Solace ~ h.s.

If he weren't there... I don't know what would have happened.


28. ⪻ 28 ⪼


There had never been so much silence between Harry and I since meeting, and it was scaring me to death. I didn’t know what to say to him on account of what had occurred, and he didn’t know what to say to me.

I couldn’t believe how such a great day had taken such a 180 degree turn in a matter of minutes.

As soon as Harry turned to look back at me, he had seen the tears that he had caused and was on his feet with Edward in seconds. Taron had called me a name I’d rather not repeat before he buggered off, leaving the three of us standing together. Harry’s fist were relaxed at his sides, blood smeared across his battered knuckles. Edward stood at his side, looking between the two of us before fixing his eyes on Harry’s hands.

Edward had said something to Harry, but my ears didn’t seem to be working. The world around just felt muffled, like someone were holding their hands over my ears firmly.

When Harry took a step towards me, my body reacted before my head did - by taking a step backwards.

Pain and hurt had flashed behind Harry’s eyes at my actions and it nearly broke my heart, though I didn’t mean to. We had decided it was best to leave town and give up the rest of our day; go home.

Nothing was said in the car, or on the way up to the flat, or even now that we’ve stepped through the threshold of our home. The three of us stood frozen in the entryway of the flat, just avoiding eye contact with each other.

“Annie -”

“Edward, please go to your room.” My voice is but a whisper as I direct the boy to his room, interrupting the boy. He’s been surprisingly quiet, though I thought he’d be asking a million and one questions.

“But I’m hungry.” He lightly complains.

He’s hungry, as he should be from bouncing and running off his breakfast and lunch from hours ago and us never making it to dinner. I nod my head at him, taking a deep breath as I hope there’s something in the cabinets to make for dinner.

“I know; I’ll make you dinner.” I promise, pushing him off into the direction of his room.

It’s inevitable that Harry and I have to talk and I really don’t want to have this conversation in front of Edward.

“Why was Harry hitting Taron?” Edward asks me slightly above a whisper as I walk him down the hall towards his room. I can hear the kitchen sink running, signalling that Harry’s out of earshot and probably washing his bloodied hands, finally.

It’s tough trying to come up with something to tell Edward about what had happened, especially after I told him violence is never the answer to any of our problems. I can’t very well tell him the truth behind the fight either.

“I’ll tell you later, okay?” Edward nods his head and strolls in his room, closing the door softly behind him.

With carefully quiet steps, I walk into the kitchen to see Harry’s broad back at the sink. I can tell by the way his back rises and falls with each breath that he’s stressed out about what had happened. My backing away from him surely hadn’t helped the matter either. He probably thinks I’m scared of him.

Not knowing what to say to him, I enter the kitchen and begin taking out a few ingredients from the cabinets and refrigerator, homemade macaroni and cheese it’ll be. Whilst I move about, the sink shuts off and I can suddenly feel Harry’s eyes on me. I do my best to ignore them as I come up with something to say to him.

“Are you mad at me?” His voice echoes throughout the silence of the flat, causing me to wince slightly.

“No,” I say, before sighing heavily and hanging my head, “I don’t know.” I mutter, rubbing my temples before leaning back against the counter, purposefully avoiding eye contact with him. I don’t think I can look at his face without breaking down in tears again. “I’ve wanted to hit him for a long time, but you went a tad overboard.” Harry hums in response to what I say as I nervously fiddle with my fingers.

Everytime I close my eyes all I see is Harry’s fist colliding with Taron’s face, and Taron’s legs kicking at Harry.

“Are you scared of me?” His voice sounds so heartbreaking, a tiny crack of his voice, and my heart, resonating throughout the room at the word scared.

Without a word, I stride over to where he’s standing, wrapping my arms around him tightly and hugging him to me. He seems frozen at first, as if I’d never want to touch him again, but relaxes into the embrace by wrapping his arms around me as well. I inhale his cologne, trying hard to distract the erratic beating of his and my heart.

“I’m not scared of you.” I assure him, nuzzling my face into his chest as his hand comes to caress the back of my head softly. I feel his lips press to the top of my head, but I can still feel the frown on them.

“I saw your face after, you even backed away from me.”

“I was shaken up and my body reacted before my head did; I guess in the moment I was scared.” From around me I feel, Harry’s grip on my falter. “But, I was scared not because of you, but for many other reasons.” I promise him, keeping my arms firmly in place.

I don’t think he could ever scare me.

“What were you scared of?”

