Solace ~ h.s.

If he weren't there... I don't know what would have happened.


42. ⪻ 42 ⪼


After a hour, or so, flight to our layover stop in Amsterdam and another hour, or so, flight back into the United Kingdom, Harry and I arrived in the picturesque Inverness, Scotland. The moment we stepped out of the airport, we were greeted by a crisp, cool breeze of fresh air. Living in a city like Manchester allows for one to breathe in fresh air better than a person living in New York City, but it’s nothing compared to Inverness.

“It’s beautiful here.” I answer as my eyes wander outside of the taxi we’re sitting in. Harry hums in response, throwing his arm over my shoulders to bring me closer to him.

“Yeah, it is.” Looking to Harry from the window, I see him staring at me rather than the views outside our taxi. I nudge him lightly with my elbow, rolling my eyes playfully.

“Stop being cute.”

“Can’t help it, love.” Harry admits, leaning over to press a chaste kiss to the side of my tired face.

Waking before five in the morning takes a toll on someone who doesn’t necessarily enjoy mornings. But I’d wake everyday before five in the morning if it meant spending this much alone time with Harry. I can’t ever get enough of him.

“What do you want to do today?” Harry asks after a beat of silence.

It’s Friday, nearing one in the afternoon, and our flight back home leaves Sunday night, giving us plenty of time to not only meet my family but do a little exploring as well. Whilst normally I’d jump at the opportunity to meet my birth parents right away, today I’m willing to wait until tomorrow.

“I want to settle in first, maybe do a little bit of sightseeing. If meeting my parents doesn’t go well, then the entire trip won’t be a bust.” I suggest to Harry, having already thought this over on the plane ride here, between dozing off out of exhaustion.

“Then a day of being a tourist you shall have.” I laugh at the bizarre posh accent Harry’s serving me and lean against him whilst looking back out of the window. “Let’s just stop at the hotel, grab something to eat, and then we’ll explore away.”

“That sounds amazing.”

Harry and I made it to our very modern hotel that he had booked for us to stay at, dropping our things off in our room. It took about twenty minutes for us to freshen up before we made our way to a pub that the hotel staff suggested we try for lunch.

The food was delicious, as promised, and everything in the pub just felt so Northern Scotland. It was an odd feeling, feeling at home almost; everyone we encountered was friendly. With a question of where we should go next, we were directed to the shoreline for a peaceful walk around the edge of Inverness.

“It’s so peaceful and quiet here.” Breaking our silence, I share my thoughts on Inverness. Whilst it’s a little lacking in what I’m looking for in a place to live, it’s a wonderful holiday spot for a couple looking for a place to breathe and remain at peace. “It’s refreshing.”

Since landing, I haven’t heard one vehicle horn, sounding with annoyance at someone else. I haven’t witnessed any drunken, shouting men after a couple drinks at a pub. It’s just so quiet, so quiet that it’s almost deafening.

“I know. I feel like I can breathe better, like it’s cleaner.” Harry answers, giving our joined hands a squeeze.

“I really like it here.” I admit as I pull Harry towards a lonely bench near the water line.

The two of us take a seat and stare out at the water before us, squinting hard to see if we could spot any wildlife. The pub goers mentioned that we might be able to do some dolphin or whale watching from this spot; surely they meant with binoculars because with the wind and cloudy sky it’s hard to tell.

“If all goes well with your parents, would you ever consider moving here to be closer to them?” Harry’s tone is hesitant when he asks and I can only imagine what he’s thinking in a moment like now.

Honestly, I hadn’t given any thought to moving to be closer to my birth parents, good relationship or not. I have my life in Manchester with Edward, I have my relationship with Harry in Manchester, but would family overrule all of that.

“I don’t know.”

“Oh.” Is all Harry says in response. Apparently that’s not what he wanted to hear, as he’s now slightly pouting whilst looking out to sea.

“I don’t think there would be much for Edward and I here. I’m my own person and just because my parents live here, doesn’t mean I have to. I mean do you still live with your mother?”

“No, but I live pretty close to her.”

“But you’ve also known her since you were born. I haven’t seen my birth parents sent I was like two weeks old. Plus, everything I’ve ever known has been in and around Manchester.” I admit, peering over at Harry to see a crack of a smile trying not to break free on his lips. “You look relieved.”

“As selfish as it may be, I am relieved.” He honestly admits, his voice soft of hard to hear over the howling wind against the waterline. Catching a shiver from the breeze, I scoot closer to Harry and snuggle into his side.

“Why so?” With a smile on his lips, Harry throws his arm around my shoulders and gazes down at me with those big green eyes I adore.

“Because things would get complicated with my girlfriend living so far away, and I’d miss her a little too much.”

My heart skips a beat at his words. We’ve been exclusive with each other since before we were even together, so me being his official girlfriend is no different from what we already were in the past. I was the one who wanted to take things slow, and I still do, but it is about dåmn time. And though I should be swooning more so over the fact that he’s just called me his girlfriend, I actually find myself laughing happily at the way he’s just slipped that in.


“Smooth? That’s all you’ve got to say in response to that?” I continue to laugh as I lean up against Harry, pressing a kiss to his slightly stubbled cheek.

“We’ve been dating for nearly two months, and we’ve known each for about three, you should know how awkward I am by now.” I joke, sending another kiss Harry’s way, which only doubles the size of the smile on his lips. “Besides, I feel like we’ve been boyfriend and girlfriend for a while now.”

With everything Harry’s done for not only myself but Edward too, it seems like our relationship is stronger than the average young adult romance. We’ve been through so much, which is why it’s felt we’ve been official even when we weren’t.

“I figured I should make it official.”

“Well, I’m glad you did.” I admit, letting us fall back into a comfortable silence. With a deep breath I stand to my feet, wanting to continue our perfect day to one of the many original castles around the area before nightfall.

“And Harry?” I call over my shoulder once I’m a few steps away from him.

“Yeah?” He wonders, running up behind me to wrap his arms around my waist and pick me up off the ground playfully. He twirls me around causing me to laugh aloud, before setting me back on my feet.

“I’d miss you far too much to move here, let alone ten minutes outside of Manchester.”


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