Short Stories

I found these stories that were inspired by music. I will write some of my own but, most of them will not be my own. I give all credit to the original owner. And have fun reading them!


1. "A Forgotten Dynasty" by Sky Productions

Poem/Story written by Sky Dreams



Black and white

Moon and Day

Sorrow and solace

Fills the lonely heart

But we're not alone

Remember this

Remember every laugh

Every smile, every tear

I'll be there

Fighting till the very end

With you.... forever

I promise

Even if this lonely heart comes to a halt

Even is the heavenly skies threaten to fall with darkness

Even if.... the universe goes against us I'll fight with you

I swear on my sword

You're beautiful... like the white scales of rarity of a pure gem

I cherish you till my days comes to an end

My heart beats for you and you alone



My heart cries at the sight of your scars

It weeps at the thousand marks of sorrow within

At the memories of men falling, dying

At the sound of women crying, people falling

You will not fight alone

I, too, am a warrior

My blessings are upon you

You, who has taken hold of my life and you who I entrust my whole world

You are like the darkness that makes my moon shine

You are the beacon of hope that sets my courage afire

I will not let you be taken

Not even by the hands of fate

I promise this on the gods and goddesses, I swear



You are indeed a rare light that comes in many light years

But I cannot bear to see your blood spill on ground

So I make this plan in secret and let it dire with me, I dare!

Take her, my men, send her afar!

I will fight, and shall see her from above

Waiting in Elysium. let her live her life

And I see her free, like a dove broken free of its cage

As I march on to battle as my war and battle awaits

Strikes and blow I send in bloody spirals

As all havoc and wreckage set loose in this land

Yet I see the deadly point far too late

As red pools marks end of my tale

Yet... she proves me wrong yet again



Hate cannot blind me

And neither will thee

I love you so

Far too much to let you go

We promised, remember?

I'm by your side, as you are by mine

Never shall I see you again if I let this pass

So I make this choice, and make it last

My sword, that you gave me

The shining beauty forged by your father

Shall be the one that ends our fate!


Said women struck and fell to ground

Holding her love encased in her arms

As the battles raged on in unceasing wrath

Yet strange peace flows on to the lovers' path

A serene smile, the precious flower behelds

Whilst a content one lay on the other's lips

A fitting end, for two  whose names I long to say

But I'm afraid forgotten, erased from the stone's writings

A vivid war, a blissful love, a tragic ending, a peaceful death

Such a legend of the Forgotten Dynasty

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