“I was scared Taron would get the upper hand of the fight and you’d get hurt.” I admit, picturing Taron flipping Harry onto the ground before beating him mercilessly. The image creating a shiver that runs cold within me. I don’t know what I’d do if Harry had been the one getting beaten harshly. “I was scared you wouldn’t stop and you’d jeopardize your career and name.” I could only fear what would have happened if someone had called the police and the authorities got involved. “And I was scared that if you went too far, Taron would retaliate and he’d…”

I don’t think Taron would ever physically hurt me, he had never in the past, but I guess I never really knew Taron all that well. When I first met him, I never thought we’d yell and scream at each other over something so petty as me coming home late from work. I never thought he’d raise his voice at me over the fact that I chose to wear something slightly sexy to a company party of his. I never thought he’d cheat of me with our friend.

“He’d what, Belle?” Harry’s protective side is back on as his grip has tightened around me. “Has he ever hurt you?”

I pull my face from his chest, feeling the moisture on my cheeks as I meet Harry’s green eyes. He looks down at me, his eyes scanning my face for any tell of what I’d say next. I can see the fear in his eyes if I were to answer with a yes, but I can also see anger.

“Never physically. We fought a lot near the end, but he never touched me.”

“Then what are you scared he’d do?” Harry asks with caution, running his thumbs underneath my eyes to capture the tears that have fell.

Honestly, I don’t actually know what I was scared for. Taron doesn’t have the backbone to do anything about it. He doesn’t know that I live in the city again, he doesn’t know anything about my life now.

“I don’t know. My head’s just kind of a jumbled mess right now.” I admit, pulling away from Harry to carry on making dinner.

A few moments go by between the two of us, where I fill a pot with water and Harry hovers around me like a ghost.

“Yet another date ruined by me.” His voice again echoes throughout the silence, sadness laced between the words as he leans back against the countertop I’m working on.

“Don’t say that.” I scold him, bringing the pot of water to the range to bring some water to boil. He’s too hard on himself. “Taron provoked you; Taron ruined the date.” I tell him the way I see what had happened. “Was today really a date though, Edward was with us?”

“I think it was.” He answers, the corners of his plump lips rising into a smile which causes a smile to radiate on my lips as well.

My back turns to his to grab something I forgot out of a cabinet when a pair of arms snake around my waist, pulling my back to his front. My smile only grows wider as his fingers brush my hair to one side of my neck before his lips make contact with my skin.

“Is this your way of apologizing?” I question, feeling his kisses pepper against my neck as I try not to squirm about too much.

It’s been too long since I’ve been kissed like this.

“I’m not apologizing for what happened, he deserved it.” Harry answers, his words vibrating off the skin of my neck, causing me to hum in response.

“You’re distracting me from what I need to do.” Harry simply hums in response to me, nibbling playfully against my skin. I laugh at him and, though I’d rather him stay, I push him off of me to turn around and address him. “I have to make dinner.”

“Order something.”

“I’m capable of cooking.”

“I know you are.” Harry says to me as he turns off the range burner before coming back over to me. “You should relax.” He softly turns me around on my heels and places his hands on my shoulders, beginning to massage them gently.

“And by relax, you just want to kiss and cuddle.” I hear Harry laugh behind me.

“That’s exactly what I want.”

There’s nothing I’d rather do than curl up on the sofa with Harry and snog him a bit. We’ve never had a typical night in that’s not interrupted by a phone call or, I hate to say it, my brother. I’m tempted to give in, right there and then, but there’s other things that I have to do first.

“I have to talk to Edward.” I say, releasing a loud sigh as I turn around in Harry’s arms to face him. “He’s confused about earlier.” I look up into his green irises to see all the playfulness gone and the sadness return to them.

His emotions almost change the colour of his irises completely. When he’s happy and cheery, they’re almost such a vibrant green. When he’s sad, they’re almost a dark forest green. And when he’s angry or lustful, they’re even darker.

“Do you want me to talk to him?” He hesitantly asks. The man is excellent with talking with patients who have to have their brains operated on, but when he’s faced with talking to a five year old about his actions: he’s nervous.

“No, you order the food, I’ll handle Edward.”

“Fine, but after Edward is asleep…” His voice has dropped nearly an octave lower whilst his steps bring him incredibly close to my body. My heart begins to erratically beat in my chest, nearly having a heart attack over the possibility of his next words.

Am I ready to take our relationship to that next level?

“...It’s you, me, the sofa, and a film.” A breath of air that I hadn’t realized I was holding in is immediately released.Harry narrows his eyes at me and smirks. “What did you think I was going to say?” With my eyes a bit wide, I back out of his embrace slowly, feeling my cheeks blush.


“Oh really?”

“Yep, really.” I shout over my shoulder as I’m out of sight. “Call for food!”

That was a close one.


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