Solace ~ h.s.

If he weren't there... I don't know what would have happened.


18. ⪻ 18 ⪼


I don’t really remember exactly how I arrived home the night after my first date with Harry. I remember it being like I was walking on clouds, but the journey from the restaurant to my flat was pretty much unmemorable. My head just kept playing the date over and over in my head.

I fall victim to over-excitement after a first date, always have. My brain takes over and just hypes the whole journey up until I’m smiling from ear to ear. That date was no different, but perhaps more excitable. I honestly don’t ever remember feeling that high off of life.

My happiness only surged farther when I returned home to find Edward and Niall cuddled up together on the sofa with the telly on. The scene had brought a smile to my lips, the boy I’ve loved for over five years warming my heart.

Thankfully, Niall had worked his magic pediatrician wonders, getting Edward to open up slightly. After accidentally making my brother cry from saying something along the lines of, your sister thinks you hate her, Niall said that they talked for over an hour, working through it. Whilst it isn’t a quick fix, I have noticed a slight change in his attitude and a few more smiles.

Anywho, after two days I’m still on cloud nine. From Edward’s slightly more pleasant attitude and the aftermath of a wonderful date with Harry, the smile on my lips barely falters. Even today with my blaring alarm and a nervous feeling in my stomach for the day to come.

Edward starts his new school today, only having a little over a month left of Year One. He’s been quiet towards the subject of starting at a new primary school, but with the bribery of a new rucksack he’s be extra quiet. I’m a bit scared for him. I know making new friends isn’t easy at such a young age and I pray that the other kids don’t bully him or something.

My nerves for the boy peaked dramatically upon waking him up after getting myself ready for the day. He moaned and groaned and after nearly five minutes of standing at the side of his bed he seemed to be getting up.

“What do you want for breakfast?” I ask him as I stand by the door with a tired expression on my face, mimicking that of the child across the room.

“I don’t know.” He answers in short. I purse my lips together before digging through his wardrobe and handing him the clothes we, or I, had decided on last night. Really there wasn’t much deciding as it’s a uniform he’s to wear.

“Alright, I’ll figure something out. Get dressed, buddy.” Without a word of acknowledgement from Edward, I left the room and headed towards our small kitchen to prepare breakfast for the two of us.

Making breakfast for the family was sort of my job when we were all together. After the break up, I had many sleepless nights and baking and cooking were great pastimes for me. I dedicated my early mornings to preparing coffee for my father before work, muffins for my mother before her chores of the day, and then something extra sweet for the young boy. Now, baking breakfast seems more of a chore than it is fun.

Before I have time to do much preparing, there’s knock at the front door, causing me to nearly jump out of my skin. We don’t have many guests at a normal hour of the day, let alone eight in the morning.

Who in the world could that be?

I walk to the door, peeking through the peephole in the wood. A smile is immediately plastered on my face and I find myself having to fight the grin off. I don’t want to seem too eager to see such a pleasant person, especially this early in the morning.

“Harry, what are you doing here?” I ask with a small smile upon my lips. Harry grins wide, holding up a cup holder, of what smells to be coffee and tea, and a brown sack. Despite the bright smile, he appears to be quite exhausted and his scrubs of dark blue are wrinkled.

“I thought I’d bring Edward a special breakfast for his first day at a new school. Oh, and I brought breakfast for you too.” I giggle lightly and move out the way for him to enter.

Harry saunters into the flat like he owns the place and sets the treats onto the small kitchen table situated at the edge of the kitchen and lounge. As I stand behind the man, and out of eyesight, I find myself trying hard not to smile too widely.

I would be lying if I said I hadn’t been thinking a lot of Harry in the two days it’s been since our first date. We had spoken over the phone once and messaged each other numerous times, but seeing him in person is like something inside of me has been turned on again.

“Coffee, m’lady.” The cheeky man says, holding a steaming cup out for me as he slightly bows. With a schoolgirl like giggle I take the cup from him and gain the courage to plant a quick peck to his cheek in thanks.

I’d also being lying if I said my lips didn’t burn red hot at my gesture.

“Thank you, Harry.”

Being the gentleman he is, Harry pulls out a chair for me and pushes it in for me once I’ve sat down. He begins to prepare what he’s brought for Edward and I as we lightly chat.

“How was work?”

“Eh,” He answers with a shrug, “Long and extremely tiring. To be honest the only thing keeping me awake right now is sheer will and loads and loads of black coffee.”

“Did you save many, many lives?” Harry chuckles, placing an extremely large chocolate chip muffin down in front of me.

