Solace ~ h.s.

If he weren't there... I don't know what would have happened.


50. ⪻ 50 ⪼


2 Months Later.

It's been a long two months since the charity ball; Harry and I have grown closer than could be imagined. Most nights when he's not on duty he's sleeping over at my flat, and when he isn't with me I feel like part of me is missing. I like falling asleep in his arms and waking up to kisses being pressed to every inch of visible skin on my body. We're still taking things slow, but it works for Harry and I.

Edward, on the other hand, will have his sixth birthday in a months time and has started Year two of school. He quite enjoys school now, especially because he has class with his best friend, Chloe, CHarlotte's daughter. It's been six months since the accident and he's been doing better, we both have.

As for myself, Anne was able to set me up with a couple more catering gigs and from there Charlotte hired me to do the desserts for her son's birthday and a couple other gatherings she held. It's been quite fun and, of course, it's nice to make an income doing something I love. That being said, I've kept something from Harry for the last week that I've been dying to show him. Tonight just so happens to be the night that he's free enough for me to show him.

As long as he isn't sleeping.

My fist makes contact with the wood of his front door, I listen carefully for any signs of movement on the other side. He had work until this morning and I've let him sleep until now, but it's time for a date.

"Belle?" Harry mutters, rubbing his eyes to rid himself of sleep as he opens the door, "what are you doing here?" He asks, holding the door open wide enough for me to slip on through, but not without a kiss first.

"I'm taking you on a date." I tell him, patting his chest as I enter his flat and walk into the lounge. His house is a tad bit dirty, but according to our synced calendars, his cleaner doesn't come until tomorrow.

"Oh you are, are you?"

"I am."

"Where are we going?" Harry asks, coming up behind me and lifting me off the ground for a brief second.

"Can't tell you, it'd ruin the surprise." I tell Harry as he sets me down.

"Where's Edward this evening?"

"With your mother." I answer, pressing a kiss to his lips.

Anne was kind enough to take Edward off my hands for the evening, even offering to watch him for the weekend so Harry and I can have some alone time, since Harry doesn't have work for once. I'm excited; Harry and I haven't had a full weekend to ourselves since Scotland. It'll be like a little staycation, full of cuddling, film watching, snack eating, and relaxation.

"For the entire weekend." I add through kisses. Harry hums excitedly and continues to love on me. "Now enough with all the questions and stalling, get your cute arse dressed." I say, patting Harry's bum as I push him towards his bedroom. He peeks over his shoulder and looks at me with a sly smirk.

"You think I have a cute arse?"

"Don't flatter yourself." I warn him, following him to his bedroom. I stop at his doorway and lean against the framing, watching Harry's figure rummage through his wardrobe for some clean clothes.

"You think my ass is cute!" Harry sings to himself in that sultry voice that I just can't get enough of.

"Shush you, get dressed." I order in my best maternal voice. I've gotten better at bossing people around ever since Edward's been living with me, and only me. I used to let most things slide, but not anymore.

"What are you going to do about it if I don't?" Harry asks me as he tugs his shirt over his head and throws it to the floor, his hands going straight to where his scrub bottoms hang low on his hips.

"You don't want to know."

"Mmm, I think I do." Rolling my eyes, I laugh at Harry and look away when he drops his scrub bottoms, leaving him standing in a pair of dark grey Calvins.

"Put some clothes on. I'm timing you." I tell him as I push myself off the doorframe and pull his bedroom door closed.

A short time later, after I've started to tidy up the lounge of random blankets and pillows lying on the floor, Harry comes strutting out of his room. He's dressed in ripped, blue skinny jeans, a white-tee, and a pair of his signature boots. It's a shock to see him in trousers other than scrubs and black skinnies.

"How'd I do?"

"A minute-thirty." I respond. Harry gives me a thumbs up and goes towards his kitchen to grab something out of the fridge.

"Not bad, but I bet you probably wish you were in there with me." Harry says with a wiggling of his brows as he pulls a bottle of water out of his fridge.

"Someone's feeling flirty tonight." I point out, watching Harry drink his water.

"Only because you're reciprocating and I've not seen you in so long!" He announces, rushing over to me to capture me in his arms again.

