The Mystery of Lightning Cove A novel

Lightning Cove in Austin, Texas, has a tragic past. When Ted Carron and his friends head there on Halloween, they meet some smugglers and other criminals, who are intent on keeping their search for a gold statue that's worth a lot of money.


2. The Secret Door


Ted flushed the toilet.

He dried his hands, then he opened the door.

Kate and Mike were waiting for him.

"I heard that there's a secret door by the end of the hallway to the left", Kate said. She smiled, as she opened the door with her right hand; she saw a black chair blocking it. With all of her strength, she forced it so that it fell downward. The sound of falling caused her to be alarmed. "I hope it's not broken", Mike said. As they went inside, they saw some etching on it in italic. C. H. Lowe, III ​1861-63. Owner​.

"Who's he?", Ted asked them.

"Probably the first owner of Lightning Cove", Kate answered. She grinned at her friends. She flicked on the bright light; she saw a framed picture of the owner on a dusty wall that was covered with spiders. "Yuck. I hate spiders", Mike said. He gripped the chair in his left hand. Then he straightened it, and shivered from the unnatural cold. Ted walked towards the arched halls. Two dummies were lying on the hard black rug. They cast a sad look about them; they were painted red. Their black, hollow, eyes gazed at them. "Maybe C. H. Lowe, III owned them", Kate said.

"Maybe they're for his children", Ted said.

And he was about to say something when he saw several smugglers running towards the shore holding lamps in their hands, as thunder boomed in the mid-afternoon sky.


"What are they doing here?", Ted asked Kate.

"They want something. A gold statue, I think", she answered him.

"Everyone wants gold", Mike said.

"We should tell Dave and Lisa", Ted said.

"Okay, let's leave the room before dinner", Mike stated.


Lisa Cove shook her head.

"Smugglers, you've read too many books", she said.

"They're going to the beach where the lighthouse is", Ted said.

"I'm sure that your imagination-", Lisa began to say.

"Look, if there's something going happening at Lightning Cove, you need to inform the Texas Rangers", Mike said. He was eager to be heard.


"The Harping Statues are rare from 1907. Every smuggler wants to get all of them", Thad said. Carter nodded. "So, what now?", he asked him.

"We make sure they're in our hands. Then we'll leave Lightning Cove", Thad said.


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