“So many lives.” He counters, causing the both of us to laugh. “Now, I’m sure these cafe-bought muffins are nothing to your homemade muffins, but they’ll do. Please, enjoy.” I open my mouth to thank him again, but am interrupted by Edward huffing and puffing as he exits his room.

He’s struggling to tie the tie of his school uniform, a scowl set on his lips as he does so. My heart picks up speed a bit thinking about having to help him with such a task. I myself am horrible at tying ties; dad was the one who would tie his tie for Edward in the mornings.

“Morning bud!” Harry announces, startling Edward slightly with the volume of his voice. Surprisingly, Edward’s scowl fades away and a quick smile forms, before it too is gone.

“Morning. Annie, will you help me?” I gulp and nod my head, motioning for him to come over to me.

However, Harry stops him before he gets to me. The tall man kneels before Edward and begins helping the boy with his tie, making small talk whilst doing so.He also begins teaching him the basics as I watch on, quietly snacking on my breakfast.

“Ready for school?” Harry asks, my attention solely on their interaction, though I try not to act like I’m eavesdropping.

“I guess.”

“You only guess? You don’t know for sure?” Harry’s voice thankfully brings a small smile to Edward’s lips and for that I’m happy.

“Nope.” And then he’s back to his one word answers for everything.

I stand to my feet, admiring Harry’s work on Edward’s tie, before motioning him to the table.

“Come on; Harry brought breakfast for us.” Edward slithers out of my grip and into his chair at the table whilst I turn to the kitchen to get him something to drink.

I’m left to myself for a short period of time before Harry is back by my side. He leans back against the counter, his arms folded over his chest as he watches Edward eat in silence.

“You okay?” I nod my head and hand Edward over his juice. Harry doesn’t seem to believe me, narrowing his eyes slightly. I roll my eyes back at him and shake my head.

“I’m fine, Harry. I’m just a wee bit tired.”

“Really?” Normally, I’m fine is the cue for a person to change the subject and move right along, but for Harry he knows the meaning behind the short phrase. He says it’s because he grew up around loads of women.

Standing tall to my feet, I motion for Harry to follow me back towards my bedroom, hoping to get out of ear-reach of Edward. The truth is, I am tired, but I’m also a worrying fool when it comes to my little brother. There are things that even before our parents died I would worry about Edward. Now that they’re gone, my worries have skyrocketed.

“What’s wrong? Are you okay?” Harry asks, kind of frantically, as I fall to sit on top of my messy bed.

I still haven’t gotten the hang of the whole making my bed every morning. What’s the point?

“Of course I’m okay. I’m just worried about Edward.” I mutter, biting the inside of my cheek whilst I stare throughout my messy room.

There are opened and unopened boxes sprawled throughout, not to mention a random bra lying near my feet. My eyes flash to Harry, hoping he’s not seen the unmentionable at my feet. Unfortunately for me, his eyes follow where my eyes go, so they’re staring right at it with me.

“Sorry.” I kick the bra beneath my bed embarrassingly. Harry chuckles to himself lightly, bringing a light smile to my lips.

“Edward’s a great kid. He’ll do great today.”

“What if one of the other kids tease him? In the past, he’d brush things off, but now?” My shaking hands come up to wrap a loose strand of hair around my ear. After it’s finished fixing my hair, Harry grabs a hold of my hand, giving it a squeeze.

“He’ll be fine. You shouldn’t worry.” I nod my head, just staring down at our joined hands.

“I know, I suppose I’m just on edge.”

“Relax, Belle.” His voice is just above a whisper, the gravelly undertone sending shivers down my spine. Just two simple words and he’s got me under his spell; my heart undoubtedly calming down upon his request. “The headmaster and teachers are aware of the reason behind the move. I’m sure they’ll keep an eye on him and you’ll be the first to know to anything were to happen.”

“You’re right.” Nodding, I take a deep breath and relax into Harry’s side. My eyes fall closed in a semi-relaxed state, the only sound around us our gentle breaths being released into the air.

“How about I drive us to drop Edward off and then I take you to work?”

On a normal day, my plan for morning routines to work and school was a bit of a mess. We don’t own a vehicle anymore, only having rented one to get to Manchester during the move. Edward and I would have to either walk the nearly one kilometer or take the bus to his new school. From there, then I would have to walk myself to work.

“Are you sure? You need to go home and rest. You just got off a nearly fifty hour shift.” Rather than falling victim to sleep right then and there, Harry shrugs his shoulder with a shake of his head.

“I had a nap between patients earlier, I’m good for another hour or two.”

“If you insist.”

“I do.”


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