Forever Will Forever Be Ours.

Justin Bieber is the most famous 18 year old on the planet. He has sold out hundreds of arenas and has millions of fans. He lives his dream everyday, sharing his music with the world. Selena is pretty much a normal 18 year old girl, except for the fact that her little sister, Avalanna, struggles with a rare form of brain cancer, AT/RT. They are both in love with Justin and his music. One day, Justin finds out about Avalanna's story and decided he has to meet her. He arranges a meet up with her and from the minute they meet, he falls in love with the little girl. He also meets with her family, giving him the chance to meet Selena. Selena is completely starstruck at the fact she's meeting her idol and Justin is stunned by how beautiful Selena is.



Selena's POV:

When Justin said that my whole body froze up. I'm almost positive that Justin just said he loved me. Well he didn't actually say it, but he implied it. It felt so right to know that he does and I really wanted to say it back, but I couldn't find the courage to. I couldn't find the courage to say anything, I was still in shock. I quickly realized that I was just standing there like an idiot and thought out what to do. I smiled when I thought of an idea. I leaned over and pecked Justin on the cheek.

"I only do that to people I love." I whispered with a wink, causing Justin to smile really big and both of us to blush. Just then, we heard a small voice yelling;

"Sissy! Justin!" and both turned our heads. I saw Avalanna running our way with my parents following behind. Leave it up to my family to ruin the moment. Avalanna ran over and motioned for me to pick her up, so I did.

"We go now?" She asked, and I looked at Justin confused.

"Go where?" I asked.

"I invited your family out to lunch with me, you gonna come?" He said with a smile.

"Of course I'm gonna come." I said, smiling back at him.

"Perfect, let’s go. I'm starving." He said.

"As always." I joked and giggled, as we all headed towards my parents. Justin stuck his tongue out at me, just as we reached them, which caused me to giggle more.

"Shall we go?" Justin asked, opening the door of the limo for us all to get it. We all nodded and got in one by one. I made sure to get in last, hoping I would get to sit by Justin. After I slid in, Justin slid in closely next to me and smiled at me.

"I wanna sit next to Justin!" Avalanna whined, when she realized I was sitting next to him. I really wanted to stay sitting next to Justin, but I'll do anything for my sister's happiness. I quickly switched stops with Avalanna, so she was now in between Justin and I. Justin seemed kind of sad at first, just by the look on his face, but smiled once Avalanna started talking to him. We started driving and I glanced over at my mom who was smirking at me.

"What?" I mouthed to her.

"He likes you." She mouthed back, still having that huge smirk in her face. I hit my hand to my forehead and rolled my eyes. I honestly don't think my mom is going to ever understand that Justin and me are just friends. I know we may love each other, but I don't think he meant his ‘I love you’ the way I meant mine. I stayed quiet the whole rest of the car ride, too busy over thinking about if mom could possibly be right or not. When we got to the restaurant, we all got out and went inside. The minute we stepped inside, my mouth fell open. The place was full of fancy flowers placed on fancy tables with fancy people sitting in them. It was just so fancy, I couldn't believe.

"Selena, are you ok?" Justin asked, walking up beside me while carrying Avalanna.

"I-I'm fine, this place is amazing." I marveled.

"Nothing's too good for yo-I mean for my wife's family." He said. Just the fact that he was about to say ‘you’, made my heart jump and I couldn't help but blush. Justin smiled at me, then went over to the hostess. They talked for a minute, while I walked over next to my parents. The hostess grabbed menus and Justin turned around motioning for us to follow. We walked past all the fancy tables, to a back room with one table in it, next to a giant window with a perfect view. My eyes grew big, I didn't think this place could get any better, but I guess I was wrong.

"Your table awaits." Justin said to all of us, before we sat down. I sat down in a chair closest to the window, and looked at the beautiful view of New York. It was so cool, it caused me to completely zone out everything else while I looked all the sights. I was sadly snapped out of it by my little sister's scream.

"But I wanna sit next to you!" She yelled with anger in her voice.

"You are going to sweetie, I'm going to sit in the middle of you and Selena." Justin said to her calmly, as he sat down in the chair next to me.

