Camp Crystal Lake 3 A novel

Jason Voorhees is still alive. When Anne Franklin, the head Camp Crystal Lake counsellor, and new campers, arrive there for the summer of 2014, they face the killer who still burns with revenge.


3. Camp Crystal Lake-Friday, June 13, 2014


Hillary ran to the cabins. As she did so, she saw a figure going inside the room. "Hello? Who are you?", she asked him. No one answered her. She walked inside. Suddenly she saw Jason Voorhees. The killer stared at her. Hillary screamed. "No! Oh, God! No!​". She screamed as she saw a hammer nearby. She picked the weapon up in her left hand. Then she hit Jason Voorhees until he fell unconscious. And, as the other campers arrived at the first cabin, Hillary cried until Anne spoke. "I'll call the Sheriff", she said.

And the nightmare ended.

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