The God of Thunder

Thor of Asgard, The God of Thunder. Son of Odin ruler of the nine realms and heir to his throne. The only problem is he doesn't want it. He knows he's reckless, arrogant, spoils for a fight and is a drunkard who tries to sleep with every maiden. His half brother Loki desires nothing else except the throne and the power to rule over all. Well maybe he desires revenge against Thor who he hates. The problem for us is their feud will boil over right here on Earth.

Author's note

My take on the classic Marvel Comics characters and not tied to the Marvel cinematic Universe.

In fact it is part of the MMU - my Marvel Movellas Universe that will include the original comic book members of the Avengers.

1. Gods Son

He should be happy.


He was the greatest warrior in all the nine realms, he had great friends in Volstagg, Fandral and Holgun.


Not to mention Sif, the great Lady Sif the finest woman he could ever imagine knowing.


She could fight as long and as hard as him and loved celebrating as much as he did after every glorious battle against all the foes foolish enough to challenge the rule of Asgard and the rule of his father, the all father Odin.


He'd had these great friends since childhood, he knew he had a great life. Why then did he feel empty.


That as much as he liked to fool himself as he told his mother Friga who saw through his bravado that the only thing that stopped him feeling truly happy was that Sif wouldn't accept his offer of marriage.


Thor knew his unhappiness stemmed from a greater source not just the burden of stepping up to take his place as ruler even if it is for now temporary when father enters the Odinsleep.


He knew he wasn't ready for true leadership, he knew, his mother knew it although she never discussed it with him as he wished she would.


He could not understand why his father couldn't see it.


He was brash, arrogant loved a fight and food and was partial to a roll in the hay with a tavern wench or indeed any young thing eager to believe his lie that they might become his Queen upon his ascension to king.


The drinking and screwing getting more and more common, these days there didn't even need to be the celebration of another victory for him to be found doing those things.


He was Thor son of Odin son of a king rightful heir to the throne of Asgard itself, yet he wanted something else something more.


Yet he had no idea what that something was or any idea how to find it was that he needed to fill the void and make him whole.

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