWBY fan like me, this isn’t a story about the best Ruby Rose from RWBY sadly. Oh, ya gotta get back on topic, this poem was about a girl who will haunt your dreams and one how can sometimes be nice and sweet. Just don’t get on her bad side, I would tell you but I’m gonna be mean and not. I’ll just let you find out what will happen to you when she comes down your street.


1. Ruby Rose

Her name was Ruby Red

WIth long brown hair and curls so red

But beware don’t look into her ruby eyes

She’ll turn you into a stone right before your eyes.


A sweet little girl maybe, Nah not too sweet

She’ll turn you upside down and make you freak

Don’t make her mad, or you’ll be crying yourself to sleep

Just remember not to touch the ruby roses

When they are in her hair.


She’ll try to be sweet

But before you know, she’ll make you weak

Don’t let this ruby into your dreams

If you do you’ll never see your life again.


Beware of the girl Ruby Rose

The one who carries a morning rose

The girl who’ll turn your life into a mess

Stay away from the girl who will take your soul.

Stay away from Ruby Rose.

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