Solace ~ h.s.

If he weren't there... I don't know what would have happened.


4. ⪻ 04 ⪼


Sleeping has always been my escape and my favourite time of the day; right after making my family breakfast.

Sleeping doesn't require human interaction whatsoever, which is great for an introvert. Once sleep takes over, it doesn't matter what stresses occurred that day, everything just relaxes. And in my dreamstate I can do whatever, or whomever, I please.

Thinking sleep is the answer to all my problems like it had been in the past, I assumed that tonight would be no different. But I was wrong, so far from right I wasn't even on the same spectrum.

Sleep betrayed me, betrayed me like the F-ing C-biscuit that is my ex. My dreams evaded at all costs and only nightmares pulled through, despite my efforts to push them away.

The car accident played on repeat in my head, from the screaming to the water seeping through. I saw my parents lifeless bodies floating in their seats with blood all around, mixing with the nearly clear blue water. I heard Edward's cries of pain and fear, the sound ringing my ears until everything was too much to take.

So it was no surprise to me when I was being shaken awake to free myself from the horrid pictures.

"Annabelle." The deep voice calls time and time again, my body shaking with the force of his hands on me. After hearing my name a few times, my eyes finally were able to spring open and be met with the green irises of my doctor's eyes.

Immediately, I pushed him out the way, trying to sit up but losing the battle when a sharp pain spread throughout my entire torso.

"Take it easy, Annabelle. Calm down, you're alright."

Surprisingly, his words actually soothe the demons in my head and before long I'm able to take a breath without cursing in horrendous pain.

"I'm so sorry; I was having a nightmare." Dr. styles, Harry, or whatever I should call him, gives me an apologetic look, causing me to internally grunt.

I hate that look, always have. I've seen it far too much in the last few months of my life.

Your boyfriend cheats on you a couple times and all of a sudden the only looks you get are out of pity.

"Do you want to talk about it?"

I debate the question for a bit.

I'm really the type of girl that keeps everything in until it comes bubbling out and I'm lying on the floor having a meltdown. Unfortunately, I don't think in this instance that method will prove to be effective.

"The crash." I simply whisper, the words having troubles leaking from my chapped lips.

Admittance is the first step to recovery.

"I'm sorry." The doctor says, reaching for the remote that controls my bed. He motions to it silently and I give him the go ahead to sit me up.

"It's not your fault."

"No, I'm not sorry for that, well I am, I am sorry. I need to apologize for my attitude last night, or this morning actually. I was being too harsh on you and, well, I'm very sorry." I nod, not knowing what to say, my mind still coming down from the terrors.

Was I angry at him last night for trying to keep me from Edward? Of course. But was I angry at him for wanting what's best for me? I could never.

"I understand, you were just doing your job."

"Not entirely." He admits, ducking his head down until his loose ringlets of locks falls over his eyes. In a swift motion he brushes a hand through his hair and pushes it back atop his head. "As a doctor, we're taught to not get attached to our patients. We are to stay professional and only interact with the patient when it comes to our duties. This entire situation at hand has been bonkers." I lightly chuckle, shaking my head slowly.

"You can say that again."

"Last night was a first for me in my five years of being a doctor in this hospital. I was just driving by and I saw the entire thing. Helping is the first instinct for any doctor, so immediately I got out of my car and ran to the edge of the bridge. I didn't even hesitate before shouting for someone to call Emergency Services and then ultimately going in, the lessons you learn as a doctor I suppose."

I'm unsure if I actually want to hear the entire story, but perhaps just talking about it will help. But I don't want to replay the events from last night everytime I close my eyes.

"I saw your parents first, both unconscious, and then I heard your brother in the backseat crying. I swam to the back and, thankfully, the window on his side of the vehicle was busted out. You were trying to calm him down best you could and I was trying to calm you both down. You were adamant on me getting him out first, practically screaming at me." I stifle a laugh through the restriction in my throat.

"That sounds like me."

"I got him to shore and set him down before going back for you. By the this time, the water had risen completely, as it had taken me awhile to get Edward out and to shore."

"That does explain the kiss Edward was talking about." Styles looks over at me, startled at my statement. I shake my head slowly, wiping a tear out from under my eye.

"Last night, he asked if you and I were dating and when Niall and I asked him why he thought that, he said 'he kissed you'. Clearly, I was shocked to say the least and then he said, 'you must not have liked it because you spit everywhere'." Dr. Styles bursts out laughing, just as we had done the night before.

"You have to love the innocence of childhood."


"You were unconscious when I got you to shore. You had been under for too long and so I did perform CPR and mouth-to-mouth. You were only out maybe two minutes and per your CT scan and MRI last night when you came in, there was no damage to your brain function. And then after that -"

I cut him off with a hand in the air, silencing him from going on. I don't need to know the gritty details of him going back for my parents and discovering that they were trapped or unconscious and not responding to CPR. I just don't need that right now, or ever.

"You don't have to."

"But, in the whole scheme of things, there's no way to avoid having a certain connection to a patient, or patients, whom you've been with since the scene of an accident. There's a certain attachment."

"You're not the only one who feels it." I softly admit, my voice but a whisper. "I've been hospitalized a few times before and never have I felt such a bond with a doctor. They're always all work and trying to speak with them is simply hard to do. But I feel comfortable with you, especially with you saving my life, Harry." I pause, "Can I call you Harry, or is that crossing a line?"

He debates if for a bit, wavering his head back and forth as if weighing the pros and cons out in his head.

"I suppose I can make an exception for you, and your brother."

We fall into a comfortable silence, me with my eyes on my lap and Harry with his eyes wandering around the room. My confession feels awkward now that's up in the air and I find myself wanting to take back what I've said.

"I suppose there's a reason you're here right now, correct? It wasn't just to wake me from my nightmares, or so I assume." Harry nods, fixing his eyes back on me.

"Right. I scheduled you for another CT Scan. I just want to be certain everything is alright and then you can get some more rest. Niall said it would be best to let you sleep a bit after seeing your brother."

By the time Edward and I finished our sandwiches and chats about all the fun stuff Niall did with him whilst I was sleeping, it was four in the morning. I didn't want to leave his side, fearing that once I left something bad would occur. So Niall allowed me to stay until he fell into a deep slumber before he rolled me back to my room.

I'm amazed with all that Niall's done for Edward. From what he said, Niall met him down in the A&E when we arrived and immediately took him up to the pediatrics ward. According to Niall, Edward was quite shaken up, as to be expected, but after some talk of football and knock-knock jokes, he calmed.

If there's one thing Edward's good at, besides footie, it's getting over things fairly quickly.

"Okay, if you still think it's necessary."

"Yes, I do. We'll get you prepped and then the scan will only take about fifteen to thirty minutes depending on how still you can lie. Then we'll get you all rested up and you can see your brother if you'd like."

"I would, very much. Thank you, Harry."

"It's my pleasure. The order for the scan has already been put into place, so we can go whenever you're ready."

"There's really no point in preparing effectively for this, is there?" Harry chuckles a bit and smiles down at me warmly.

"You'll do great."


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