Camp Crystal Lake 3 A novel

Jason Voorhees is still alive. When Anne Franklin, the head Camp Crystal Lake counsellor, and new campers, arrive there for the summer of 2014, they face the killer who still burns with revenge.


4. Epilogue


​Martin shook his head. He was thinking about what happened to Steve Christy. The head camp counsellor died because of his belief that there was goodness in the world; the counsellor trusted himself to care about Alice Hardy. And everyone else suffered because of his lay-back style of working. He knew that the horror of Camp Crystal Lake death curse was real; he sipped some coffee...and planned on one thing that had eluded him for two years. And that was the news that Jason Voorhees was still the Sheriff arrived to close down the camp for the last time, while Anne...and her friends...left as well, while the camp remained eerily silent once more.

Page 4.

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