Camp Crystal Lake 3 A novel

Jason Voorhees is still alive. When Anne Franklin, the head Camp Crystal Lake counsellor, and new campers, arrive there for the summer of 2014, they face the killer who still burns with revenge.


1. Camp Crystal Lake-Friday, June 13, 2014


Anne Franklin was concerned that the following year would pray on her shattered mind. Camp Crystal Lake's sinister hold on the campers...and counsellors...had drained her sanity. She decided that this year would be her last in charge of them for the summer. And, as she focused on the clothes she was packing for the camp, she vowed to make sure she'd survive Friday the 13th, no matter the cost to her life.


Avery Jenkins stared at the map.

"It's over there, to the left", he said.

"That's good. I was worried Camp Crystal Lake losing more campers to Jason Voorhees", Avril Sanchez said. She smiled at her boyfriend; she smoked a cigarette. Avery smiled. The African-American footballer was tall and strong; Avril was petite, and a cheerleader whose was Spanish. Avery looked at the picture of the lake. "​There! See, the lake is near the woods", he said. Avril focused on the cabins. "Anne is looking forward to seeing us". She had long, black hair that fell down her back; her hazel eyes gleamed in the hot sun. By nine-thirty AM, Avery drove down the grey road, past the old bridge that lead to the famous Crystal Lake Diner, and reached the ​camp's sign. Avril smiled. Then she pointed to the Native American totem poles, and shivered with fear.


Bob Nathaniel stared out of the van's window.

"We're closer than before", he said to his friends. Chris Marks smiled, as Hillary Chambers watched the dirt road, then they saw the camp's sign. Bob drove up the path. Then he stopped driving. He, Chris, and Hillary, opened the van's doors. Once they grabbed their luggage out of the boot, all of them saw Avery and Avril. And Anne. Once everyone greeted each other, Anne spoke. "Hello, I'm Anne. This is my last time as head counsellor at Camp Crystal Lake because of the dangers that come with the job concerning Jason Voorhees". She waited for them to speak, as she continued, "...Because of the horror of the past couple of years, the camp is now guarded by security guards. And the Crystal Lake Police Department always send their officers here in case there's some trouble. Hopefully there wouldn't be since Crazy Ralph's day in the late nineteen-seventies, and early nineteen-eighties, Now, let's get settled down in the cabins...then everyone can go exploring by themselves. Tonight there'll be a campfire in which dinner will be served". And she grinned, as they all placed their luggage underneath the camp's bunks in the spacious cabins.


Avery saw the generator room.

He opened the door.

When he flicked on the bright light, he saw spiders roaming around the dirty floor. "Yuck!", he said. Then he turned the light on. He stared at the brown windows that was dimmed. Avril backed away. "Let's get out of here". She turned around, and walked to the cold shore of Crystal Lake. Bob, Chris, Hillary, and Anne followed suit. By eleven o'clock AM, the campers reached the archery range. "Anyone wants to hit the target?", Avery asked. And Avril laughed.


Anne watched the shore line.

She imagined what happened to Alice Hardy on the lake as she was asleep in the canoe. She didn't think that Jason Voorhees would come out of the deep water and attack her; she screamed as she dreamed of imminent death; she was going to drown. Anne watched the campers as she pondered on her own future. She didn't want to feel doomed; she didn't want to die young. In her mind, she wanted to think that she'd meet her husband at the Crystal Lake bar in town, get married, and settle down with some children...and live in a house near the town. But, as she dreamed, she felt the hot, summer's sun beat down on her body...and face. And, as she did so, she knew that the nightmare of the past would come back to haunt her.


Jason Voorhees watched the group of campers.

He was irritated that Anne was back. He breathed deeply. Then he grabbed his machete in his right hand, and headed towards the cabins.

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