Forever Will Forever Be Ours.

Justin Bieber is the most famous 18 year old on the planet. He has sold out hundreds of arenas and has millions of fans. He lives his dream everyday, sharing his music with the world. Selena is pretty much a normal 18 year old girl, except for the fact that her little sister, Avalanna, struggles with a rare form of brain cancer, AT/RT. They are both in love with Justin and his music. One day, Justin finds out about Avalanna's story and decided he has to meet her. He arranges a meet up with her and from the minute they meet, he falls in love with the little girl. He also meets with her family, giving him the chance to meet Selena. Selena is completely starstruck at the fact she's meeting her idol and Justin is stunned by how beautiful Selena is.



Justin's POV:

*a couple days later* I've been spending most of my time in the studio lately. I really want to get this new album finished before the end of the month so we can release it in June. I'm over halfway done, I've finished recording 11 out of the 16 tracks on the album. I'm working really hard at it, this album just has to be perfect. It's Sunday today, and the studio isn't open so I can't work on the album today. I've been worrying about Avalanna constantly for the past few days. I check with Selena to see how she's doing once a day, and as far as I know, she's still in the hospital and is going through treatment right now. I figured that since I can't really do anything work related today, I'd take a quick trip out to Boston to visit her and of course, Selena. Selena has also been very hard to get off my mind. I know that the chances of us getting together aren’t too great, but I'm totally falling so hard for her. She's just so perfect in every way, which makes it so hard for me to not show my feelings towards her. I've decided that for now, I just have to appreciate the fact that she's in my life, and keep dropping small hints that I like her, just to see if she feels the same way. Right now, I'm boarding my private jet to go to Boston. I haven't told Selena that I'm coming, because I want to surprise both of them. I spent most of the long flight on my phone, tweeting fans and playing games. I was scrolling through twitter when I saw that Selena had tweeted. It said "Watching her "husband" for the 3rd time today. Love you kiddo.", with a picture of Avalanna laying in the hospital bed, watching ‘Never Say Never’. I smiled at it, and favorited the tweet, then kept scrolling down my feed as the flight went on. After a while, the flight was finally over and we landed. I got off of the plane, and into the car I had schedule to pick me up and take me to the hospital. The ride seemed to take forever. I fiddled with my bouquet of flowers I had got Avalanna, as I felt myself starting to get nervous. I don't exactly know why, but I felt the butterflies in my stomach and my palms were starting to sweat a little. It's just Avalanna, why am I so nervous? I took deep breaths, hoping to calm myself down, but the closer to the hospital we got, the more nervous I got. I kept trying to think if why I would be nervous, and all of a sudden, it hit me. I was going to be seeing Selena in just a few minutes. I know seeing my friend shouldn't be such a big deal, but Selena is a very special friend. I had absolutely nothing to give her, unlike the huge bouquet I had for Avalanna. We pulled up to the hospital and I jumped out of the car. I tried to shake off my nervousness and think about how excited I am to see Avalanna and Selena. I smiled to myself, as I walked in and up to the lady at the front desk.

"Excuse me?" I asked politely, causing her to look up at me and gasp.

"J-Justin Bieber?" She questioned, not believing what she was seeing.

"That's me." I said with a small smile.

"H-How can I help you?" She asked, still in shock.

"Can you tell me which room Avalanna Routh is in?" I asked.

"Yes, of course. Just one second." She said, as she went on and clicked a few things on her computer.

"She is in room 212." She said, looking away from her computer and at me.

"Okay, thank you ma'am." I said politely, as I walked off. I rode the elevator up to the second floor and walked to room 212. Once I got there, through the little window I saw Avalanna laying in bed and Selena was sitting next to her in a chair. They were both laughing their heads off, they are both so beautiful. I couldn't help but smile at them. I took a deep breath before I lightly knocked on the door, causing them both to stop laughing and turn their heads towards the door.

"It's open." Selena called, as I turned the knob and entered the room. Selena gasped and her jaw dropped at the sight of me.

"Justin!" Avalanna exclaimed when she saw me. I smiled at them, and walked closer, giving me a better look at Avalanna. She did look like she was getting worse. Her face didn't have as much light to it, and she had a least three machines hooked up to her. It broke my heart to see her like this, but I kept a smile on my face, for Avalanna's sake.

"Hey guys." I said, as I bent down next to Avalanna in the bed. She quickly turned her head in my direction.

"How you feeling kiddo?" I asked, taking her little hand in mine.

"Better now, that you are here." She said, choppily. You could definitely tell a change in her voice, her words weren't quite as clear as they used to be. I smiled and kissed her forehead.

"I got you these." I said and pulled out the bouquet of colorful flowers. She marveled at them as set them on the table next to me.

“I wub them!" She said, excitedly. I giggled, she was just so adorable. Avalanna and I kept talking for a while, about random things and we even sang a little. I had completely forgotten about Selena, who was quietly sitting in the corner on her phone. All of a sudden, Avalanna yawned.

"Are you tired?" I asked her, playing with her hair.

"Yes, but I don't wanna slweep. Because when I wake up, you might be gone." She said, which made my heart melt.

"Avalanna, I promise you that if you go to sleep, I will still be here when you wake up. I wouldn't leave my wife." I said with a small giggle. She smiled, and I kissed her forehead.

"Sleep tight. I love you." I said.

"I wub you too, husband." She said and cuddled into the pillow. She shut her eyes and I glanced over at Selena, who was looking at me, but as soon as she saw me looking at her, she quickly looked away. I stood up and slowly walked over to her, as I pulled a hair up and sat down next to her.

"Hey." I said in a husky voice, causing her to look from her phone to me.

"Hi." She said in her perfect angelic voice, as she clicked off her phone and shoved it into her pocket.

"H-How's it going?" I stuttered, for like the first time in my life. The things this girl is doing to me I swear, she's unlike any other girl I've met before.

"Well it's going. How's it going for you?" She asked, turning her full attention on me.

"Pretty good, really good now actually." I said, referring to the fact that I was with her and Avalanna.

"Thank you Justin." She said with a small smile.

"For what?" I asked, a little confused.

"For coming. It really made Avalanna feel better." She said, with so much gratefulness in her voice.

"How do you know that?" I asked her.

"Because, I haven't seen her smile like that in days and you are the only one who can make her smile like that." She said, glancing at Avalanna then back at me.

"Selena, you know that's not true. You can make her smile that way too." I said, telling her the truth.

"No, I really can't Justin. She loves you so so much." She explained.

"She loves you too." I said, knowing that it was true.

"Not as much as she loves you." She said, as a small tear fell from her eye. I lifted her head up and wiped it with my thumb. I started to speak, but Selena beat me to it.

"Thank you so much." She said, as she tightly wrapped her arms around me from the side. I hugged her back, taking in this wonderful moment of holding her in my arms.

"For what now?" I asked, stilling hugging her.

"Everything." She said gratefully into my chest.

"I'd do anything for you, I love you." I said quietly to myself, but not loud enough for Selena to hear it.

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