The Arrangement

Cassie Morris is an aspiring actress, though she struggles to land a successful role. After another failed audition, the role of a lifetime falls into her life. Does she seize the opportunity, finally achieve her lifelong dream even if it goes against every moral she's ever held herself to? Can she handle being attached at the hip to someone she despises?


8. A Date with Justin Bieber

I sat out on the back patio for a while after Justin left. I wasn't going to let him acting like an ass sour my mood. This is gonna be great, I told myself. You'll be famous in no time. You'll be getting 10k a month. You can finally move out of that crappy apartment and get your own place. With no roommate. Everything is going to be fine.


I watched the pool water move and ripple as I dangled my feet over the edge and kicked them around. I’d always wanted a pool, but never had the money for it. “Hey, Cassie?”


I glanced over my shoulder to see Alfredo standing behind me, looking down at me with concern. “Hey, what's up?”


“Uh, Karla is here and she's got some clothes for you to try on,” he said. “You ready?”


“Definitely,” I said, pulling my feet out of the water. He offered his hand down to me, and I gladly took it as he helped me stand up. With my shoes in my other hand, I followed Alfredo into the house.


 Almost immediately, I was bombarded with hugs and laughter. “Oh, hi!” the petite woman gushed as she hugged me tightly. I instinctively hugged her back, and noticed Scooter and Fredo chuckling behind her. I also noticed that Justin was nowhere to be seen. “I'm Karla, you must be Cassie,” she bubbled as she pulled back to look at me. “You have no idea how happy I am to see that Justin has found himself a nice girl!”


I glanced over her shoulder to see Scooter shaking his head sternly; she didn't know that this whole thing was arranged. “Aw, you're so sweet,” I gushed, putting my acting skills to good use. “I'm really sorry, I hate to put you to work like this at such short notice. The guys all wanted to go out to dinner, and I just don't have much to wear.”


She shook her head. “Oh, don't worry about it!” she took my hand and began to lead me upstairs. “I'm more than happy to help out a friend of Justin's,” she turned to give me a quick wink, and I suppressed a groan. “I had a few options at my place, I'm sure I have something in your size.” She led me up the stairs and into the guest bedroom that was directly next to Justin's. “Okay,” she said, dropping my hand and making her way over to a small clothing rack that she must have wheeled up the stairs. It was packed full of different dresses; cocktail dresses, evening gowns, silk slips...endless choices. “So this is what I had that Scooter said would probably fit right,” she said, running her hand down the clothing rack. “So just...try some stuff on, I'll be waiting outside whenever you're done.” She turned and scampered back out into the hallway, closing the door behind herself. 


I sighed as I cautiously approached the rack, slowly sliding the hangers around as I inspected each dress. I finally settled on a favorite and pulled it off the rack. It was a black off the shoulder cocktail dress with a plunging neckline. I quickly pulled my shorts and t-shirt off, then gently unzipped the back and stepped into it. I pulled the fabric slowly up my body, terrified I was going to rip it. “Hey, Karla?” I called out once I got the dress all the way on. I twisted and turned in front of the mirror, trying to see the dress from every angle.


“Ohhhh,” she squeaked as she came in, her hand over her mouth. “You look amazing,” she said, standing behind me in the mirror. “Now,” she said, her voice all seriousness. I braced myself, knowing the criticism was coming. “We obviously need to get you some different shoes, but I brought a few pairs, different sizes.” I nodded as I looked down at my sneakers; they definitely gave me an edgy look. “The other thing…” she trailed off as she pinched my bra strap between her fingers. “Personally, I would go without, but that's up to you.” I nodded again, pursing my lips in the mirror. She moved to dig around in a box of shoes against the wall, and I was alone in the mirror.


I groaned, deciding to take the bra off. I wanted to make a good impression, and it seemed trashy having the lacey white bra straps visible. I slipped my bra off under the dress and let it fall to the floor. “Can you zip me up, Karla?” I asked.


“Sure,” she said as she continued to dig through the shoes. “What size do you wear?”


“6 and a half,” I answered


After a moment, she stood up with a pair of black pumps, letting out a little “Aha!” as she approached me. She dropped the heels on the floor in front of me, then zipped up the dress in one fluid motion.


“You look so good,” she admired, taking a step back. I quickly stepped into the heels then turned to face her.


“Is there anything else I need?” I asked.


She pursed her lips as she looked me over. “I don't think so,” she finally said. “Your makeup is fine. Hair looks're good to go,” she said with an excited smile.


“Thank you so much,” I said as I pulled her into a hug. “I don't know what I would have done if Scooter hadn't called you,” I chuckled.


She laughed as she hooked her arm through mine, and we slowly made our way through the hallway. “Not a problem. How about this...I'll give you my number. Whenever you're free, let me know and we'll go shopping. We'll get you a whole new wardrobe.”


I sighed as we made our way down the stairs. “I don't have the money for a new wardrobe,” I told her honestly.


She glanced over at Justin below us, lounging on the couch, then leaned in closer to me. “Make Justin pay for it. He should be spoiling you.”


“I hadn't thought of that,” I whispered, catching the attention of Justin and Scooter as we burst into a fit of giggles.


I met Justin's eyes as we made it to the bottom of the staircase. I was caught off guard when I saw that smirk of his, nothing but adoration in his eyes. Then I remembered: Right. He's playing the role of loving boyfriend. “Cassie,” he said softly as he approached me. Karla dropped my arm as if on cue. “You look beautiful, baby,” he said as he put his hand on the small of my back, then pulled me into him as he kissed me on the cheek.


The blush that crept into my cheeks was completely real; I was taken aback at how well he was playing the part, a small part of me wanting to believe it was real. “Shut up,” I murmured, shoving him playfully, to which he laughed. He then pulled me closer, this time kissing my temple.


“Well, we should get going,” Scooter said abruptly as he stood up off the couch, “before these two kids start going at it right here.”


Justin chuckled and I blushed, this time not so real. The thought of that honestly made me want to throw up. “You'd like that wouldn't you?” Justin teased Scooter, who only responded with an eye roll.


“Why don't you kids go ahead and head to the restaurant? Alfredo's already there with everyone else,” he said. “I'm gonna help Karla get her stuff back in her car, and I'll meet you guys up there.”


“Alright, see you there,” Justin said as he threaded his fingers through mine and began pulling me towards the front door. “See you later, Karla,” he called out.


“Bye, Karla!” I called out with a wave, to which she waved back sweetly. “Thank you so much!” She continued to wave and giggle as Justin hauled me out the front door.


As soon as we were out the front door, Justin dropped my hand. I was first flooded with hurt. I hated that I had to keep reminding myself that none of this was real. We walked in silence as I followed him to the garage.


In that moment, as I watched his back side as he walked, the craziness of our situation dawned on me yet again. I was going out on a date with Justin Bieber. What the fuck was my life?



Author's Note: hey there! this chapter was kinda boring in my opinion, so i'll be posting chapter 9 in a few minutes! pleaseeeee leave me comments and tell me what you think! what you like, what you hate, something you'd change...i love the feedback so keep it coming! love you guys ♥

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