The Arrangement

Cassie Morris is an aspiring actress, though she struggles to land a successful role. After another failed audition, the role of a lifetime falls into her life. Does she seize the opportunity, finally achieve her lifelong dream even if it goes against every moral she's ever held herself to? Can she handle being attached at the hip to someone she despises?


4. Hey baby!

 “I, um...I really don't know,” I told them honestly. “It's's so crazy,” I laughed. “A few hours ago, I was just a bartender who can't even land a decent commercial. Now I'm dating Justin Bieber?” 


They both chuckled. “Well,” Scooter started, “if at some point you decide it's too much to deal with, you can break the contract. At any time.”


“Contract?” I asked. “What contract?”


“If you agree, you'll have to sign a non-disclosure agreement. That just means you can't tell anyone that this isn't real. If you decide to break it, we can make it an amicable break up. No nasty fights or rumors or anything.”


I nodded. “Can I, um...take a day or two to think about it?”


“Of course!” Scooter said, while Fredo chuckled and gave me a nod. “Take all the time you need, it's a big decision. Just know that you still can't tell anyone about this, even if you haven't signed anything.”


I nodded seriously, but all I could think was, What the fuck am I gonna tell Nancy?


As if on cue, my phone started buzzing in my purse. I knew immediately it would be Nancy, because I forgot to text her and tell her I was okay. I pulled the phone out just to check, that hopefully it was someone else. But of course it wasn't.


“Shit,” I muttered. “I have to take this,” I explained. Scooter gave me an understanding nod. I quickly ducked out of the private room and answered the phone.


“Hey,” I answered cheerfully. “I wa--”


“What the fuck, Cassie? Did you forget how to work a phone?!” She yelled. I tried to answer her, but she cut me off yet again. “Where the fuck are you? I've been worried sick!”


“Somewhere downtown,” I answered. I really needed to get her off the phone. “Look, I gotta go. They, um...they just called me in, I gotta go, okay?”


She sighed. “Whatever. Just come home in one piece.” And with that, the line went dead. I checked to make sure that the call wasn't dropped, but I still had a signal. She hung up on me. I loved Nancy, but sometimes she was such a bitch.


I groaned, leaning against the railing by the stairs. If I was supposedly such a good come there wasn't anything I wanted more now than a strong drink?


I glanced up and noticed Justin stumbling up the stairs. His eyes met mine and he gave me a smirk. “Heyyyy baby!” he called out drunkenly, holding his arms open wide.


I rolled my eyes at him as he approached me. I stood up straight as he leaned up against the railing with me. I noticed him swaying from side to side, his eyes slightly glazed over. Jesus, was he already drunk?


“So…” he whispered as he leaned in close, his breath reeking of alcohol. “what do ya say we make this thing official and…” he trailed off, and suddenly I felt his hand on my ass, giving it a light squeeze.


I quickly swatted his hand away with a sharp smack. “Touch my ass again, and I’ll cut your hand off…” I threatened as I began to walk back to our private dining room. I then shot him a smirk over my shoulder, “”


I pushed the door open and made my way back into our room. Scooter and Alfredo were just casually talking and laughing. “So, I found Justin,” I laughed.


Scooter's head shot up. “Where?” he asked. “Is he okay?”


I chuckled nervously. “Well, I mean…”


Before I could continue the door burst open again, and Justin strode in. He seemed a bit more stable than he had a minute ago; maybe he’s had a lot of practice pretending to be sober around his people.


“So,” he said loudly as he took the empty seat next to me. “you guys seal the deal with this hot ‘lil piece of ass yet?” he laughed, putting his arm around my shoulders and pulling me closer to him.


I’m glad that I’ve always been a pro at masking my emotions; Alfredo and Scooter, not so much. Scooter’s jaw practically fell to the floor, but no sound came out. Alfredo let out a loud, “Justin, dude!” clearly appalled at him.


And although I felt the hair on my arms stand up, prickling from the anger coursing through me, I just chuckled. I wasn’t sure I could take this anymore; it was just all too much. “You know what,” I said softly as I grabbed Justin’s hand draped over my shoulder. It took all of my willpower to not break it, but I managed. “I, um...I’m gonna go,” I said, smiling down at Scooter and Fredo, who suddenly looked disappointed. “This is just, um...a lot to process. And I, uh...I need time. So, uh...Scooter, it was nice meeting you,” I said as I offered my hand out to him. Although I could see the sadness and embarrassment in his eyes, he gave me a small smile as he shook my hand.


“Cassie, I’m really---” Scooter started, but I held my hand up to cut him off.


“It’s fine. Really. I just, um…” I was at a loss for words. No, it wasn’t fine. Obviously. But I wasn’t sure what else to say. “Yeah. Fredo, I’ll text you.” He gave me a nod, looking down at his lap. I glanced down at Justin as I turned around and began to walk away. He was staring up at me with his brows furrowed, his mouth slightly ajar. I didn’t give a single fuck. I walked out of the private room and down the stairs without a second glance back.   



Author's note: hey guys! so this chapter is super short and sucky, so i'm about to post chapter 5 in a few minutes! i'm also on Thanksgiving break and I'm not working a whole lot this week, so I'm hoping that I'll be able to write and post more frequently this week. I love you guys! <3

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