Honestly, it's not been that long since we saw each other. But we got used to seeing each other daily, that a few days apart really took a toll on us. He's just been busy with long shifts and multiple days in a row of working.

"Three days, it's only been three days." I remind him as I give him a tight squeeze. Only three days we've been apart, but you'd be amazed at how much I've missed him.

"Haven't you missed me?"

"That's a ridiculous question; of course I've missed you! That being said -" I begin as I reach into my handbag and pull out a sleep mask that I find myself wearing on nights I can't sleep, "put this on so we can go." Harry takes the mask from me and wiggles his eyebrows at me like the cheeky man he is.

"A blindfold, how kinky."

"You're so cheeky today!" I exclaim, laughing at the man as I walk over to his keys that sit atop the kitchen counter. Just before I grab them, Harry snatches them away. "Just put the blindfold on and let me have your keys." With a couple seconds of silence between us, where we simply eye each other, Harry finally hands his keys over.

"Demanding, that's hot." Groaning, I point towards the door and roll my eyes.

"Just go and get in the car."

After several minutes of Harry arguing with me about him not being in the loop of our date location, we finally were in the car. Harry's head adorned the blindfold and he continuously asked questions about our destination. All questions were answered with either silence, a hum, or a flat out "I'm not telling you".

It didn't take long to arrive at the place I've spent the better part of the last three days at. The location of this place was a bonus with it being so close to both Harry's flat and my flat. Even Harry was shocked at how fast it took us to get here, though he doesn't know where here is. To say he was guessing the location like a fool would be an understatement.

"Stay in the car and I'll help you out. I don't want you falling." As Harry protests my words, I shut my door and 'round the car to the passenger seat. He's pouting when I open his door.

"How'd you like driving my car?" He asks as I help him safely onto the pavement.

"Loved it, thinking about stealing it." Harry laughs loudly, his laughter echoing throughout the semi quiet street. Another bonus of the location, it was busy, but not too entirely busy that it would be loud.

"If it ever goes missing, I'll know where to find it." He tells me.

It's actually quite funny because for our three month anniversary of dating, yes he does like to celebrate those milestones, he gave me the extra set of keys to his Range Rover. He told me if he was ever at work or I simply just wanted to borrow it when he wasn't using it, I could. The simple gesture was quite sweet. The car keys came on a keychain with his flat key as well, welcoming me to stop by at anytime.

"Say, are we there yet?" Harry asks, drawing me out of my day dreaming of how kind and generous Harry is.

"Am I ever this impatient with you?" I ask, moving Harry to the perfect position so he can see the surprise location in a good way.

"'Spose not, but I'm a curious man, can't help it."

"We're practically here."

"Am I going to like this surprise?" He asks me, causing me to roll my eyes. I've not found one date location that Harry's disliked. He even liked going to the ballet after I suggested it.

"I think so. If you like me, you'll like the surprise."

"Well, I lo-" My eyes widen as Harry falls into a raging coughing fit. With his vision cut from the world he doesn't see me grinning like a fool to myself and blushing.

He thinks he's sly with his fake coughing fit, but I think I know exactly what he was going to say.

"What was that?" I ask him, feeling my heart flutter in my chest.

We've been dating for four months, so it's only natural that'd we'd get to the I love you stage sooner or later. I'm not scared of this stage, surprisingly. Harry is a great man and I think I've loved him since I met him and got to know him properly. I'm not scared that someone loves me and that I love someone. I'm not scared because I know he won't break my heart like the last one did.

But I won't say anything until he does, or until I can't hold it in anymore.

"Nevermind." He mutters, moving his head around as if to look in a different direction.

"Alright. We're here."

"Can I take this off?" Harry asks, pointing blindly to the blindfold over his eyes.

"Not yet." Harry huffs. "I'm just kidding. Take it off."

"My clothes?"

"Harry!" I laugh, causing him to laugh until we're both cackling loudly on a high street in Manchester.

After we both recover, Harry rips of the sleep mask and blinks a couple times to adjust his vision to the location before us. Biting my lip, I stare over at Harry's face, reading his reaction to the place. He looks at the place intently, before glancing down at me, and then confusingly looking at the location again.

"Belle, why're we outside an empty storefront?"


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