The Final Night of Emily Daniels A novel

Emily Daniels is seventeen years old cheerleader. When she inexplicably dies on her night date with Chad Gorman, her fraternity boyfriend, he is blamed for her death that leads to further mystery to her young life.


2. The Release


I was dead.

I didn't hear the shouting, as the police officers saw Doctor Raymond Lease, MD, the Forensic Scientist. He glanced at my body.

"Messy isn't it", he said to Oliver.

"She was shot in the chest. A bad death".

"Chad saw someone shoot her".

"And she died because of secret she was holding from her boyfriend?", Doctor Lease, MD, asked him.

"What secret did she want to be kept hidden from anyone?", Oliver answered her.

"I don't know. She was an outsider".

"Was she?".

"Yes, she was a cheerleader who wasn't someone who was popular".

And the Doctor nodded, as the body of Emily Daniels was photographed, and taken away in a body bag.


Chad was released without a criminal charge against him. He looked around, as he was taken away in a car to his parents' house. He gasped in shock. as he knew that he wouldn't see Emily Daniels again...except at the morgue, where the dead remained silent.




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