"See, now I'm sitting next to my two favorite girls." He said, glancing at me with a smile, then back at Avalanna.

"Otay, but you wub me most." She said, as she grabbing his arm and pulling him more towards her.

"You bet I do princess." He said, kissing her forehead. I smiled, Justin is so sweet with Avalanna and I love it so much. They make each other so happy, which makes me so happy. I smiled to myself and looked at the menu. There were about a billion options and they all sounded so good. All of a sudden, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I pulled my menu down from in front of my face to saw Justin smiling at me.

"See anything you like?" He asked. Yes and I'm looking at it, I thought as I bit my lip

"Uh, yeah. It all sounds really good." I said, as I laid the menu my hand down with my hand on top of it.

"I suggest the pasta, it's super good." He said, pointing to it on the menu causing his hand to touch mine. I felt sparks, just like every other time he touched me and we both quickly pulled away. I blushed hard and tucked my hair behind my ear. Surprisingly, all I could think of is what my mother is possibly thinking right now.

"I-I'll definitely try it." I said quietly to Justin. I glanced at him, he had on the biggest smile. I swear, just the sight of his smile makes me melt inside, it's so perfect. I smiled back, blushing even harder. Minutes later, the waitress came over and took our order. We all talked about different and random things while we waited for our food. Justin was so nice and funny, everything he said or did made me smile. The time he wasn't making me laugh or smile, he spent keeping Avalanna entertained. They played tic tac toe and other games on her kids menu until our food came. Once our food came, I immediately regretted ordering pasta. That meant I had to attempt to eat pasta like a lady, since I was in front of Justin. I placed my napkin in my lap and very carefully picked up my fork and ate my pasta. I took very small bites, trying not to seem like a pig. I glanced over at Justin, who was shoving forkfuls into his mouth. I smiled and continued eating, while we kept up small random conversations. We all finished a very very delicious meal, it was honestly the greatest pasta I've had in my life.

"Was it good?" Justin asked, causing me to look at him. I giggled once I did because he had pasta sauce on his face.

"It was great, Justin." I said while still giggling. He looked at me confused.

"What's so funny now?" He asked in a concerned voice.

"It's just you have a little-on your lip." I said, while giggling.

"What?" He asked, still very confused.

"Here just let me get it." I said, as I picked up my napkin and wiped the sauce off his face. While I was doing so, our eyes happened to meet. I totally got lost in those beautiful brown eyes. I would have kissed him then and there, if only I could.

"Uh guys?" My mom questioned, snapping us both out of it. Justin smiled and simply said;

"Oh sorry" and I blushed really hard and smiled. Justin paid for the food, even though my dad offered too, Justin refused to let us pay. He's so sweet. We all left the restaurant and now it was time to say bye to Justin for who knows how long. I don't know why, but it just felt like it was going to be harder to say bye this time. I guess you start to care for someone, the harder it gets to say goodbye.

"Bye princess. I'll see you really soon." He said to Avalanna while hugging her tightly. She hugged his neck tightly.

"Bye Bye Justin. I wub you." She said.

"I love you too, Mrs. Bieber." He said back to her. I stayed over to the side, out of the way, while he said bye to everyone. I didn't even really expect him to come over and tell me bye, but I was wrong. To my surprise, he came over and tightly pulled me into his embrace. I hugged back just as tight.

"Bye Justin." I said with watery eyes. He pulled out of the hug with a smile. Is he happy about saying bye? I gave him a confused look.

"Oh Sel, this isn't goodbye just yet." He said, while taking my hand.

"I'll have her back by 9, Mr. And Mrs. Routh!" Justin called, while pulling me in the opposite direction of my parents.

"Thanks Justin! Have fun Selena!" My mom said to us, as she winked at me. My parents and Avalanna got in the car, and Justin kept pulling me away.

"Where are we going?" I asked him, confused.

"You'll see." He said with a smirk on his face. That's when I realized, I'm going someplace alone with Justin Bieber. The Justin Bieber. Forget worry about where we are going, as long as I'm with him, it doesn't matter.

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