Short Stories

This is a compilation of a bunch of short Stories, it goes from happy to sad to romance to drama to sci-fi to horror, so there is something for everyone. I also take requests :)


1. Sci-FI Short

"Look, I'm trying my best to be polite; but if you move that knife a millimeter closer to me I'll tear you apart." Astrid growls, to the man in the black hood. Another man emerges from the shadows, "Oh come to join the party?" She smirks trying to get a look at their face. 

"Since you're tied to that chair I'd be quiet if I was you," the second person says, with an obvious voice changer. 

"What's with the auto tune? Don't want a poor helpless girl to know you're true identity?" She laughs. The hood figure moves the knife to her cheek and slices her cheek, "aaaaannnddd thats the last straw," she sighs, and drops the bobby pin down to her hand and saws it quickly, the rope breaks and she springs up and drop kicks the one who cut her face. "I told you not to move it," she shrugs and unmasks the person revealing her face, not another girl, Astrid's face, on another person, she looks confused, "what..?" she turns back to the person with the auto-tuned voice. "She's me, that's my face!" The person removes her hood and looks at her. 

"Welcome home Clone 13467, you've been gone for too long." They sneer. 


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