Forever Will Forever Be Ours.

Justin Bieber is the most famous 18 year old on the planet. He has sold out hundreds of arenas and has millions of fans. He lives his dream everyday, sharing his music with the world. Selena is pretty much a normal 18 year old girl, except for the fact that her little sister, Avalanna, struggles with a rare form of brain cancer, AT/RT. They are both in love with Justin and his music. One day, Justin finds out about Avalanna's story and decided he has to meet her. He arranges a meet up with her and from the minute they meet, he falls in love with the little girl. He also meets with her family, giving him the chance to meet Selena. Selena is completely starstruck at the fact she's meeting her idol and Justin is stunned by how beautiful Selena is.



Selena's POV:

"Selena I-I...I can't say it." Justin said, as letting go of my hand and started to walk away. I stood there in shock, I thought for sure he was going to say those three words I've been waiting months to hear, but I guess I was wrong.

"Justin, wait!" I called, causing him to stop in his tracks. I walked closer and he turned around, allowing me to see the little tears forming in his eyes.

"What's wrong? I thought you had something to tell me." I questioned, confused.

"I-I do have something to tell you, I-I just can't say it.." He said, looking down. I took a deep breath before doing my next action. I hugged Justin's neck and brought his face just inches away from mine. So close, I could feel his warm breath on my lips.

"Maybe you don't have to tell me." I said and gently kissed his lips. I felt him jump at first, but after he realized what was happening, he didn't hesitate to kiss back. We both kissed so passionately, you could feel our love of each other through the kiss. There were so many sparks, it was like a billion fireworks going off. I've waited for this moment for so long, I never want it to end. Justin slightly pulled away from the amazing kiss, leaving his forehead rested against mine.

"I love you, Selena." He said, breathless. I smiled huge, feeling my heart skip a beat.

"I love you too, Justin." I said, causing a huge smile to plaster onto Justin's face. We both leaned back in, lovingly kissing each other again. I can't explain my happiness right now, the only time I've ever been happier than I am right now is when Avalanna was born. This feeling of happiness I never thought I'd feel again when Avalanna passed, but Justin proved me wrong. We continued kissing each other, until Justin pulled away.

"You have no idea how long I've wanted to do that." He said, as he looked me in the eyes, smiling his glorious smile.

"YOU have no idea how long I've wanted to do that." I said, putting emphasis on the you. He giggled, causing me to giggle too. He took ahold of my hand, lightly rubbing his thumb back and forth on my hand. He started walking towards the edge of the stage with me following closely behind him. I'm not exactly sure what Justin has planned, but I'm not questioning anything. Right about now, I'd go to Hell and back with Justin, I just want to be with him. He motioned for me to sit down, which I did while he grabbed his guitar and came and sat next to me.

"Can I sing you something?" He asked, as he set the guitar across his lap.

"Of course." I said. He smiled at me, then began playing a familiar tune.

"Let me tell you a story about a girl and a boy.." Justin sang beautifully, making me instantly recognize it was his song "Fall." He sang every beautiful word, looking into my eyes the whole time he did. This beats being the one less lonely girl by so much. He was singing the song specially for me and he met every word he sang. This is more than a dream come true, this is amazing. By the end of the song, a few tears of happiness had fallen from my eyes. Justin quickly leaned over and wiped my tears with his thumbs.

"You are the most perfect girl I have ever met Selena. You are not only beautiful, but your kind, smart, funny, understanding, and so much more. I can't think of a single person on this earth that I'd rather call mine." He said, as he leaned in closer and closer to me until our faces were inches apart.

"Please be my girlfriend?" He almost begged, as I wrapped my arms around his neck. I just nodded, I was too speechless to even say yes. I could feel the smile on his face, as he attached his lips to mine. I kissed back instantly, as sparks flew everywhere, just like the first time we kissed. He pulled me closer and closer as we kissed, which I honestly didn't mind. I couldn't get close enough to him. I can't believe this actually happened, I'm Justin Bieber's girlfriend. I've dreamed of this ever since I fell in love with him after watching his YouTube videos and now it's actually happening. I have to be the luckiest girl in the whole world. After a while, we pulled both pulled away, even though I don't think neither of us wanted to. We smiled at each other, then we stood up. I watched him as he walked over and put his guitar away and then came back over to me.

"Wanna head back onto the bus, beautiful?" He asked, making me blush. I know that Justin's gonna treat me like a princess, so I'm going to have to get used to nicknames like "beautiful" and "baby girl". It's really going to take me a while.

"Sure." I said. Justin grabbed my hand, then walked us over to Scooter, Alfredo, and some other people. They all turned to us, and I felt myself get nervous. What are they going to think of Justin and I dating? Am I good enough for them? Am I good enough for Justin? All these thoughts made my body tense up, which I'm guessing Justin felt because he pulled my hand up and lightly kissed it. Alfredo looked from our intertwined hands, to each of us, then back down at our hands. He gave Justin a look, which Justin returned with a different look.

