Solace ~ h.s.

If he weren't there... I don't know what would have happened.


52. ⪻ 52 ⪼


*H: Let me in!*

Giggling to myself whilst trying to maintain my ninja like movements, I saunter to the front door and open it for Harry. Waving him in, he presses a kiss to my lips before maneuvering himself, and the large balloons he’s holding, into the flat.

“Good morning.” I greet him in a whisper, closing the door behind him. “You’re just in time. I’m finishing up his breakfast.” Harry sets the balloon weights down on the table, letting the blue and green balloons float up near the ceiling, as I make my way back to Edward’s waffles.

“I got the confetti poppers as well.” Harry mentions, setting a reusable tote down on the table.


“It looks so clean in here!” Harry scans the front rooms with his eyes, his hands resting on his hips. If I wasn’t careful, I’d probably burn the waffles from staring too long at the attractive man in my kitchen. “What happened to all the paperwork and baking supplies?” He asks, walking up behind me and wrapping his arms around my waist whilst I continue to cook.

“Well, the baking supplies are in their new home and all the paperwork is with everything else, in the boxes.” Harry’s arms squeeze me tighter around the waist, leaving that familiar burning feeling wherever they touch.

“I can’t believe you agreed to move in with me.”

“I can’t believe you were worried I’d say no.”

A couple weeks ago, Harry and I were tiredly lying in my bed, trying our best to fight off sleep. He had just worked multiple days in a row and I was busy with the bakery planning, we hadn’t seen each other in what felt like forever. What little time we had nearing midnight that night was going to be cherished, though both of us were on the verge of sleep.

He was complaining about not seeing me enough and having to go home to an empty flat, when he’d rather come over and be with me and Edward. I jokingly mentioned him moving in so we wouldn’t have that problem. He said he’d rather Edward and I move in with him in his spacious, gorgeous flat, saying he’d been thinking about it for a while.

I agreed without any thought.

“I love you, but you have to let me go before I burn these waffles.” I mutter with a smile on my lips. Harry sighs and presses a kiss to the back of my head before untangling his arms from me.

“What are these?” Harry asks as I’m in the middle of plating Edward’s special breakfast. Glancing over my shoulders I see Harry looking at the only paperwork that’s been left out of the moving boxes.

“Those are CVs for the candidates. I start interviews on Monday.”

Just over a month ago, I had purchased the bakery and now I’m already working on hiring help to get me started. There was no way I’d be able to do everything on my own, especially with raising Edward… and Harry.

“How many candidates?”

“Only five, but that’s okay because I can only afford to hire two.” I tell him, putting the finishing touches on the breakfast.

“Are two enough? Because if you need more, I can -”

“Don’t finish that sentence.” I hush him, placing my finger to his lips to get him to stop talking. “For the millionth time, I’m not taking your money. I’m also helping pay rent once everything gets settled with the bakery in a few months time.”

He knows I’m a very independent person. I’m trying my best not to fall back into the routine I had when I was dating Taron. I didn’t want to be fully dependent on another person, ever again. I love Harry more than I ever loved Taron, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to let him handle everything.

“Wasn’t one of the reasons why you agreed to move in with me because you wouldn’t have to worry about rent. Love, I’ve got it handled.”

“And I told you that I’d be helping financial.”

“And I told you I can take care of you and Edward.” Smiling to myself, Harry wraps his arms around me again, pulling my front into his.

“If you won’t let me pay rent, at least let me buy food.” Harry thinks for a moment, that infamous smirk residing on his lips.

“Alright, deal.” And with that, we seal the deal with a kiss.

Wiggling out of Harry’s grasp, I go over to Edward’s breakfast and set it on the kitchen table. Handing Harry the balloons, I pick out the confetti poppers from the bag.Out from the corner of my eye, I see Harry eyeing the breakfast I’ve made Edward.

“Don’t touch, babe.” Harry pouts, giving me that adorable pouty look, but it won’t change my mind. “I made plenty for all of us, you just have to wait ten minutes.”

“Ten minutes!” Harry practically shouts, stomping his foot like a little kid.

“Shush, keep your voice down!” I scold, rolling my eyes and trying to refrain from laughing. With a tug at Harry’s shirt I pull Harry towards me to give him another kiss, just as his phone buzzes loudly.

“Who’s that?” I wonder as he digs the device out of his incredibly tight jeans. How he stands to wear those for so long is beyond me. Every time I wear skinnies, they’re off and the leggings are on as soon as possible, and Harry’s jeans are tighter than mine.

“My dad, he’s just making sure we’re still on for dinner at six-thirty. He says my step-mum is incredibly excited to meet you and Edward, and she wants to make sure that no one has any allergies.”

This afternoon, Harry, Edward, and myself are going to Liverpool. I’m going to meet his dad, stepmother, and one of his step siblings for the first time. As an added bonus, Gemma, Harry’s full-sibling, is going to be there as well. So we get to meet the entire family, and spend the entire weekend with them.

“Edward’s excited to have a family birthday party since I know he’s missing mum and dad.” I mutter, my eyes automatically flashing to the empty area where our last family photo taken had been sitting. It’s now sitting in a box somewhere, awaiting arrival at our new home. Clearing my throat, I place a smile on my lips and make a mental note to visit mum and dad once everything’s settled. “And I’m excited to meet your family, especially your sisters. I just hope they like me.”

“Don’t worry, love, they will.” I give Harry a peck on the lips before I’m tugging him towards Edward’s bedroom door. “Are you ready?” I ask, receiving a nod from Harry. “One… Two… Three!” In one swift motion, Harry yanks open Edward’s bedroom door and we both jump into the quiet room.

“Happy Birthday!” We both shout together, causing the small boy to shoot awake in bed, hands covering his ears to block out the sudden noise. Harry starts scream-singing Happy Birthday whilst I’m pulling the confetti poppers, releasing a mess that I’m going to have to clean up before we leave.

“Wake up sleepyhead!” I order, once all the confetti poppers have been popped. I crawl onto Edward’s bed and ruffle his hair in my hand. He’s trying to bury his face into his pillow, but I can see the grin on his lips.

“Your sister made you waffles, Edward. You have to get up so we can eat them!” Harry exclaims; we all know deep down Harry’s just in dire need of eating. Rolling my eyes, I pull Edward from his pillow and place his body on my lap. He’s still not 100% awake, but he’s getting there, especially with all of our yelling.

“Happy birthday, baby. You’re six years old; you’re so old!” I begin pressing kisses to the back of his head, making him squirm away from my touch.

“I’m too old for kisses!”

“Take that back!” I fain hurt, gasping and pouting my lips. Edward just chuckles. “Okay, do you want your waffles here in bed or in the lounge where you can watch the telly?”

“The lounge!”

I usually don’t allow Edward to watch television whilst we’re eating. My excuse is that it gives us time to actually sit and have a real conversation together. But there are occasions where we don’t follow the rules.

“To the lounge!”

And with that Edward is hoping off my lap and onto Harry’s back, and before I know it they’re running out of the room shouting for waffles.


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