Forever Will Forever Be Ours.

Justin Bieber is the most famous 18 year old on the planet. He has sold out hundreds of arenas and has millions of fans. He lives his dream everyday, sharing his music with the world. Selena is pretty much a normal 18 year old girl, except for the fact that her little sister, Avalanna, struggles with a rare form of brain cancer, AT/RT. They are both in love with Justin and his music. One day, Justin finds out about Avalanna's story and decided he has to meet her. He arranges a meet up with her and from the minute they meet, he falls in love with the little girl. He also meets with her family, giving him the chance to meet Selena. Selena is completely starstruck at the fact she's meeting her idol and Justin is stunned by how beautiful Selena is.



Justin's POV:

*the next day* I woke up with everything seeming perfect. I could hear the birds singing outside the bus, I could see the rays of sun just barely coming through the blinds on the window, and most of all, I had the most beautiful girl on this planet laying in bed next to me. I smiled at her sleeping, she looked so peaceful. Her mouth was just barely parted opened and she was cuddled closely into my chest. I kissed her forehead lightly, I can't believe she's finally mine. I'm going to make sure it stays that way too, I'm going to treat her like the princess she is and never ever hurt her. She's already been broken before and I'm not going to let that happen again. I smiled to myself as I slowly got up, not wanting to wake up Selena. I walked out to the main area of the bus, where I found Fredo, Scooter, and Ryan sitting.

"Morning guys." I said happily, grabbing the cereal from the cupboard.

"Morning sunshine." Fredo joked, causing Scooter and Ryan to laugh.

"Why's he in a such a good mood?" Ryan asked, as I sat down next to Fredo with my bowl of cereal.

"Because of Selena." Fredo said in a high pitched voice. I smiled and took a few bites of my cereal.

"Wait, is Selena that hot girl you were making out with on the stage after the show?" Ryan asked, sitting up taller seeming more interested. I saw Fredo nodding with big eyes.

"As a matter of fact, that hot girl is my girlfriend now and we weren't making out, we were just kissing deeply." I said, defensively. They both laughed, but Ryan stopped halfway through when he looked up. He stared in the direction of the door way back to my room on the bus.

"What is it?" Fredo questioned, as we turned around to see a messy haired sleepy looking Selena standing in the doorway.

"Wow bro, did you guys fuck last night?" Ryan asked in a whisper. I heard Fredo snicker as I turned around and lightly punched him in the shoulder. Ryan gave me a confused look, then I got up and walked over to Selena.

"Morning, sleeping beauty." I said with a flirty smile.

"Morning, Jay." She said softly, as I hugged her waist. She hugged me back, fitting perfectly into me. We both pulled away and I took her over to the table where Fredo and Ryan were sitting. Fredo moved over next to Ryan so Selena could sit next to me. Ryan had his eyes locked on Selena, I think it was making her kind of uncomfortable. I rested my hand on her leg closest to me, rubbing it every now and then.

"Do you want some cereal, Sel?" I asked her. "No, thank you, I'm not really hungry." She said. I nodded, then ate the rest of the cereal in my bowl. There was a awkward silence for a while, until of course, Ryan spoke up.

"So Justin, are you gonna introduce me to your lady friend?" Ryan asked. I rolled my eyes and looked at Selena, who had all eyes on me. I smiled at her.

"Ryan, this is my girlfriend, Selena. Sel, this is my best friend-" I said, with Selena cutting me off.

"Ryan. It's nice to meet you." She said, finishing my sentence for me. I totally forgot that Selena was a huge Belieber, which means that she probably knows a lot of things about me. Some things that I probably don't want her to know, but being a Belieber had brought her to know.

"It's nice to meet you too, Selena." Ryan said politely with a smile. Selena returned the smile, making me smile at the sight of her smile.

"So how long have you and Justin know each other?" Ryan asked.

"Well, we've been friends for almost a year now." Selena said.

"Oh cool, and you really like him?" Ryan questioned. Selena looked over at me, as if she was looking at a huge trophy.

"I really do. He's always meant a lot to me and I'm happy to be in his life." She said, taking a ahold of me hand and setting both our hands in her lap. I smiled, as I looked over at her, connecting our eyes. She leaned just barely, resting her forehead against mine.

"I love you." She whispered with a smile."I love you too, princess." I said, connecting our lips for a quick kiss.

"No PDA at the table, please." Fredo said, causing Selena to laugh through the kiss. When we pulled away, she instantly hid her head in my shoulder, blushing like crazy.

"She's my girlfriend, I get to kiss her when I want." I said, as I put my arm around her.

"Oh great, so now we get to put up with that on a daily basis." Ryan joked, causing both him and Fredo to laugh. I smirked, shaking my head back and forth slightly. After a couple seconds, we all felt the bus stop, which met we were at the arena. Selena pulled her head out and looked at me, looking a little confused.

"Why'd we stop?" She questioned.

"Because, we're at the arena." I explained as I stood up, pulling her up with me. Scooter came over and started talking to me.