"Finally." Alfredo sighed in relief. Justin rolled his eyes and giggled. I smiled at him, he's so cute. Alfredo walked over and stood in front of me.

"Welcome to the Bieber crew, Selena." He said with a welcoming smile.

"Thank you, Alfredo." I said, politely.

"Please, call me, Fredo." He said with a small giggle to his voice.

"Okay, Fredo." I said while giggling. Justin giggled, as he put his arm around my waist. We all talked for a few more minutes, before heading out to the bus. It's crazy to think that I'm actually part of the Bieber crew, something that 6 months ago was just my wildest dream. As we reached the door to head outside, Justin stopped us and turned to me.

"There's tons of paparazzi out there. Keep your head hidden in my chest and no matter what don't let go of me. Got it?" He said.

"Got it." I said, a little hurt. I was upset that he wanted to me hide my face. He's probably too ashamed of me and doesn't want to be seen with me. I knew I wasn't beautiful enough for him, I'll never be good enough for him. I was hurt, but I still followed his orders. I wrapped my arms tightly around his waist and hide my face in his chest. He securely put his arms around me, then we walked outside. I heard voice screaming at Justin asking numerous questions and saying not so nice things. I wanted to look so bad, but I had to listen to Justin. We walked as fast as possible, making our way through the paparazzi. Once we were on the bus, I pulled my head out of Justin's chest and unwrapped my arms from around him. He pulled me back into him with one arm and kissed the top of my head. I smiled a small smile, still a little hurt, but not wanting to show it.

"Scooter, Sel and I are gonna go back in my room." Justin said and Scooter nodded. He took my hand and we went to the back of the bus, where there was a king sized bed, which I'm guessing was Justin's. Justin sat down on the bed, pulling me down with him. I just looked down, avoiding eye contact with him. I'm a little upset and I'm not the best at hiding it.

"Sel, are you okay?" Justin asked, sliding closer to me. I stayed silent, not saying a word. He put his hand on my leg.

"Princess, what’s wrong?" He asked.

"It's just-" I started to say, but cut myself off. Was I really going to complain? I mean I'm his girlfriend and I should just be happy about that. So what if he doesn't want to be seen with me? I'll just have to live with it.

"Nothing." I finished.

"Selena, you must be crazy if you think you can hide that something's bothering you from me. Please, tell me whats wrong?" He practically begged. I sighed, why does Justin have to know me so well. I looked up at him, seeing the hopefulness in his eyes.

"Why did I have to hide my face when we were walking to the bus? Am I that bad to be seen with?" I questioned in a hurt voice. Justin gasped.

"No no no, Selena it's not that at all. You are beautiful. I'm so happy and thankful to finally get to call you mine, I just wanna scream it to the world." He said.

"Then why'd I have to hide my face?" I asked. He took my hand in his.

"Because, if the paparazzi saw you they'd start making up things. They'd say you're just using me or some other insane rumor and then my fans would start to hate on you. It would ruin your life, I was just trying to protect you from that. I'm sorry." He explained, sounding like he really meant it. I feel so bad for accusing him now, I should have known he was just trying to do what’s best for me.

"No Jay, I'm sorry. I shouldn't of accused you of anything." I said, hugging him tightly. He hugged me back.

"It's okay, beautiful." He said. We pulled out of the hug and Justin gave me a simple kiss, making me smile like an idiot.

"Do you wanna go to bed? It's getting pretty late." Justin asked, smiling back at me.

"Sure, just let me change into my pajamas." I said, as I got up and went over to my suitcase. I grabbed a tank top and sweatpants, then turned to Justin.

"Can I change in the bathroom?" I asked.

"Yeah, it's the first door on the right." He said.

"Thanks." I said, then walked off to the bathroom. I changed into the tank top and sweatpants and brushed my teeth, before walking back into the room where Justin was. I found him laying on the bed in just a pair of grey sweatpants. I swallowed hard and bit my lip, his abs were perfect. He looked so hot, I can't believe he's mine.

"Like what you see?" Justin asked with a smirk, snapping me out of it and making me blush hard. I went over and sat down next to him on the bed.

"Where do I sleep?" I asked.

"Um, right where you sitting is fine if that's alright with you." He said, as he got under the covers. My eyes widen.

"You mean, like with you?" I questioned, making sure I heard him right.

"Yeah, of course." He said.

"O-Okay" I said, nervously. He turned off the lamp next to him, as I got under the covers also. Before I could even tell him goodnight, I felt his muscular arms pull me into him.

"Goodnight, Selena. I love you." He whispered.

"I love you too, Justin. Goodnight." I said, not believing that I was cuddling with Justin Bieber. Tonight has been absolutely amazing, this has all been a dream come true. I cuddled into Justin's bare chest, allowing me to hear his heart beating. I smiled to myself, before falling asleep. I thought the love I had for Avalanna was irreplaceable, but I was wrong. I have the same love for Justin.

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