The Lover of Labor,The Labor of Love: Princess Glacier

There was a reincarnation novel event that I missed. This isn't the first one I've written but I wanted to share it. Recently I've hooked myself on chinese light novels.

Anyways this is the story of a young girl who loved sweets but mostly ice cream, she worked as a waitress at an ice rink coffee shop when one day the ice underneath her cracked and the next she knows she's awoken to find herself in a foreign body. In a foreign land and in a foreign universe! But most importantly ICE CREAM DOES NOT EXIST HERE!!! Another thing about the protagonist aside from ice cream and sweets her second favorite thing is mulah. 8D


1. King Glacier's daughter, Ming-Hua

Now this is inspired by wuxia/xianxia novels there will be chinese names... but I will try my best not to name anything else in that language. I will do my best to be descriptive! Please bare with me. The name of the protagonist in this story is Ming-Hua (Which means Tomorrow's flower)


A twenty year old Ming-hua, took a bite of her ice cream cake and her brown eyes sparkled in delight.

"Are you putting this on the menu?" She looked to her Father who shook his head.

"Why not? This is really good! With this kind of flavor..." She pauses to taste the cake again. "I think during Spring time or Autumn, this would sell pretty well. We should it add it on the cafe's menu forever! Please Daddy, pretty please!" Ming-hua begged but her Father's disapproving expression was a clear no.

He watched his daughter eat, growing up she had always been a lively child but after the death of her Mother she began to gain weight. At first he thought stress eating was just her way of grieving but it has continued so long. She wasn't overweight but being the daughter of one of the world's renowned Glaciers and having such a figure, it was noticeable and the media was bound to talk. 

"I didn't make this for the customers, I made this for you and only you. You should be honored." Instead of being pleased from her praised he only frowned. Unlike most Fathers, Ming-hua had never truly seen her Father smile. Even on Tv, his ice cold and unfeeling personality earned him the name "King Glacier."

Ming-hua took a breath. This was for her and only her? She looked up at her Father in silent wonder before beaming at him. 

"Aw, thank you Daddy! I love you! You're the best! Hehehe..." Ecstatic, Ming-Hua began to demolish the cake. When she wasn't looking he cracked a smile.

Perhaps he had spoiled her, every time he made a dish he would always have her test it. Aside from this he hasn't had another chance to spend time with her... the day he saw her come home battered and bruised was the day he knew of her life. He had failed as a Father and yet seeing her smiling face. Why did he think he hadn't? 


He watched her eat. That's right Ming-Hua eat it up. It's the last thing that I will ever feed you. My first and last customer...


A few months later.

The patrons of King Glacier's Palace stared.

"You ordered the triple tiered chocolate coffee cake correct?" Ming-hua glided across the ice to the customer. A lot of eyes glued onto her. The way she moved with such grace and yet...

"That girl's the size of a mammoth!" One of the customers said in awe.

"Quit exaggerating, she's like... a baby elephant." The girl who spoke to him was a regular of this place. She stares in the direction of his table. "You guys must be new to this place."

"Yeah. My girlfriend always wanted to visit the Forest of the Forgotten." 

The regular raised her brows.  King Glacier's Palace had been built in the Forest of the Forgotten near the frozen springs, she had easily forgotten this fact however. Long ago this spot was very famous for disappearances. Once someone went missing inside one of the springs they would never be seen again, and it's said that the springs were so deep they could reach the ends of the universe! So when someone want to freeze over the springs of the forgotten lake, it was made into a huge deal. King Glacier, that genius took advantage of this publicity to promote his store!

"Hey I've been wondering but do you think the King fell into one of the springs or he know...died?"

The new customer whispered, however Ming-Hua who had been passing upon hearing this stumbled. She tried to stead herself only to end up falling flat on her face. 


"Are you okay?!" The regular rose from her seat and upon skating closer pales.

"She's bleeding! Someone call the ambulance! I think she's unconscious!"


"Everyone get off the ice!" Someone notices the cracks forming underneath her body and yelled out a warning.


"Don't draw any closer, get away from there!" The new customer yanked the regular back by the arm  and away from Ming-Hua as the ice continued to crack.


The ice underneath her gave way but instead of her sinking into the ice cold pool everyone was surprised to see her being cradled in the arms of a transparent being. 


It looked like a woman. When someone pulled out their phone to record the strange being, the woman looked straight at the person freezing them in their tracks. The water around the nymph gushed out like a geyser and when it died down both the nymph and Ming-Hua were no where to be seen.

"Hell! She was King Glacier's only pupil... where am I going to eat good ice cream?!" When one of the regulars suddenly began to scream, the people snapped out out of their stupor. 

"No more ice cream?"


The wails of the loyal customers from King Glacier's Palace could be heard. There was wailing and gnashing of teeth. It was a day that would haunt them all forever.

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