The Fall Of Cybertron

The Fall Of Cybertron


1. Prologue

He was by all means a normal man, with a normal job, household, and routine.He drove a standard Avenger 371i, and for 25 years his routine had not varied in the slightest bit.He was adept at keeping his secrets to himself which no man had ever discovered,not even his closest friends, speaking of which....he had none.

However, that day was to be different....He knew, as always, but nobody else did.The only person who was in the plan yet not in fully was his wife to whom he had given a peculiar set of instructions;Get the kids and our belongings and meet me at the Cybertronian Interstellar Space Port.His wife complied, not because she respected him, but because she and her kids lived in perpetual fear of his horrible temper.

It was indeed a perfect plan..

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