"Okay, so at 11 you have rehearsals, then we break for lunch, then you have to be back in the arena by 5 for your meet and greet." Scooter said, running me through the usual schedule.

"I got it, Scooter, I always do." I said with a hint of giggle to my voice. I felt Selena lean her head on my shoulder, as Scooter spoke again.

"Okay, just making sure. You know how important it is that everything goes smoothly." Scooter said, sounding a little nervous.

"It will be fine. It always is." I said, as I put my arm around his shoulders.

"Okay." He said, nodding.

"I'm gonna go get ready and I'll be in the arena by 11." I said. Scooter gave me a simple nod and I took Selena's hand, as we walked back into my room. I went to my clothes and pulled out a pair of black jeans and red tank top. I went to pull my pants down, but stopped when I remember Selena was still in the room. I turned around and saw her just standing next to the bed.

"C-Can I uh, take a shower?" She asked.

"Go ahead, cutie." I said, flashing her a smile. She grabbed a few things from her suitcase, then went into bathroom. I got ready, doing my usual stuff. The only thing I had left to do is brush my teeth, which I needed to do in the bathroom. I thought Selena should probably be done by now so I headed for the bathroom. I found her standing in front of the mirror, applying some mascara. She was softly singing the lyrics to beauty and a beat. I have to say, she was a pretty good singer.

"Cause all I need.." She sang softly to herself. I went up behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist.

"Is a beauty and a beat." I sang into her ear, as I smiled. She slightly jumped and turned my direction.

"Justin, how long have you been there?" She asked.

"Just a few seconds. You have a pretty voice." I said, as I put a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

"Thank you, but it's not that good." She said, blushing.

"I think it's beautiful, just like you." I said. She blushed even harder and hide her face in my chest, she's so adorable. I giggled, kissing her head before letting go of her and brushing my teeth. She went back into the room and put her stuff away, then waited for me in there. I walked in and found her standing there, in her tank top and skinny jeans, similar to what I was wearing. I went over to her and rested my hands on her waist.

"You look beautiful, as always." I said with a smile. She blushed and smiled.

"Thank you. You look hot, as usual." She said, blushing harder.

"Thank you, Sel." I said, as I lovingly kissed her cheek. She smiled bigger, which made me smile bigger.

"I have to go to rehearsals. You coming?" I asked.

"Of course." She said. We interlocked our hands and went inside the arena, where we were quickly pulled away from each other. I did my usual rehearsal stuff and then we all had lunch. After that, we had a few hours to hang out. I thought we were just going to chill on the bus like usual, but Fredo and Ryan had other plans.

"It's a beautiful day out. Let’s have a little fun." Ryan said, walking up to us. Both him and Fredo had their hands behind their backs, hiding something from us.

"What do you have in mind?" I questioned. They exchange looks, then pulled out 4 water guns. I looked over at Selena who had a big smirk on her face. She looked at me and nodded, then we each took a water gun.

"It's on." I said, before we all ran out of the bus squirting each other with the guns. About 20 feet away, there were hundreds of fans behind a fences and they screamed when we all ran out. We ran around, hiding behind buses, trailers and other things we could find. We squirted each other and all got soaked. It was really really fun, I couldn't stop laughing the whole time. By the time we had been playing for awhile I got so wet I had to take my shirt off, which I don't think the fans or Selena minded. Right now, I was hiding behind the bus and I saw Selena standing out in the center with her back towards me. Now is the time to make my move. I quickly ran up behind her, picking her up and throwing her over my shoulder. Even soaking wet, she was so light and it was so easy to do.

"Justin!" She exclaimed, as I spun around in circles. She screamed like a little girl, causing me to laugh. After spinning her for a while, I set her down. She was couldn't stop giggling, which made me smile as I looked in her eyes. I know my fans are watching, but I really want to kiss her. I don't really care, they're gonna have to know we're dating sooner or later. I slowly leaned in, and just then I heard two voices screaming and Fredo and Ryan came running towards us, squirting water at us. I quickly grabbed Selena's hand and we ran away from them. We kept running until we were out of sight, then hid behind a wall on the building. I leaned Selena up against the wall and stood in front of her. Selena was still laughing. I just can't get over how cute she is. I smiled at her, looking in her eyes and pushing a few loose strands of hair out of her face.

"That was so fun." She said with a smile.

"Yeah, it was." I said while biting my bottom lip. I looked at her lips, I just want to kiss them. Selena must if read my mind or something, because she spoke up.

"Justin?" She questioned.

"Yeah?" I asked.

"Just kiss me." She said with a small giggle. I didn't think twice before grabbing her waist and attaching my lips to hers. She hugged my neck, pulling me closer to her as she kissed back. We kissed for a while, then I pulled away but kept our bodies and faces close.

"So I've been thinking and I think it's time I take you on an actual date." I said, flirty. Selena bit her bottom lip.

"I'd like that." She said, before attaching our lips again.

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