The Final Night of Emily Daniels A novel

Emily Daniels is seventeen years old cheerleader. When she inexplicably dies on her night date with Chad Gorman, her fraternity boyfriend, he is blamed for her death that leads to further mystery to her young life.


1. Emily Daniels


I was too young to die.

Chad was insisting on bringing red roses for our formal date at ​Don's Pizza​. We didn't have much money like mom and dad did back in the cold winter of 2001; we glanced at the other teenage couples staring into each other's eyes; we didn't know that the thrill of the date was the beginning of the story.

"Emily, you are beautiful". Chad was full of compliments. I applied red lipstick on my lips; I stared at the young waiter named Bradley.

"Can we have some Mexican pizza, and water please?", I asked him. And he nodded, as he wrote our order down. We were glad to be on our own and away from our parents' control; we were eager to ignite our love without any kind of problems. Chad, who was seventeen, had lived in the town of Forster Halls since he was born. I was taken there when I was six when my parents couldn't take care of me. Chad was about to speak when several teenagers walked through the double doors. They wore black coats, and looked like they would kill anyone who caused them grief. Suddenly one of them aimed a .9mm gun at me.

"It's your final night, Emily", the leader said. And I screamed as I didn't know who had shot me, as I fell out of my seat...and passed away within seconds.


Chad was in deep shock. He didn't know what was happening. I was dead. Bradley had called 9-1-1. I was dressed not in a black dress; I was dressed in a red one. But, to me, my life drifted away. And Chad was distraught.

"​You shot her; you shot my girlfriend​", he yelled. The boy smiled at him.

"I'm Dan Harris. Emily wasn't as nice as she made herself out to be". Chad glared at him.

"She didn't know you". Dan looked at him. He looked at my body; he saw my life drain away.

"​She dated me before she met you​". Chad blinked his brown eyes. He wasn't going to believe in fate; he was thinking of the pizza that wouldn't be eaten. Dan looked around.

"Once she is buried, the case will be closed". Chad shook his head.

"Case; what case! I don't understand". Dan grinned at him.

"You see, Emily was the daughter of Richard Daniels, the millionaire. Her mother, Lynne Daniels, was a home maker", he said. Chad shook his head.

"But you...", Chad begun to say. Dan nodded.

"I ​was at Forster Halls fraternity house when I saw her a year ago. Emily was a pretty girl. And she knew how to grab our attention with how she dressed, and acted. I asked her out, and we headed to the cemetery. She was concerned about her life was falling to pieces. I knew she was being irrational. But she was insistent on saying she was close to death. And we left the cemetery without seeing any graves". Suddenly the paramedics arrived.

"In here! Emily's dead. She's been shot!", Chad said. Dan glided away from him. The other teenagers walked out of the pizza place. He grabbed a twenty dollar bill. Then as he paid for his dinner, and the date was over.


Chad walked out of the pizza restaurant. He didn't know what was going on. Suddenly several police officers arrived, blocking his path. Dan and his friends were gone.

"HOLD IT! STAY STILL!", a older police officer yelled. He shook his head.

"Emily was shot. Dan killed her". The police officer aimed his .38 Smith & Wesson gun at him. Chad raised his arms high in the air. "Stay where you are, Chad". He knew all of the cops in town. All of them had agendas. He decided to deal with the here and now.

"Emily Daniels was my girlfriend. She didn't have to die​". They secured the restaurant, as Oliver Hood, the owner, shook his head.

"I saw Dan shoot her dead. He came inside the premises and killed her. Chad was in on it". Chad gasped in shock.

"Liar! I didn't want to harm her". And he broke down, and knew that he was in deep trouble.


Chad gazed at the police car.

"Hop in!", Officer Melendez said. He glanced at the parked cars in the carpark. The bright neon sign flickered across the pizza restaurant. Chad was about to say something about Dan when he sighed. He ducked his head, as the passenger-side door closed behind him. He shook his head. Emily Daniels was the head cheerleader at Forster Halls High School outside Louisiana. Officer Melendez smiled at him.

"You have the right to a lawyer. Anything you say, or do, will be given into evidence. If you don't have money for a lawyer, one will be given to you for free. Do you understand?", he asked him.

"Yes", Chad said.

And, as he sat down on the light black seat, he put his seat belt on, and hoped to God that he'd be free for the murder of Emily Daniels.


Martine French was my lawyer. She was thirty. She had long, blonde hair, blue eyes, and petite. She wore a blue blouse, a black skirt, brown stockings around her slender legs, red lipstick on her mouth, and black high heeled shoes on her feet. She wore a diamond wedding ring on her right, middle, finger. And the smell of perfume she was wearing wasn't overpowering.

We were in Interview Room #3.

"So you saw Dan shoot Emily Daniels, and it happened as fast as lightning while you two waited for your dinner?", Martine asked me.

"Yes, he killed her. We were dating less than a month. I was dating Jenny Hargrove last year. She's a cheerleader; she is a popularity ruler, you know", Chad answered. Martine nodded.

"So, Dan shot her because she knew something that was hidden from you?".

"No. I mean Dan and I are enemies. Emily didn't say she loved Dan. She was emotionally distant when love was concerned".

"But she dated you Chad because she wanted to have a social life".

"It was a first date. There wasn't anything weird going on. I live with my parents. I intend to be a thriller writer when I grow old; I have a lot of plans after college. I've applied to Forster Halls University. They accepted me. But this situation will end my life. I didn't do anything".

Martine nodded.

"If Dan did shoot Emily, his DNA prints will be all over the place".


"And I'll see that you'll be free sooner rather than later, Chad".

"That's good", he said.

Then he relaxed.


I was dead.

There wasn't a time in which I dreamed of a better future. Dan had killed me for his own nefarious purpose. Of course, I had my own secrets; I had my time away from Forster Halls. They didn't know what I did before. That was one secret I'd kept from everyone in town. And for me that was the one thing that wouldn't be let loose into the open.

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