Short Stories

I found these stories that were inspired by music. I will write some of my own but, most of them will not be my own. I give all credit to the original owner. And have fun reading them!


2. Destiny by Generdyn feat.

(I made the lyrics into a story. So I will change it to my liking)

Like an anchor

You were the tide that kept me in

But, even a wave will crash and end


Like a sunset

So much beauty held within

But, light goes out and darkness wins


I carried you

'Till I burried you

Held your arms around my back

Durg the ground with every step

I carried you

'Till you were on your feet

Now my memories is all I have

As our story fades to black


This was our destiny?


We saw the future

Or what we thought that it would be

But, even our dreams are mysteries

We climbed the mountain

and found the truth on which we stand

I watched you slip right through my hands


I carried you

'Till I burried you

Now our memories are coming back

As our story fades to white

Here we are standing upon them

As we start to win the battle

Never ending


This is our Destiny!

Keep on going


Like a soldier marches on

You are my battle song

Even when my and your strength is gone

We're holding on

Going on


As the world turns black

As the table turns

We keep on going

Never ending



I carried you

You carried me

You helped me up my feet

When I most needed you


You carried me

I carried you

I helped you up your feet

Do not look behind you


This is our... destiny.

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