The Arrangement

Cassie Morris is an aspiring actress, though she struggles to land a successful role. After another failed audition, the role of a lifetime falls into her life. Does she seize the opportunity, finally achieve her lifelong dream even if it goes against every moral she's ever held herself to? Can she handle being attached at the hip to someone she despises?


7. Never Say Never

 I was quickly enveloped in a hug by Scooter, while Fredo laughed happily across from us. “I told you she was the one,” he said.


I glanced over at Justin as Scooter hugged me tightly. Justin had picked his head up and was now glaring at me. “Thank you,” Scooter said gratefully as he pulled back to look at me, pulling my attention from Justin.


“Yeah,” I laughed nervously, not sure if No problem! or You're welcome! were really appropriate for this kind of situation. 


“So,” Scooter said as he sat back and included everyone in the room. “How about dinner tonight? To celebrate? We can invite everyone, introduce you to Justin's team,” he said, looking back at me now.


“Oh! Um, I don't know…” I said nervously. I glanced up at Justin, who was smiling at my hesitation. I glanced back to Scooter, to see a look of concern in his eyes. “I just um...I don't really have anything nice to wear,” I finally said, earning a sigh of relief from Scooter, and a death glare from Justin. I gave him a smug smile; I took joy in the fact that I was actually annoying him.


“Oh, don't worry about that,” Scooter assured, putting his hand on my forearm. “We'll handle that. Hmm…” he sighed, trying to figure out a game plan.


“You could call Karla!” Alfredo suggested with a snap of his fingers. “She handles Justin's wardrobe, she might as well do Cassie's too. It's kind of like a package deal now, huh?”


He looked over at me, wiggling his eyebrows playfully. I rolled my eyes as I laughed at him, and noticed Justin from the corner of my eye as he sulked. “I'll get on that,” Scooter said to Alfredo, then disappeared as he walked away typing something into his phone.


“So,” Alfredo said after clearing his throat. “Why don't you show Cassie around?” he asked, looking over at Justin. “Considering she'll be spending a lot of time here.”


 Justin returned his look with a sneer, but did what he was told. “Follow me,” he said, walking past me and down the hallway. 


I looked over at Alfredo, who was giving me an encouraging nod. Taking a deep breath, I followed Justin down the hall.


“This is the kitchen,” Justin said as he walked into a large open room, obviously the kitchen. I walked around slowly, admiring the expensive stainless steel appliances, the smooth granite, the gorgeous light fixture hanging above the island. “Have you never seen a kitchen before?” he asked, leaning back against the fridge with his arms crossed, taunting me.


“I've never seen a millionaire's kitchen,” I told him.


“Well, get used to it,” he said as he made his way through the kitchen and towards another doorway. “You'll be spending most of your time in here making me sandwiches,” he glanced towards me, giving me that infamous smirk and a wink as he disappeared through the doorway.


“Ten grand a month,” I muttered to myself. “You can do this, it's ten grand a month.”


“Through there is the back deck,” he said as we walked down another hallway. I halted for a moment as I stared; although the entire back wall was nothing but glass, I could only see part of what I assumed was a large back patio area. Beyond the patio and the pool, the house overlooked beautiful mountains and Hollywood hills. It was absolutely gorgeous.  


Justin stopped once he realized I wasn't behind him anymore. He turned to face me, but I was still busy admiring the view. “Come on,” he said. “We'll get to that later. It's a lot better with the sunset.”


I glanced over at him to see his face had suddenly softened; somehow he wasn't an arrogant asshole, and he'd actually become a decent human being. “C’mon,” he urged again, gesturing towards the staircase. “I gotta show you to the bedroom. Another place you'll be spending most of your time.”


With another wink, he carried on up the stairs. And as quickly as the new side of him had appeared, it was gone. I sighed as I followed him up the stairs. Ten fucking grand.


“There's a bathroom through there,” he said as he walked through the corridor, and pointed at closed doors. “That’s the gym. There's one of the guest rooms. And this is my room,” he said as he opened a set of double doors, that led to a master suite.


“Holy shit,” I muttered as I followed him into the bedroom; it was probably just as big as the living room, if not bigger. There was a large California King sized bed with a low profile, facing a large flat screen TV mounted on the wall. “This whole room is bigger than my apartment,” I laughed.


“That's kinda sad,” Justin said sarcastically as he sat down on the bed. “Um...there's a bathroom and the closet up there,” he said, pointing to a small set of steps that disappeared around a corner. “And I actually just got this baby yesterday,” he said, running his hand over the bed. “It's Tempurpedic. Wanna come break it in with me?” He leaned back so he was propped up against his elbows, eyeing me up and down as he licked his lips.


 “You're disgusting,” I scoffed, taking the empty chair against the wall. “You do realize that's never gonna happen, right?”


“Never say never,” he said with a wink. He got up off the bed and headed for the door again. “Now come on, we're not done.”


Wordlessly, I followed him back the way that we came. We went through the corridor and down the stairs, then back towards the living room. He led the through the large, open room and through a side door that went outside, to a covered wooden walkway. “So through there,” he said as he pointed to the right. I could see a portion of the driveway. “is the garage. I've got a basketball goal back there too. And this way…” he trailed off as he walked towards the left, “is the patio.” We turned a corner, and my jaw nearly fell to the floor.


He led me to a large wooden patio. There was a large L-shaped pool surrounded by a few lounge chairs. There was a covered portion, which underneath sat a hot tub and expensive looking patio furniture; there was a small couch, two comfy looking seats, a coffee table, and even a bar off to the side. “Jesus,” I muttered as I walked around and admired the surroundings. He was right, I thought to myself, the sunset makes it even better.


“Down there,” Justin said softly as he stood behind me and pointed down, “there's a small lake and a pontoon boat.” He pointed down through the yard, and I could see a body of water through a clearing in the trees. “I'll show you that another time.”


I glanced over my shoulder at him to find the tiny glimpse of Justin I saw earlier. He was looking down towards the lake, his face soft and peaceful. “I don't get you,” I said as I turned to face him, my hand firmly on my hip. “You always act like such a dick. Then sometimes you flip a switch and you're nice and happy...I don't get it.”


He pulled his eyes away from the sunset slowly, and finally looked down at me. He shrugged and I could see the hardness in his eyes had returned and that damn smirk was back. “I guess you'll just have to catch me in the moment,” he said simply before turning around and walking back towards the house. 



Author's Note: heyyyy guys! i know this chapter was short and kinda sucky, so I'm gonna try to post the next chapter either tonight or sometime tomorrow. i'm going to try to update Feels Like Home soon also. i really appreciate those of you who have been patient with me while i take forever to update lol, it really means a lot. its especially crazy now that the holidays are here, so i extra appreciate it. i love you guys, thank you!!

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